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Halloween 2016: Godzilla

Annual Halloween Movie Monster! previous years:…
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Wicked tricks!
I like the sharkish mouth.
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scary, but cool!
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I finally watched this tonight and liked it a lot! I want to do fan art, but I wouldn't be able to top this. Great work!
wolfin22's avatar
you did the king justice ma'am :)
This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I love your art from what I have seen
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Yeah, who is your favorite rival for Godzilla, mine are Gigan and King Gidorah 
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Hedorah! I like Gigan too.
Yeah I really like Gigan in Final Wars, so awesome!
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I hated his design in Final Wars!! I like Showa Gigan. :D
Yeah, but I secretly wish we can see Jet Jaguar return, maybe in a solo movie with Megalon. Just like how he originally was going to be.
P.S. Who is your favorite version of MechaGodzilla? Mine is either Super MechaGodzilla or Kiryu 
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I like the 1974 MechaGodzilla! :)
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Wow, amazing!! I love that crisp contrast of darks and white!
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No...not that one....
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That Godzilla was...just too much. XD
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Now that's terrifying...
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Wow!!    Very amazing as usual of a great artist like you Adagio Dazzle free icon 
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It'd be great to see you tackle a Godzilla or kaiju comic at IDW.
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Maybe someday! I'll hopefully be doing a kaiju comic next year but not at IDW, but it would be cool to get to do a Godzilla mini-series or something one day.
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Awesome. Keep me posted. A Godzilla & Gamera miniseries would be great. The two Giant G's.
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Terror he is thy King
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