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sivette 10 work in progress

anybody remember this character, Sivette, from the old days?? :)

not sure if i'm going to finish this. sorry i keep posting sketchy and/or unfinished stuff recently! too busy for anything else right now. i might move this to Scraps later.

i tried to color this similar to the airbrushy style i used to color in back around 2001-2003, back when i was doing a lot of Photoshop coloring (with a mouse!).
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I love her design, is so original and her curves are so beautiful ^^
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thanks!! glad you like her. i wish i had time to draw her more often.
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This is so adorable!
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i remember her. characters like her attract me like flame attracts moth. you quickly became a fave artist of mine with the sivette series and the abyssals.

i love you dreamy, nightmarish visions. :)
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I toootally do. I think I asked for more art of her sometime back in the day >_> Niiiiice!
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Looks great. love the colors
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i remember! love the soft colours and glowy lighting on this piece, and the character design :)
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That is so awesome!
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You do such funky character design! :D
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She's so flexible. :)
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Well I love it! All the purple and the speckles. It's perfect already. =)
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