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The Suspended Oscillation Device

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UPDATE: As requested by several, I've uploaded one that's a wee bigger. 1600px tall for your downloading pleasure.

Full Title: The Happy Accidents of the Suspended Oscillation Device.

Alternate title: Foliage everywhere holy crap :noes::noes::noes::noes::noes:

So! This is a silly reproduction of the classic painting Les Hasards Heureux de l'Escarpolette (a.k.a. The Happy Accidents of the Swing) by the master Jean-Honoré Fragonard. Obvious difference being that mine is ridiculous and Mass Effect themed.

Why, though? For :iconearendil87:'s Romance DLC project, that's why. Go check it out. Also: for lols. Once I thought of Kaidan as the clueless Old Husband and Garrus as the Young Lover In The Bushes, I laughed and laughed and laughed. And I am a creature mostly driven by whimsy.

I regret having to put Shepard in a frilly pink dress, but there just wasn't a good way to subtract that from the composition. I tried to compensate for that by putting her in golden combat boots. +10% fancy damage, amirite?

Also, lemme know if anyone wants a bigger size of this uploaded. I'm never sure what looks good to everyone else because I work at a weird resolution. Buh.

PS. Oh hey, while I'm still getting attention for this, on the subject of a theoretical Romance DLC: Needs moar Lorik Qui'in. That is all.
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marmarcandrawzProfessional Digital Artist
This is freaking amazing. Love love love.
ReignitedN7's avatar
ReignitedN7Hobbyist Artist
This is pure genius. 
SciFiotica's avatar
SciFioticaProfessional General Artist
elmjuniper's avatar
elmjuniperHobbyist Digital Artist
Hahahaha!  This is absolutely brilliant! 
YunikoYokai's avatar
YunikoYokaiHobbyist General Artist
Oh wow, fantastic! I laughed when I saw Garrus XD Amazing work!
MoonEcho's avatar
I'm glad! It always makes me happiest to know I've made someone laugh.  :D (Big Grin) 
Monifabi's avatar
MonifabiProfessional Digital Artist
It's crazy but i love itLlama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] 
Valyce's avatar
ValyceHobbyist General Artist
This is AMAZING!! 
MoonEcho's avatar
Hah! I'm glad you enjoyed it. :3
MeaghanRocksYourSock's avatar
MeaghanRocksYourSockStudent Traditional Artist
This was the best and most ironic thing to pop up in my feed in a good long while(I've been binging the games over spring break). You should make this available as a print. I have a burning desire to have it on my wall in an elegant antique frame.
MoonEcho's avatar
Dah! I'm glad you enjoy it!

When I first posted this, I got a smattering of interest for prints, so on a lark, I had a local printer print a small batch (chiefly, to sniff out the quality of print services in my area). I never really planned on having it available-available. But I do have still have a small stack of 11x17 prints remaining.

If you like, shoot me a message sometime. I'd be happy to send one in your direction. :D
MeaghanRocksYourSock's avatar
MeaghanRocksYourSockStudent Traditional Artist
I will have to take you up on that.
NinjaStripes's avatar
NinjaStripesStudent Artist
*smirks* I can dig this!
stod7's avatar
You did a really great job blending Mass Effect with the rococo style- it's incredibly fascinating looking back and forth between this and the originL picture and seeing stuff like a petrified Prothean standing in for Cupid.

Also, Garrus looks amazing in that suit. I can't take my eyes off him. :blushes:
MoonEcho's avatar
It's a good idea to keep your eyes on Garrus, anyway. He's more dangerous when you can't see where he is. Suspicious 
stod7's avatar
Heh, indeed. Just ask Kaidan. :D
PoohbearArt's avatar
PoohbearArtHobbyist General Artist
Omigosh! And the little Hanar in the back :) I'm living for this
MoonEcho's avatar
Hahah, I'm glad you enjoyed this. Putting in little easter eggs was probably the most fun part. :D
PoohbearArt's avatar
PoohbearArtHobbyist General Artist
Props to you though. I have to be one of the biggest mass effect fans so I love this. In fact, im wearing my N7 hoodie whilst typing this. Haha. Keep it up!
PoohbearArt's avatar
PoohbearArtHobbyist General Artist
I love all the little details. The reaper, the golden husk, and the pyjack.
For me, Mass Effect is my favorite game series (and Garrus is life :) ) so I definitely love this!
Uccelina's avatar
UccelinaStudent Digital Artist
This needs to be in a fuckng museum 
Look at this shit
KyashiAnn's avatar
KyashiAnnStudent Digital Artist
This is ridiculous, one of my most favourite paintings done in a fabulous way with Mass Effect.
I'm so excited to find this, especially because it's so well done too!
Your attention to detail is amazing and your rendering and execution, holy shit. 
I'm completely blown away and inlove. ♥♥♥ Amazing work!
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Leaving Kaidan for Garrus.... so true...
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