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Raph + Alopex 4

By mooncalfe
from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #31
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Z: One of my favorite  moments in the IDW comics.
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Who the heck is Alopex?
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Ok, A) When is Karai the Shredder's grandkid? B) Isn't Angel a totally different person? And C) I thought Nobody was a dude, in all black with glowing red eyes. What gives?
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it's the IDW comics, not Mirage or the 2k3 cartoon.
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This was definitely the scene that made me start getting behind "Raphopex" or whatever people are calling this pairing. 

Just beautiful. I love your work! 
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All's I got to say is "Gotchya"
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Do I sense shipping? XD
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:devilish:  Takin' Raph down a notch.  ;)
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This page was MORE than fun! :D You did an excellent job, as always!
Though, the colorist made her bandana tan; personally I would've made it grayish.  
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thanks!! yeah, Alopex's scarf and shirt thing (which were meant to be two separate pieces of fabric) were supposed to be grey/black, like this:…
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So much respect for you showing such a good leg-sweep.
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thanks!! it's not easy, and i've drawn some less than stellar leg sweeps in my day so i'm always trying to improve.
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Dat tail!  I just want to wrap my arms around Alopex's tail and squeeze the fluffy glory.
Love your linework, as always, for-evah.
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Now kiss

Haha, anyways, I loved looking at these panels! It's cool to see them interact 
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Is Alopex supposed to be some kind of new Ninjara (fox ninja who was Raph's girlfriend in old comics) ?

She looks attracted by him :XD:

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no, she's a different character. :)
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Ah ok! so maybe it's Raph who's attracting lady foxes in general :XD:
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I guess it's his "type".
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