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How to Draw: Pandora

A simple How To page I made of Pandora, in case anyone was wondering how I drew her XD Hope you find it useful ^^

EDIT: Had to re-upload this in order to add the preview pic. It was making my front page wayyyyy too long.
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I've just adopted a cat design, so this is very helpful in drawing him.
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Oh mai glob is it ok if i base my cat style after her?
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I'd really prefer if you came up with your own style of drawing, both for your own sake and also so you don't just end up being a 'copycat' (forgive the pun =P ). This tutorial is pretty old though and my own style has changed quite a bit.

Basically, if it helps you learn then there's no need to ask someone if you can 'base your style' after theirs. But if you're asking permission to out-right copy my style, then again... I'd really prefer your found your own style.
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I just really like the body part :3 its awesome
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I LOVE your style of drawing cats!

Its so different than mine!

You might want to change the way you draw the legs and eyes in the future but otherwise it is really good!
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Considering that this is REALLY REALLY OLD, thank you ^^; I draw Pandora and the others a bit differently now.
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This is cool, thanks for the guide. ^_^
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Wonderful Tutorial, Pandora is so cute!
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Thankies! You may have managed to fix my drawing-cat-fail skills! :P
Puddingxfong's avatar
is very LOL *uuu*
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omg thats so cool and easy
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Cute. :3 Following this tut, even I didn't completely screw up. I say that because I'm really bad at drawing and tend to scew up a lot of what I draw even if I have a guide. If I'm not completely lazy, I might tweak a few things on the basic design (like the eyes) a little so I can get a feel for some of my Warriors chars. Now I've just got to work on balance and scaling... >>
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I have a cat called Pandore!!! As in the French version of Pandora... =3
mooncats5's avatar
Cute :D What kind of cat is it?
Sweetkitty22's avatar
small, black and white =)
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it makes me want to cuddle the drawing D: le gasp! :iconlegaspplx:
kitty-lover-club's avatar
I suck at drawing Pandora....

peanuts-waffles-soap's avatar
awesome =D oh and wot did u draw this on???
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