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Saved this thing as 'SpookDoodle' by MoondayBlue Saved this thing as 'SpookDoodle' :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 1 0 *Insert creative title here* by MoondayBlue *Insert creative title here* :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 3 0 Mr Monroe (or Pebbles) by MoondayBlue Mr Monroe (or Pebbles) :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 2 0 An animal of sorts by MoondayBlue An animal of sorts :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 2 0 Alien of Sorts (Ballpoint Pen) by MoondayBlue Alien of Sorts (Ballpoint Pen) :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 1 0 Ent by MoondayBlue Ent :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 1 0 Battle Trophies by MoondayBlue Battle Trophies :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 4 0 Demon Ballpoint Pen Drawing by MoondayBlue Demon Ballpoint Pen Drawing :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 1 4 Dragon Pencil Drawing by MoondayBlue Dragon Pencil Drawing :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 2 0 Reading poses and a weird cat thing by MoondayBlue Reading poses and a weird cat thing :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 2 0 Randoms 11 by MoondayBlue Randoms 11 :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 4 0 Yet another old and unnamed character by MoondayBlue Yet another old and unnamed character :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 4 2 Randoms 10 by MoondayBlue Randoms 10 :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 2 0 Lil' puppets by MoondayBlue Lil' puppets :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 2 0 Randoms 9 by MoondayBlue Randoms 9 :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 5 0 Randoms 8 by MoondayBlue Randoms 8 :iconmoondayblue:MoondayBlue 3 0


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Saved this thing as 'SpookDoodle'
It's 1 in the morning.

I'm tired.

But the art juices are flowing so 
*Insert creative title here*
An illustration I did for a motivational letter for an application for an illustration course. Holdin' thumbs.

I butchered my own face so hard in this. Pain.
Mr Monroe (or Pebbles)
Getting the hang of the Photoshop!

A character who's personality developed as I drew him, so here's what I've got on him:

In his universe everyone is skeletons. Because skeletons rule. Also, magic is a thing.

He's the introductory teacher of a mage school, and is an expert at crafting magical vessels, or "trinkets"
**Context** Trinkets are what the people of this world use to harness their inept magic. Every skeleton has to craft their own trinket, either from scratch or by adapting a small (ring-size/mass) to medium (staff-size/mass) sized object of their choice. The materials used in the crafting of a trinket narrows down what type of magic it is capable of, the broader it's magical range the less potent it is in every different aspect. A trinket can only harness a certain amount of magic, which is why young mages are generally encouraged to make them as simple, and therefore potent, as possible. The amount of magic a trinket can harness is dependent on the wielder's ability and experience with it. Power is earned in this universe, no shortcuts or chosen-one prophecies.

-Mr Monroe's trinket is a set of six rocks of various sizes, earning him his nickname among colleagues; "Pebbles". His reasoning for the odd trinket choice is this: "Where magic fails, blunt force trauma prevails. And my trinket does both excellently". He specializes purely in earth based magic, which makes him extremely resilient with high defense and endurance, as well as a good dabbling of damage.
-He hates being called Pebbles.
-He hates a lot of things. He's a very spiteful person.
-He never wears his traditional mage robes, much to the annoyance of his superiors. He thinks they are unpractical and ungainly. "Why would I wear something to battle that I'd trip over just trying to get from one classroom to the next? How did mages even survive this long wearing full-floor carpets??"
-Sassy to the core.
-One of the youngest teachers at the school, and undoubtedly the most liberal. He treats his students as equals while simultaneously being aggravatingly patronizing. But he's aggravatingly patronizing towards everyone.
-Does not tolerate disturbances during his classes. He confiscates noisy students' jaws and keeps them in his "Chatter Box" for the rest of the lesson, if he catches them talking without his consent. Same applies to hands if any note-passing is caught. If you don't have any hands left to take important notes or a jaw to ask questions with then you're gonna have to suck it up - you ain't getting them back until that bell rings.
-Despite being a strict and often very cold teacher (and hating a lot of things), the sole reason he even teaches is because he actually quite likes teenagers (he would never admit this - too proud), and relates to them more than to any adult.
-Has issues with authority, despite being an authority figure himself (which he abuses from time to time for his amusement)
-Believes himself to be the best, the top notch master, at his profession (and is very convincing when telling you so)
-The only reason he hasn't lost his job yet is because he is excellent at it. Especially the disciplinary part of it.
-Is an emotional rock, which has it's ups and downs. In extreme situations he can keep a level head, but he struggles with tact and empathy, which is sometimes desperately necessary when dealing with overly emotional teens... His emotional world is the one place where he hasn't matured at all over the course of his adulthood, and it shows, so he generally tries to just feel nothing at all.
-Embodies his element of choice perfectly with his head-heavy way of thinking and overall stubbornness.
-Not even his friends can tell when he's being friendly or not. He hardly ever smiles. If he's talking to you without being condescending and/or passively aggressive, then you're probably on alright terms with him.
An animal of sorts
Running out of title ideas. And description ideas likewise.



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South Africa
I was born in Germany, and lived there until the beginning of 2011, which is when I moved to South Africa with my mom and sister, after my parents decided to get a divorce. At the time that I am making this account I am merely a year and a bit away from finishing my high school carrier.


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