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Secrets Of The Ooze: Artemisia

read the comic here!

TMNT is owned by Viacom. my fan comic is an unofficial goof-off project not affiliated with Viacom, Nickelodeon, or IDW.
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Love this character! I wonder what other weapon would she wield other than bow and arrow?

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Thanks! :D Why would she have to wield something other than a bow and arrow?

I-am-Evil-Tree's avatar
Pay attention Viacom, this is how you make a female turtle.
She is so cute, appearance and backstory-wise, you've really found and interesting niche in the turtle family of a patient, shy character who may "not" actually want to explore the surface.
Really like the face-paint theme you've done with the turtles, fresh and it does show hints of each turtles character, even if you didn't know them. Also like how you can tell she's female without being in your face about it. (Where the thigh high bandages intentional?)
Bow and arrow is a fitting choice for her personality, you could have Don try and come up with trick arrows for her to use ... after several failed attempts where they went off inside her quiver.

My minds already thinking of episodes of a TV series with her she fits that well, nice work. :D
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Thanks so much! What would you suggest?
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Thanks for your thoughts! :)
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Why cant the turtles every wear boots? There are lots of boots in the dump and people need rubber boots in the sewer or broken glass on the floor or poo the humans send down.
star153's avatar
What does that mean.
Dorkalisious's avatar
Oh wait I read this and knew, cool the turtles got a sister
spudman98's avatar
Move over Venus, this is way better
TwoTailskunoichi's avatar
She reminds me of Fluttershy. With the color yellow, butterflies and shy personality.
Mulunia's avatar
Too cute! /)^3^(\
Grigori77's avatar
Hope you like, mate.  Couldn't help meself.…
megchan87's avatar
I love Artemisia, she's a female turtle done right. I am a dummy! 
mooncalfe's avatar
i'm glad you like her! :)
ShellshockerTMNT117's avatar
Yeah the bow is focused and quiet like her^^
Wow, she's taller than all of them! Way to go Artie!
Ebonyleopard's avatar
What a wonderful choice of weapon type for her. Would have never thought of that, but appropriate.
Hunter-Wolf's avatar
Hahaha, Arte's description pretty much fits me 100% .. i can totally relate ;)
i love the fact that the turtles have a sister for a change
tomasfourhorns's avatar
Finally! A sister turtle I can agree on! ^-^
donnysgirl2001's avatar
I like artie... shes just AWESOME ;3
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