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Thorin: Will you join me..

Yes, hell yeah!!! *running to bed* xD

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Ok, so, here is the progression link(make sure to check it out ^^)>>> [link]

As it can be seen from the upper link, I found image of Richard Armitage lying in bed, half naked *droll*, then I have drawn him and made him look like Thorin. I don't draw that much catastrophic (as it can be seen here>> [link]) like it ended but since I only needed reference to start coloring it ended like lame scratch.

Anyway, I was looking at printed image of R.A. and started coloring.

The hardest part was his face. I had to make it look as much as actor is.

Second hardest part was definitely hair. First I made basic shape and then started to draw a lines. And when I almost finished it I realized that I could have used brushes. So instead of 30minutes to 1 hour it took me 4 hours to make the hair. xD

As for the hand.. hand is in the first plan and because I wanted to make the focus on Thorin and his sexy body I made it look blurry.

And I think that would be all. I really tried to make him look as realistic as possible but even though he haven't ended up real realistic, I like how I did it since this is my first time coloring real man :D

I hope you will like it too :D... And I think I will never ever change my desktop background again :D

Basic information:

Actor: Richard Armitage

Character: Thorin Oakenshield

Movie: The Hobbit Movie series

Book: The Hobbit by J.R.R Tolkien

I hope you like it :D
Dont steal, modify or claim as yours.. For desktop use only (Looks really good btw :iconomgsocuteplz:)

Faves and comments are always welcomed :D
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Sure I'll take his hand. 😁
Inianna's avatar
*locks the door* 
Sorry, sisters, you have to stay outside. You too, Bilbo! 

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epic. I'd like to see ones for Fili, and Kili
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I Come Thorin!!♥ *-*
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um, how 'bout yes? Great work! ;D
Hesitant--Gaylien's avatar
*jumps on bed* hmmmm.... where to begin? ;)

Awesome job!
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what about Kili! :love:
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You don't need to ask.... ;)

Absolutely stunning worklove power , just amazing! :love: 
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Oh Hell yeah *jumps onto bed!*
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*instant nosebleed* Yes, yes, and yes... 
PercyCastellan's avatar
Hell to the f***ing yes
rammstein1998's avatar
i, and probably many people, wish that we could climb into our screens right now.
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Hell yes *lays on bed*
BeautyAndStrength's avatar
Is that a trick question, your highness? Love 
Bloody-Valentine666's avatar
Of course I will join, you handsome King under the mountain! 
Totally love this. OwO 
Unicornlover10's avatar
*grabs hand* Id love too. :P
LadyAngel2002's avatar
Aw, I almost DIED seeing this!!!! Absolutely awesome!!! *drooling* :-D
FoxGirlFun's avatar
Oh yes, love this very much!
It's realy wonderfull! Love it! ;) Heart Heart 
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