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TMNT 2019

Cat's out of the bag!!! IDW TMNT has a new Turtle: JENNIKA! I did the first concept art for her back in 2017, so I've been keeping it a secret all this time! I guess DA has to add a yellow-masked Turtle emoji now.
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Great Illustration keep it going

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This picture you've done of the Ninja Turtles from the IDW Comics series looks very nice and cool for sure. :D

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You're welcome. :wave:

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Why is this not already in my :+fav:s?  ;)

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Maybe you should try asking playmates to merchandise the idw Turtles since Rise TMNT is bombing
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out of curiosity if venus were to be made canon what would origin be

would she originally be a human king fu stylist as jennika was a human ninja
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So very, very cool....
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This makes me wish Venus was canon so she could join them and they’d have another female turtle in the group.
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That would be cool!
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Is your style on the turtles based somewhat of Nickelodeon's 2012 cartoon?
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Not really! I was drawing Turtles in a similar way long before the 2012 show, here's one from 2002, for example:
old 2002 TMNT #2 by mooncalfe

Although in some of my IDW work, I was incorporating elements from the show (like Donatello being taller than the others), but not so much anymore.
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I see

Then again from their earliest appearences the turtles were known for not being too tall
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This is a notice of copyright infringement. This character Jennika is a direct copy of the Mutant Turtle character created by C.H Sellers AKA Greenminer named Vinny The Fifth Turtle. C.H Sellers' character Vinny was copyrighted nearly 3 years ago. Our law offices will be in contact with you over this infringement. Stop all production of this character immediately or you will be prosecuted.

Brit Sellers CEO of Scoffer Studios Productions
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AAA congratulations! Jennika is an awesome girl!
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Absolutely gorgeous! I love your art pieces!
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Where did Jennika came from?
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Thanks, quite an interesting backstory, but damn, TMNT nowadays has become sorta violent you know
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It was WAY more violent in the original comics!!
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Oh yes, of course, I'm fully aware of that
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"Become"? The comics have pretty much always been pretty violent. It's the cartoons that are light and kid-friendly.
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I wonder why there hasn't been any attempt in making a dark and grounded TMNT cartoon like these comics, hmm, who knows someday when that might happen
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