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A Puppy with a Fever
Author’s notes: This story is a one-shot, and it is ready as it is now. It is meant to be written like “through a fever”, but it still has everything it needs to be understood, in a form of lots of hints.
It seemed to be a normal school day for everyone in Domino High. Well, almost everyone. Jou didn’t feel like himself and he must also seemed like it if some of the sorry feeling looks he got were any indication. His friends had left him be after he had daggered them to a wall with his eyes for a suggestion to go home. Jou had kept his home situation a secret, and as much as he could stay away from there, he was going to do so. He had also told the teachers that although he didn’t take the notes he would be good, because he learned much better by listening anyway – what he had proved many times over.
So, there Jou was, lying on his table while the class went on. Suddenly, he heard something about a group assignment said. He opened his e
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ToDC - Story 1, chapter 3
Tales from Domino City
Where it all began? Chapter 3
*Elsewhere in the city*
Walking down the street Jounouchi smiled widely, almost rivalling the Sun. He was happy, finally again for a long time. Sun was shining and they had gotten out of school early that day. He had a work to go to, but he actually loved it there. Taking a few dance steps while singing to the song playing from his MP3-player he thought to go to the Domino Park, the biggest in Domino City. Though it had a lot of people there, Jou found himself a quiet place under an old cherry tree. Sitting down he watched the people, there were a lot of couples and that made Jou sad for some reason. “I wish you were here.” he said quietly, almost whispering, “I wish you would see me – to love me – not to hate.” he continued “Seto.”
Kaiba had gotten himself out and was now sitting in the same park. He had gotten some work done and was taking a break when his thoughts were interrupted by
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ToDC - Story 1, chapter 2
Tales from Domino City
Where it all began? Chapter 2
The next day Kaiba was sitting in his office at Kaiba Corp. going through his thoughts and emotions. He should have been in school today but there he would have met Jou and Kaiba was way too nervous to do that right now. Thinking back what Mokuba had “told” him yesterday, Kaiba knew his little brother was most likely right. Kaiba had seen Jou looking down but not even in his wildest dreams would Kaiba have thought the reason would be Kaiba himself. He also did admit he had feelings of love for the little Puppy but because of his own shyness Kaiba hadn’t been able to do anything about them – and it ate him inside. ‘Has it really been two months?’ Kaiba thought looking out the window and enjoying the warm Sun ‘It surely is possible.’
Mokuba had often – during that time – invited Jounouchi at the manor to play and try out new games. Kaiba had tried to be ci
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Ispired by Shamans Journey 166 by love1008
Lilies, like pearls on open shell
floating on and above
the multitude of galaxies
Soap bubbles
on the waves of consciousness
trying to pull you further
down, under
:iconmooncatgirl:Mooncatgirl 1 7
A word
This feeling,
so powerful,
so full of meaning,
though itself is so little.
We make it big,
we give it power.
I'm afraid to say it.
Is it really?
Am I really?
If I say it,
do I really mean it?
Have I courage,
to admit it?
After so short period of time.
The beginning and  the end.
:iconmooncatgirl:Mooncatgirl 5 3
I'm tired.
Tired to the bottom of my heart.
Feeling empty.
Oh, so empty.
Without the person
I knew and loved,
as I did.
Gone now.
And never coming back.
There's only one word
to say anymore.
:iconmooncatgirl:Mooncatgirl 6 5
Trying to fight the feeling
trying to find shelter,
somebody to understand,
to comfort.
Living in an unvisible hell,
nine years.
Exit signs removed,
no light,
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Poetry: Darkness 2
Its dark,
i think i see a light,
but i can't move,
i'm stuck and the light is fading.
"Save me!" I scream to myself.
the light is growing dim,
i fear for my sanity.
I want to move,
I want to fight it,
really I do,
"Please believe me!" I scream to the dark.
But it just echoes back to me,
I 'm surrounded by nothing and yet everythying I fear,
the loneliness,
the darkness,
the loss of human warth is to much.
I slip into the darkness,
ever so silent.
No one can hear my silent pleas,
the pleas that fall on deaf air,
the ones that never get carrried,
the ones that never reach anyone.
They consume my soul,
or whats left of it,
soon there won't be anything left,
I'm dissappperaing.
Losing the battle,
and the scariest thyhing of all,
I'm losing to myself.
I'm lost inside myself and that is why,
no one can ever find me.
Because I won't let them in.
:iconkizunayui-studios:KizunaYui-Studios 5 3
Song: Unnamed
Verse 1:
Flowers fall all around me,
but I don't see them cause I'm blinded with pain.
All I feel is Darkness closing in.
No one ever wanted me,
nobody really even cares.
Where I go, how I live,
Its all echoes in the wind.
Verse 2:
My life is been full of,
misfortunes aplenty.
Is it so much to ask for a home.
In the Darkness there is only shadows,
and none of them can bring me love.
No ones ever wanted me,
I'm on my own.
Anyone who gets close,
doesn't stay long.
They turn around, walk away,
nobody wants me.
Verse 3:
Because I'm broken, beaten and abused,
and my mind has screws loose.
But I need love like anybody else.
Look at me,
my eyes are crying for help.
Nobody wanted me,
I'm all alone.
Out here by myself,
no place to call my own.
I'm falling and I don't want to hit the ground.
Please Save me...... me
From myself.
:iconkizunayui-studios:KizunaYui-Studios 4 1
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Pinkitude posters: Matte 30x46cm (12x18 inches) or nearist possible (25x25cm / 10x10inc)
Flashback T-shirt: Mens XS
Wisp T-shirt: Womans L
Life hasn't been easy, so I was forced to take a brake from here - again. Now I am back on writing though and next chapter for Tales from Domino City - Where it all began? should be up soonesh. Hopefully that will not take more than two weeks. *Fingers crossed*


Daughter of Night
Current Residence: Vaasa, Finland
Favourite genre of music: From side to side. I listen music by mood. Basicly anything that makes me move.
Skin of choice: fur
Personal Quote: "It's never over until it's over."


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