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By mooncalfe
super secret unauthorized sneak peek of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #31! ;D
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Beautiful. Poor Leo, though.
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I love all the frame breaking going on here, great page!
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Leo's poses look very good. Did you make some research about ninjitsu sword katas?
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thanks! i did a little research into katana forms, yeah, but i stylized it a bit.
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Looks great. Your art always cheers me up! 
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aw, i'm glad! :)
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amazing illustration. I love the layout here :)
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I am loving Northampton! Your art has set the mood for this arc perfectly.
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i love the dynamics of this page.
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You. Are. Mean! You are nice for posting it and letting us see a part of it, and mean as well for posting a page like this one. It makes me wanna scream "ARGH! MOORE!" hehe *chuckles* But of course I still likes it. I also like the way how each Picture breaks the frame. I can't wait for volume #31 comes out!

And "no"! there was no girlish squeel!

Not a squel at all!


Okay I did squel... a little...!


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Poor Leo. Too sad to complete a kata. I must know WHY.
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And I need a new pair of shorts.
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Nice layout, altough sometimes the turtles looks too cutsey for my taste.
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you've been doing some stunning layouts in this series, i am impressed and a little envious :P
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Something is telling me I should attempt coloring this...

No more coffee for me...

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This page is soooo beautiful, Ross!! I love, love, LOVE the way you mix pencils and inks :love:

and also... YAY! More stratigically placed falling leaves!!! ;-)
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thank you, Carrie!! the leaves are SYMBOLIC omg Too Cool!
carriehowarth's avatar
Strategically symbolic? :D

Seriously, though... this page is awesome!
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Really amazing and dynamic sequence! I love the panels' borders too. c:
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