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Child Meg



SO finally the last in this serie of my favorites princesses!! :'D

Meg hasnt really a pet in the movie so i guess Hades was the best option :P

she is thinking ''seriuosly? I get an Hades plushie? worse plushie ever...U_U*''

i think this 'scene' fits very well with Meg's personality♥ and of course she wouldnt huge an Hades plushie so she's holding it that way XD

Meg is the disney girl who fits the most with my personality, that's why i love her :D

so again, 2 hours, ps and bamboo tablet

Meg n Hades (C) disney

Art (C) me, don't use it :)

texture ~Insan-Stock

edit 1: i did Hades plushie looks more creepy than he is lol, he looks a little like the Joker XD

thanks for watching, faving and commenting, you really make my days guys♥
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This is just priceless! XD