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okay soooo, it's time to stop hiding! i'm transgender and over the past year i've been transitioning and i'm sick of keeping it all a secret. i'm on hormones now so i figured now is the time to come out. i'm going by Sophia but Sophie for short is fine. :)

i don't really feel proud or confident or anything, it's a nightmare, but maybe i'll get there one day. hopefully things will get better, i finally feel like i have some kind of a future instead of a void of misery or whatever for the rest of my life. this has been a long time coming.

thank you, everyone!
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I'm stoked that you've been making this much progress towards being happier and more comfortable. I don't think there's anyone who isn't rooting for you; at least I hope everyone is.
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Congrats and good luck,here is to being comfortable in ones skin :). Take care and i can't wait for what you come up next (picked up Jem by the issue and the first volume too)
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Hellooo Sophie!
Awesome to hear you're letting the world know you :) big choices have big paybacks and knowing you're your true blue self sounds like a great relief. Life has lots of twists and turns, a hard day is different for everyone as I'n sure plenty of people keep saying during this time. Yadda yadda ;)

I got into your work years back (actually through your Ariel piece sone for Loish...oh my god! Still one of my most favorite TLM pieces ever, official and otherwise..!) got hooked on Wet Moon and your amazing, amazing character and story development. Was never a Jem kid but glad you are working on more projects that inspire you and fuel you in your workforce.
Congrats on your new bloom. Blossom on!
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Congrats, I wish you all the happiness in the world. Much love & respect for you Sophie. Matthew
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OMG! I was like so confused for a minute there when I saw your new photo you posted! This is awesome! When I first started watching you I thought you were a girl. I've always felt like you were female just with how you've talked about things before in journals etc. I'm so proud of you for finally feeling comfortable enough to stop hiding! Be proud of who you are and forget about anyone who says anything about you being that person. You are an awesome artist, no matter the gender. I wish I could be confident enough being who I am but I struggle with it daily even though of course its not as hard for me as it is for other people who are gay/transgendered/etc. I wish some day our world could just get behind the fact that everyone is different and that it's okay to be different. But until then, I'm here to support you in your journey and hope that one day that transgendered individuals like yourself can live in a world without hate and prejudice. Congratulations! 
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Congratulations Sophie <3 I'm so happy that you can now begin to feel comfortable, open and happy in yourself and I'm sorry I've been off of here for so long that I couldn't offer up my support earlier on! Hope everything is great for you at the moment :) My best friend from childhood is transgendered and I've seen the ups and downs that come with it, but it is all worth it in the end <3 x
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At what age did you realize you were trans?
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Now when I introduce others to your work, instead of saying "One of the coolest things about Ross Campbell is that he always responds personally to comments made on his art page despite having thousands of followers," I say "One of the coolest things about Sophie Campbell is that she always responds personally to comments made on her art page despite having thousands of followers."  That's the kind of person you are - everything else is just pronouns.  I'm happy to read that you'll finally be able to feel comfortable in your own skin (something most people take for granted) - that alone will start you on the road to the confidence you seek.  Congratulations!       
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I'm so late to the party! As I often turn my friends on to your comics, I was referring to yor Twitter for something and could not find your old name and freaked- then followed the trail to Wikipedia and was brought up to date! Phew I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU! You've been such an amazing inspiration to me since the day I happened upon wetmoon and the abandoned in a Barnes and noble<3 you were so kind to me years ago when I was inquiring about if the abandoned would ever be continued. I've always held onto that and passed on to others how friendly you were with your fans. Wishing you all the best and continuing to love all the art and stories you produce ^_^
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aw, thank you!! it's great to hear from you again. i appreciate all the support and everything! did you see the Abandoned sequel i've been doing?? :D
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YES!!! I love it! I seriously screamed when I first found out about it XD <3 thrilled 
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I found out about this by looking into the Jem the Holograms books. I was like "Sophie Campbell but I thought...oh!" Anyway just wanted to come here and say congrats! I have been a big fan for a long time and will continue to root for you :D 
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It's difficult to find the right words to say, so I'll just add my voice to the chorus that supports you and wishes you all the best. <3
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Congrats and good luck , it's a frighteningly wild and scary ride but ultimately very worth it to be yourself in the end. Thank you for all your years of awesome art. I will always treasure your graphic novels and I think you will always be my favorite comic artist. Much love.

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Congrats. <3 Best of luck to you, and may you have the strength and endurance to see everything through.
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Wow, I gotta say this comes as a real shock, Mooncalfe.  A real shock.

...Buuuut not in the way you might think.

When I saw the headline "coming out" I thought "What, you're just now telling everyone you're a lesbian? I think some people might've figured it out... oh, wait..."

and then my eye locked onto the word "transgender", and I thought "Transitioning to become a dude? Well, your true s... wait, what?"

I guess that's what comes of me being somewhat oblivious to the author name on your stuff. It never even occurred to me that you might not be a lady. The sensibility and sensitivity in your art never suggested anything else to me, anyway. I mean this as the highest compliment, and I hope you'll accept it as such.
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Yeah... for the longest time I thought she was a girl... then finally got used to thinking of her as a guy after I did some research and actually remembered her name... so I was soo flippin confused when I saw her new pic she posted and had to come read this! I've always felt like she was female too :)
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I guess you and me were actually right after all. ;)
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Well it's not our place to judge you Sophie, I won't lie to you and say I agree with all the sex change process, yet my respect for your artwork, work ethic and your life will always be there, I sincerely hope you find what your looking for and admire that you've made a choice instead of fading away in misery, so in short your cool and I will continue to follow and support your art, cause have a great way to tap into the bitter sweet parts of life, to portray whole characters that are diverse and full of life, I could go on. 
Some people tend to focus on just one part of a whole to push a person aside, be it their race, ideology, sex or sexuality, and we as people create these great divides instead of trying to understand each other and just care for one another, maybe you can learn something from that person you think is less than you or find out your view is erroneous and have to grow into a clearer perspective. I can't claim to know you, Sophie previously Ross, but I can say there is more to you than your sexuality and I hope your audience can see with clarity the light you cast. Just promise yourself and this extended fan base that you'll keep on going forward no matter what. 
PS Your Jem artwork is awesome!
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Just wanted to say one thing.... gender identity has nothing to do with sexuality... someone can be trans and gay for instance. Transgender is more about someone feeling as though they do not have the correct body (aka gender). Basically, they feel as though they are male/female but have the opposite sex organs/body. This does not denote whether or not they are attracted sexually to the gender they are or the opposite.
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FYI you've been a favorite artist of mine since I stumbled across EXALTED and then WET MOON like a billion years ago.

I'm glad you are able to realise this about yourself, and I wish you the very very best. Your work helped me through my own transition, believe it or not, so I want to thank you.
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Totally late to the party but I wanted to congratulate you!

I know you said you don't feel proud or confident yet, but you've been an amazing, consistent inspiration for me in regards to body variation and visibly queer characters... it's just so inspiring to know now that you yourself are in the queer spectrum. Thank you for having the bravery to come out, I'm sure many of your other watchers are as inspired and comforted by you as I am.
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