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Cat's out of the bag!!! IDW TMNT has a new Turtle: JENNIKA! This is one of the concept art pieces I did back in 2017, I've been keeping it a secret all this time! O_o
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All five of the boys
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Love the character disign. They are not just identical quadtupplets (Quintuplets by now?), but each is an individual. You could take their masks and the unique weapons and still you know, who is who.
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Maybe the wrist and knee pads should be color coded as well bring some color back to the uniform
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Can we at least get the initialzed belt buckles
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(looking sad..weepy and pleading)

Not even in the shape of kanji symbols???

Also while I do respect your opinion and professional artistic standpoint vision and goal for these characters

One must still ask

besides Nostalgia just what exactly Does make the OT/87 cartoon turtles  THE go to TMNT when looking for inspiration on how to do these characters  even though it was much considered goofy
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They might get clan symbol belts but they won't be individualized, just a single symbol they'd all wear. I think the original cartoon is just what a lot of fans saw first so they have an attachment to it and that version of the characters. I like some of the characters from it (like Mona Lisa) but I don't take much inspiration from it when it comes to the Turtles themselves! I don't really like the letter belts or colored arm/leg bands, and if I had total control I'd probably even get rid of the different-colored masks! ;)
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I love that's she's taller than them.
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Jennika is an absolute QUEEN!! 👑
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She's so neat and I love her.
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wait if Jennika's been in the works since 2017 why wait until now to release her
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That's just how Tom paced the story. Sometimes things happen behind the scenes way in advance.
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Wow!Looks sooo cool!!!
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But wait, Jennika's a ...human ? Holy shit what is happening in this comics and why cant it hurry up and get published to date in France,,,
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A lot has happened! ;)
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Mikey's gonna have to stop saying Bros and start saying sibs
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This is a notice of copyright infringement. This character Jennika is a direct copy of the Mutant Turtle character created by C.H Sellers AKA Greenminer named Vinny The Fifth Turtle. C.H Sellers' character Vinny was copyrighted nearly 3 years ago. Our law offices will be in contact with you over this infringement. Stop all production of this character immediately or you will be prosecuted.

Brit Sellers CEO of Scoffer Studios Productions
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not how copyright works bandito 
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I hope she'll have a sister-relationship with the Turtles (not down with the whole love interest) and she would stay as Casey's girlfriend.
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