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Child Jasmine

This is other of my favorites princesses ever. i love Jasmine design, her color combination are just gorgeous.
I made up the outfit :/ i was gonna paint it light violet, like her bride outfit in the end of the movie, but in the end i choosed the classic light turquoise, i think it goes great with her skin tone♥

i drew smaller earrings to make her look cuter♥ and of course i made Rajah as her plushie, he actually looks like a tiger cub LOL

again trying speed painting, this time took like 3 hours again, she has more detail than any other i made so far

i made her a little chubby and you can see her bellybutton♥ i think that gives the pic a nice touch

i used no references here
ps and bamboo tablet

Jasmine n Rajah (C) Disney

Art (C) me

texture ~Insan-Stock

Please do not use my art in anyway

other child princesses

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Looks amazing! Are these available for purchase?

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these are so precious
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When I was a child I had a stuffed tiger that I named Rajah.  Loved that stuffed animal!!!!
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Jasmine looks so cute as a child!
I can't handle this , this is way too cute :)
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Never had a real true friend? Then what am I? Just a pet, or just your tool?
- Raja
dawwwww I want a Rajah plushie too!
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this is cuteeee!!!! :iconlawooplz:

>>> you said don't steal your art, but the characters belong in disney.
Do you put back taxes for copyright? we notified the company of the rights and exploitation. You can not hide behind a pseudonym and enjoy a product that is not yours.

I'm working for Disney ;) (Wink) ... I am responsible for referencing people using characters from our company. And that is what you are doing. The animals that accompany your "princesses" are copyright Disney. You must declare you under penalty of prosecution. Whether you live outside the US does not give you the right to steal the work of the true creators of these characters.
We are currently looking for contact information.
What you are doing is called counterfeiting.
You will soon receive a first official avertissemnent on your different sites (facebook, Deviant, ...) and will send you the procedure to regularize your situation

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Rajah is so adorable! Hehe.
Hello I found your disney portraits on esty and fell in love😍😍😍. I will love to purchase a few disney princesses from you for my daughter's bebroom. Can you provide me a price list with sizes?
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I love how you paint!!! Did you use PS?
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ohhhhhh que Liiiinda! :)
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Just wondering have you seen the Disney Princess Animators Collection Dolls? I think they may serve as an inspiration to you.
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Thank God you gave her sleeves :D Super cute :D
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Now THAT'S adorable!!
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