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another commission. :tmnt1:
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This Raph is very cool looking.

If anyone has a fanfiction account and writes stories about these guys let me know. I wouldn't mind reading anything with my four favorite boys in it.
If by any chance you have a picture that goes along with the story on here then let me know that too.
Can't wait to start reading
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So is the fan comic still happening or does regular work on the comics preclude that?
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it's still happening, just at a slower pace that i was hoping! i was planning on starting it up this summer but this big TMNT gig for IDW came down the pipe and kinda threw a wrench in that, i don't want to start the fan-comic and then have to stop for 4-5 months while i work on official TMNT stuff, but we'll see. i have the story pretty much all written so that's a big step already. :) thanks for the interest!! how come you posted your question on this random picture of Raph, though? :XD:
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Haha, sorry it's random. Honestly me and my boy were talking about your work in a more general way, as part of a discussion of SDCC and how it's might like not cost effective if there isn't a publisher bringing you out. 

You were a good example of like the kind of halfway a lot of great artist find themselves in maybe? Every con tries to get Stan Lee -who's great and all- but we've all seen a million times. And I mean you'd have be like flatlined not have read Glory, but maybe you're actually less accessible than some of the heavy hitters who get a high level of rotation? 

Then we started talking about your work, and your turtles work came up, so we were flipping through. And I was wondering what it was like for you, since you are like working in both an official and fan capacity. 

I'd like to ask if it help or hurts you, like, are they in to it? Do they ever give you shit about the work you do with their properties when you are off the clock? But I'm not sure you could answer that safely and you don't owe random internet fans answers. 

But I do feel like, I don't know the fancomic work, has a different timber then the official stuff. But maybe thats me projecting into the artist viewer relationship. 

Pretty heavy for a comment on a random (although incredibly awesome) drawing of Raphael. 
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i don't think i'm on a lot of conventions' radars, i've only been brought out by a convention as a guest once, back in 2010 at FanExpo (and they've never invited me back despite me living only 2 hours away, haha). i think i'm both less accessible and MORE accessible than the heavy-hitter big name people; less accessible in that my work isn't as high profile so by default i'm less accessible, but i'm more accessible because since i'm not that popular i'm only an email or tweet away. :XD:

it's not weird (so far) working on TMNT officially and doing fan stuff. so far, anyway, it hasn't been bad or become a problem. usually there's an unspoken agreement with this sort of thing between the fan-artists and publishers/owners, but i guess it could turn into a problem once i get my fan-comic actually rolling, we'll see how it goes.

my fan-comic stuff definitely has a different tone and look than my official TMNT stuff, or even my "regular" TMNT fanart, you're not wrong! that's partly because i want to differentiate the fan-comic stuff from the regular Turtles so there's no confusion, and also because it's more "me" i guess, i'm less beholden to how TMNT is typically portrayed and if i'm going to do a fan-comic where anything goes, why not do something different? :) does that make sense?? :XD:
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So thanks for taking the time answer was worried some of my questions might be overstepping. But now I just have tons more questions.

It's intresting to me that you see your self as a "fan-artist", do you identify more with fan content creators than orginal content creators? You sort of hover between worlds, but I though you were kinda just slumming it here on DA with us. I would be greatful and not at all offended if you are lol.

So Glory got tons of critical acclaim but you said above that you're not popular, or at least not getting the high-profile jobs. You've got a shelf full of shiny trophies and every blogger on the block eating out of your hand but not mainstream success? So how dose you're cult like fan following help boost you that extra step? Like what can we do to help put your name on the back of a power girl spine? Would you even want it there? Or are you more content in the freedom of doing your own small press stuff?

Ok, haha. Sorry to bombard you. But what's the best way (for you) to buy your work? Like, direct from the publisher would mean more money in the pockets company who's calling you in, but buying from a local comic shop would drive up the distribution numbers? Do comics artist ever get paid out the royalties they are promised or dose that money just get sunk back in to future print runs? Is there a buying method where you the artist see more of that money or gets it sooner?

Finally, I had no idea you were in Canda. But I guess that sheds some light on why I haven't seen you at any American cons. Is guesting at conventions something you are intrested in? NYCC and C2E2 aren't that far from the border. And I'd be more then happy to write in requesting you (but only if attending wasn't a bother for you).

Sorry for the million and one questions. You totally don't have to answer all of them, but go with the knowledge that your fans care and want you to be happy.

Happy and drawing turtles.
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sure thing! my pleasure. :) i appreciate the interest.

oh, i just meant fan-artist as in people who do fanart in general, not me specifically. i guess i am a fan-artist on some level, isn't anyone who does fanart at all? but i do mostly my own characters so i wouldn't say i'm predominantly a fan-artist, no. i do hover between worlds, though, haha. i'm definitely not slumming it here on DA!! i'm the same as anyone else, i'm just a regular person too. i've been on DA since before i was professional and before i was a full-time cartoonist, this place has been my homebase for about a decade. :)

Glory got some great critical acclaim, yeah, but it didn't sell too great. i have gotten a couple high-profile job offers that i can't mention here, heh, which probably would have given me a boost but people aren't generally banging down my door or anything and i'm not rolling in money. i'm sort of between mainstream and indie, i think, leaning toward the indie side. i've turned down a couple Marvel and DC things partly because i couldn't do it because of TMNT scheduling but also i'm not really interested in that sort of stuff, like you said, at least other than the money. :XD: if i can afford it i'll almost always do my own comics instead rather than work-for-hire, but i'll do the work-for-hire stuff if i'm hurting for cash and need to pay the rent or if it's something that seems fun.

any way of buying my books is good! Amazon, local shops, bookstores, direct from me if i have copies, etc. it's all good. i guess if i had to recommend one route it would be buying it from a store, because that way it shows the store and the publisher that people are buying it. i do get royalties sometimes, i get them on my Wet Moon series i do for Oni Press! :) i don't get royalties for work-for-hire stuff like Glory or TMNT, though. i think i might get Glory royalties if it sells enough but so far it hasn't happened, i'm not sure.

i'm not in Canada, actually, i live in Rochester, New York but that's about 2-3 hours from Toronto, i'm close to the border. :) i'd love to guest at shows, yeah, since it's free!! :D i don't go to a lot of conventions though, i wonder if that's partly why i never get asked, because i'm not a regular on the scene/circuit...
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Another great piece of art! Great job!
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your art work is very awesome! been waiting to see someone draw the tnmt like this!! keep it up :)
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B-) cool
You should draw Raph with his all black costume from archies but in your style :)
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Raph's black costume would be cool! i've only read a few of the Archie issues but i remember the black suit from Eastman & Laird's early alternate Turtle costumes that they never used, too. not a bad idea, i might do that, and maybe the other Turtles in their unused costumes, too...
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Oh, I didn't knew about those Super Turtles
Looks cool, but I like more the Image Turtles B-)
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they weren't going to be Super Turtles, just the regular Turtles with different outfits. :) you should check out Kevin Eastman's TMNT Artobiography for details and sketches about them!
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Awesomely awesome.
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I Love the textures and subtle details in your turtles! Your color choices are also spot on! Amazing work Ross! :D
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