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Animal Magnitisim 1

Thanks to grinmir_stock for Friesian stallion III by Grinmir-stock no fave me ID, forgot the old way to add a link....
new_horizon_stock for the background:
vishstudio for the model:
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Very nice integration of elements, very nice... Er... beefcake... great choice of elements, too.
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Thanks - it's hard to find good beefcake! thanks for the compliments!
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I'm curious--do any of your centaurs have preferences to human females?
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I have only one Male centaur with a story (Tommy-Blackmane from New Breed) the rest - invent your own, write your own, just credit your inspiration.
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ah, much much better :)
Alena-48's avatar
Wonderful work!
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Thanks so muchI wasn't quite finished with the details when my computer started to refuse to let me save it, so I submitted it to save it, I'll be doing a little more work on him, but I'm glad you like him!
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I wish you success! :) (Smile) 
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'~' that hand seems really smeared with the horse's color and distracts from this awesome centaur OuO
moondragonwings's avatar
Yeah, before I finished, my computer started to tell me I didn't have permission to save the file, then it said I couldn't open it, I submitted it too soon just to save it, and I never took a close look. Than my system ate the files, I can't find them anywhere and had to download my own submission just to have it... I'll work on the hand later I'll let you know when I do, though you'll probably be able to tell.
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well hope you get that computer issue sorted, Moon ^^
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