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Child Meg

SO finally the last in this serie of my favorites princesses!! :'D

Meg hasnt really a pet in the movie so i guess Hades was the best option :P

she is thinking ''seriuosly? I get an Hades plushie? worse plushie ever...U_U*''

i think this 'scene' fits very well with Meg's personality♥ and of course she wouldnt huge an Hades plushie so she's holding it that way XD

Meg is the disney girl who fits the most with my personality, that's why i love her :D

so again, 2 hours, ps and bamboo tablet

Meg n Hades (C) disney

Art (C) me, don't use it :)

texture ~Insan-Stock

edit 1: i did Hades plushie looks more creepy than he is lol, he looks a little like the Joker XD

thanks for watching, faving and commenting, you really make my days guys♥
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I honestly thought that is was creative and amazing. That movie was so cool too, back in the day.

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The plush is kind of ominous in a way, like this poor kid got a Hades doll and is all confused why, not knowing her tough future ahead.
moonlitinuyasha1985's avatar
That is one UGLY plushie.
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Haha! If I know Meg, she probably wouldn't like Pain and Panic, or Phil or Pegasus plushies either. 
Thifranehe's avatar
Poor Little Meg!
AmberOfTheMudSand's avatar
If that doll would be beside me, I'd first scream than throw it out the window. Because this thing is creepy as f**k.
ScaleBound's avatar
Traumatic childhood?  XD.  I would not have slept with such a doll, but than Meg is a badass so she might be different.  Either that or she practiced voodoo from an early age.  
UnbridledMuse's avatar
:rofl: oh my god, that's is one damn creepy toy!

"Worst plushie ever..." :lmao:
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Poor Meg. This is ADORABLE
jeana1's avatar
I like what you wrote what Meg was thinking about the Hades plush.
PhoenixFeather19's avatar
is it wrong that I want a Hades plushie like that? xD
I agree! worst plushie ehva!
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To be fair, I would have that expression too if I would be given a James Woods doll. 
Triscribe's avatar
Her expression is just perfect! ;)
Fairydust07's avatar
Aww, love these character babehs!!!!!
TheRockinStallion's avatar
Sweet!! Love how the Hades doll has a bit of a Tim Burton look!!
ElusiveValyrian's avatar
Even as a child, she has just the right amount of sass! Nice work!
ShamanSoulStudios's avatar
Do you have prints available for purchase somewhere?
typintypos's avatar
LOL Troll the plush! 
Soluna17's avatar
Could have given her one of those Hercules action figures. Lol
Moonrose95's avatar
Omg that plushie is adorable. XD
MonarchNika's avatar
I want that plushie xDD
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