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TMNT: Secrets of the Ooze

TMNT Week at :iconillustriousbits: comes to a close!

this one is the most important drawing this week and i saved it for last! this is the first sketch for a TMNT fan comic i'm cooking up called Secrets of the Ooze, which is a retelling of the second Turtles movie (a.k.a. the one with Vanilla Ice :XD:) with my own spin on the story and characters.

the biggest thing i'm adding is a 5th Turtle, Artemisia (Artie for short), named after Artemisia Gentileschi. she's the shy worrywart Turtle and her weapon is the bow-and-arrow (i always felt like each Turtle's weapon was part of their personality, so Artie's had to be the same: she's too nervous to get in close so she strikes from afar, but when she does she is exact and intuitive).

i'm not exactly sure when this is going to happen, i'm hoping next year, i'm hoping i can squeeze a page a week into my schedule and run it as weekly webcomic. it'll have a loose sketchy style like this drawing, it'll probably look just like this, since i won't have time for anything more rendered or refined. but i think that'll be cool, it'll be totally for fun, raw and rough.

special shout-out to Proffor for the support and for inspiration on Artemisia's markings. :tmnt1:…
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I just noticed how much Jennika inherited from Artemisa~!

When I was reading the comics I knew the artstyle was familiar~

Congrats on working on IDW and keep up the awesome work!

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Artemisia...    now    Jenny.
I heard you actually work for IDW?
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Yep, I do! I've been working on TMNT for IDW off and on for years. I co-created Jennika and I'm writing & drawing the series starting with issue #101! :tmnt1:
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cool, nice markings, but.... who is the one in yellow?
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Who's the guy in yellow
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I love what you're doing and can I ask you for a small favour? Can you teach me how to draw like that please... Can you think about it and maybe come up with an answer? If you need my email adress, just ask me (if i didn't put it in my account already...) Thanks and jeep the good work up!!!
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i'm glad you like my work, thanks! i can't teach you, though, all i can tell you is to practice practice practice! :)
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Why can't you teach me though? I'm a good listener...
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i'm not a teacher and i don't have time.
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Oh... ok. Sorry to have been bothering you. Thanks and have a great day...
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love this fan comic!!
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its pretty cool how you based the boys and your ocs. I thought it was creative how they made their own weapons..makes sense know ^^;. They look cool :D
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I LOVE this desgin! The markings are a nice change to the masks, and the desgins are just. hdskgajdskfl. I'm also seriously digging the scavenger-style weapons and equipment.

And Artie is adorable. Seriously, she is precious and wonderful. I want to read this comic.
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thank you so much!!

SOON... :D
gotta say I'm really liking your turtle designs =3
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Can't wait for the comic, man!!
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thanks! i hope i don't blow it!!!
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You could put out kickstarter for this! Your work is amazing and I would love to have a hard copy of this thing. Though coming to think about it, since viacom owns the franchise that might get you in trouble... I don't really know how all this works :\

Anyway, looking forward for this :D
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i could probably do a Kickstarter campaign, Andrew Modeen did an IndieGoGo campaign for his TMNT: Odyssey book drawn by long-time TMNT veteran Jim Lawson and hasn't run into any trouble, but i'm still wary. even if there was no money involved it's still legally infringement, and i want to play it as safe and respectfully as i can.

i want this comic to be as low-profile and as low-key as i can keep it, so i don't think i'd want to print up any books even if i had the opportunity or clearance. i don't want to make any money on it. so it'll probably be just a plain old webcomic right here on deviantart. :tmnt1:
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