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Raphael is the Watcher on the Wall here.  Have always loved your art, but this darker style has a maturity to it that feels gritty and real.
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Me: *scrolling through comments and reads this*


*clicks a button that say 'AGREED' so much it breaks*

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Tween Gamera and the TNMT, I'm in turtle heaven!
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Awesome picture :D
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This is different from the style I know you for...

Not complaining, though.
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This is so cool! It definitely has a Mignola vibe
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i did an artwork immitating this...… thanks for being an inspiration. :)
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love the colors and the mood
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Your Turtles are the best Turtles.
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Oh reminds me of the Mirage page where Leo is recuperating at the farmhouse after being ambushed by Shredder.  Raph spent nights standing sentry on the rooftop.
So gorgeous.
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That's awesome!!!
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oh this is oh so fantastic! brilliant job all and all overall :] no kidding this is looking very good~ do more tons more! a lot more stuff like this keep em coming!!!
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It's been nice seeing you draw them recreationally again! 
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