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Tifa 11

By mooncalfe
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a quick Tifa.

Tifa copyright Square or whatever they're called now.

materials: sumi ink & brush, markers
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© 2009 - 2021 mooncalfe
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Naffrena's avatar
Great posture, true to the character of Tifa. That's a very good job!
oO-Monkey-Oo's avatar
Love the style, great work.
Rod-Roger's avatar
She looks so powerful. So cool. So Beautiful. I love how she looks mate. 
Rod-Roger's avatar
Welcome, your art is nice. I love how you draw these kick ass characters
TheWillfulWanderer's avatar
Messy hair, ready to fight, -aaaaaaaaaaaalmost- a little smirk on her face there- lovely. The band-aid is a good little nod to anime tendencies, her face looks East Asian (I actually want to say Chinese, probably because of her lips), little rips at the bottom edge of her tanktop- the details really make this. I even like the 'alternate outfit' or whatever you like to call it you whipped up. Makes sense, really- if she's gonna go out and punch monsters all day, she can't wear the exact same thing tomorrow- imagine the smell! Weugh.

There is one- only one- complaint I would make about this, and really it's the same complaint I have about a lot of colored Tifa art: her eye color. In the pictures for the original game, it was a slightly reddish brown, maybe redwood or rosewood, I'd have to go look at color swatches. While I don't mind that she's since become simply brown-eyed, I always thought it gave a nice little edge of fire to her expression.

Regardless, though! Be proud of this, it's really beautiful.
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thanks so much again!! :) i really have to do some new Tifa drawings...

the reddish-brown eyes in the old art are cool but i prefer the more muted brown (or black), myself.
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Jose-Ramiro's avatar
The last thing her opponents see before getting knocked out.
masterofthenothing's avatar
she looks SOOOOOO tough. Like she'd give Tyson a run for his money!
ALAIE's avatar
Aah this was the first piece of art i saw by you a couple of years back, you draw Tifa so perfectly I can't picture her any other way. The way you draw characters (women mostly) is stunning :heart:
mooncalfe's avatar
thank you, glad you like my rendition! :)
rAEndoom's avatar
but she reminds me in this picture of the only girl in a german football story called "wilde kerle"...
Jetichor's avatar
id love to see like a full body version just to see how much muscle you give this babe
mooncalfe's avatar
there are a bunch of other full-body Tifas in my gallery! :)
Jetichor's avatar
ya i saw them pretty cool
Aveniceday's avatar
nice design, i really like it^^
Gaston25's avatar
Very cool, love the angle
queenofsheba1000's avatar
do u like ur materials better than u like copic markers
mooncalfe's avatar
i have a few copic markers but i mostly use prismacolors.
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that's pretty damn hot if i do say so... and i do.
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