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I Love You by mooncakeflower I Love You :iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 1 0
Without lies, there’d be no truth
Without fear, there’d be no hope
Without pain, there’d be no joy
Without chaos, there’d be no serenity
Without apathy, there’d be no love  
Without rain, there’d be no sun
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 0 0
Love Only You
I didn’t mean to trample all over your heart
Once you’re really out the door
To go on without your embrace
Would be the worst heartache of all
I know I loved others
But you’re the only one who fixed me
You’re the only one who knew how to love me
You fixed me, my soul, my heart
You’re not the rebound
You were never second place
You were always number one
You’re my number one
Let’s stop fighting and start loving
You have my heart, my soul…
You had everything from the start
Please, don’t leave me…
I was born to love you
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 1 0
Happy: Harry Potter
I can't stand by the side
And watch this life pass me by
So unhappy
But safe as could be
So what if it hurts me?
So what if I break down?
So what if this world just throws me off the edge
My feet run out of ground
I gotta find my place
I wanna hear my sound
Don't care about all the pain in front of me
Cause I’m just trying to be happy…
- Happy - Leona Lewis
Here was a familiar face he hadn’t seen in years.
At first there was a smile on his face, tears in his eyes. An embrace came, a touch he hadn’t felt in decades. She still was beautiful after all this time…
The happy reunion was over and the familiar scowl was on her face.
“You picked them.”
He knew what this was about.
“I know…”
“You picked them.”
“If you’d just let me explain…”
“You picked them over me, Severus. You went with the ‘pure bloods’, and thought I was nothing but a ‘filthy m
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 1 0
Always: Harry Potter
He messed up.
He messed up big time all those years ago when they were adolescents.
“I don’t want your help, filthy mudblood…!”
She made it clear they were not friends anymore. She cut off all ties and connections with him. They didn’t sat and did homework together anymore, ate meals together, had tea…
He was angry at Lily. Why did she had to be so stubborn? If only she was willing to forgive him, to see past his mistake, there wouldn’t be bad blood between them anymore.
He was angry at himself. Why did he call her that horrible name? Was it spending too much time with Lucius and the others in Slytherin that made him this way? He picked them over Lily…
She was the one who saw the real him. Who understood him. Who actually cared about him. She was the only one who saw him. She saw through him, better than anyone else…
And now she was gone.
The Dark Lord came and took her life. She was married and had a kid. A child that was of
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 0 0
It Had To Be You
With you, when I see your face
I can’t lie
I drop to the floor
On my knees
Confessing everything
You’re my preacher
You’re so good to me
Why did it have to be me?
Why do you love me?
It had to be you
Thank you
For loving me as I am
For seeing all of me
Warts and all
I can count my blessings
Glad you’re one of them
Your touch brings life back into me
Breathing life back into the withered
It had to be you
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 0 0
Maple Syrup, I am Canadian - Parody of Titanium
You pour it out
But it’s just too darn slow
I’m talking loud, HURRY UP I’M HUNGRY
My tummy’s starving, but it’s just cooking way too slow
You shoot me down, I’m still starving
I eat my ‘cakes, nothing to lose
Pour it away, pour it away
Stack them up, flip ‘em around
Pour it away, pour it away
I am Canadian
You stack them up, my tummy growls
I am Canadian
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 1 0
I’m just here
Only a face
A figure
Can’t speak my mind
Not even aloud to feel
Douse my flames of rage
Turn away when
I need you the most
Change my colours
Strip away everything
That is me
Make me
Just like you
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 1 0
Castle Walls
Everyone thinks that I have it all
But it's so empty living behind these castle walls
These castle walls
If I should tumble if I should fall
Would any one hear me screaming behind these castle walls
There's no-one here at all, behind these castle walls…
Unlimited power.
It's what he always wanted, and now he finally had it. After all this time… he finally had a full set of wings. No more 'one-wing'. No more whispers. No more of anyone giving him strange looks and laughing at him behind his back.
He was finally free.
He could command anything. They were at the heal of his boot after being at their mercy for so long. Look who's laughing now.
He was the Wicked God's highest ranking commander.
Even though he had what he set out to achieve... there was still an empty void inside of him. He go his revenge. He was finally complete. What more did he want?
How could he have everything... but still felt like he had nothing?
He was no longer malformed. He was finally
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 0 0
Nothing To Lose
Cut me down
But it's you who'll have further to fall
Ghost town and haunted love
Raise your voice, sticks and stones may break my bones
I'm talking loud not saying much
I have nothing else to loose.
I’ve only ever felt at home when I’m with family. Now that they’re gone, there’s no point for me staying in Balancoire anymore. Without Gramps, without Fee… there’s no point for me to stay here.
I’ve seen the way they looked at me… They’ve been doing it for years. I know what they’ve been saying about me.
One-wing. Raven. Freak.
They say I’m cursed, that I’m malformed, but they don’t know a thing about me. They said I’m the one who ended Gramps and caused the fire. That I ended Fee. How could they say that? They think I’m that heartless to hurt the ones I care about the most?
Gramps and Fee were the only ones who saw me for who I was.
And they loved me.
Call me more names. Punish me. Maybe I des
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 1 0
She opened the currents of the cottage. As the sun came in, Caroline smiled. She was glad she and Lyude decided to have a cottage build in Cebalrai. Sadal Suud was the perfect place for a go to vacation spot.
Compared to Alfard's sweltering weather, industry, and busy atmosphere, Sadal Suud was the most natural out of all continents. Lyude preferred simpler cities, rather than the high life.
She felt arms wrapping around her frame.
"You can't do that…" she giggled when she looked at her husband. "Attacking the Empress of Alfard is against the law."
Lyude ran for Emperor of Alfard, and thanks to his open ways and new thinking he won. Caroline was advisor to Xelha and Kalas back in Wazn, being Kalas's former Guardian Spirit. For a moment, they broke up when Lyude was officially Emperor. Caroline was uneasy of being the consort of the ruler of an empire, though as time passed, they both realized they were the ones for each other. Placing her fears aside, they were soon back together
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 0 0
You only see
The worst parts of me
No matter how hard I try
You still won’t see my side
I try and open
My heart to you
You always shut it off
Breaking me further
You think you can tame me
Lock me up
And change my colours
Your air is always so dense
You’re blind
You still won’t see through my eyes
You think you can change me
You thought that you knew me
I’m forever silenced
Closed off at your raised hand
Your eyes do not see
My scars and tears
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 0 0
"I think your powers are amazing."
"You... you do?"
She had this fire inside of her, no pun intended. When she walked through the door, the room lit up, and she didn't even have to shoot any fire at all.
"Yeah, I mean... All I do is heal. What am I gonna do, heal the guy in front of me to death? He'd kill me first. I can't shoot fire or ice or anything out of my hands, but I think you're beautiful, Ami..."
She turned to look at Tadashi.
His eyes widened. What was he even saying?
"I... I mean your powers are beautiful, Ami. When you shoot fire out of your hands... it's beautiful."
The air between them suddenly got dense very fast. He should stop talking all together. What on earth made him say those words in the first place?
A smile was soon on her face. His insides warmed and tightened at the same time. Even her smile was somewhat fiery.
"Thank you..."
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 1 0
should have been more kinder
should haven’t been so proud
should have said softer words
than words of scorn
can we see beyond the days of yesterday
and move on with tomorrow?
for so long you were beside me
I should have seen you there all along
Is it not too late
To build a bridge together?
Open up the door
we had the same scars all along
now we’re a team
I promise and vow to have your back
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 1 1
The Royal Paper
Queen: Servants…! Fetch me my royal paper.
Servant 1: [Holds up political documents.] Is this the royal paper, your majesty?
Queen: No…!
Servant 2: [Holds up newspaper.] Here’s your royal paper, your majesty.
Queen: No, that is not the royal paper, do any of you idiots know what you’re doing?! What do I hire you for?!
Servant 3: [Throws a roll of toilet paper across the throne room.] Your majesty, here’s your royal paper…!
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 2 0
Turn Away
I try so hard
For you to look at me
That I exist
But you turn away
I could win all the awards
Golden trophies
Towering in my room
The frown is still on your face
Stop hiding
Open your eyes
Look at me
I’m right here
When I needed a shoulder to cry on
When the boys broke my heart
When I needed you the most
Where were you?
Was I worth the time?
Do you give a damn?
I just want you to love me
But you turn away
:iconmooncakeflower:mooncakeflower 0 0
:heart: I write a lot, but my artwork is a different story... haha!

Random Favourites

Tropical colour by EliseEnchanted Tropical colour :iconeliseenchanted:EliseEnchanted 1,298 60 KO by Xainra KO :iconxainra:Xainra 159 17 Before Tri-Wizard tournament by Femkeneri Before Tri-Wizard tournament :iconfemkeneri:Femkeneri 346 160 Dreamer by DavidDeb Dreamer :icondaviddeb:DavidDeb 263 12
Cliffjumper's Trail Ch. 1
"Cliffjumper... Awaken! Show thyself  before he who's spark gave you life!"
The wounded, battered, and exhausted red autobot awoke in a fog surrounded by a brilliant light, "What...? Where am I?" Only his echoed answered as he looks around seeing a glowing gate standing high before him
"At the gate to the plains of the All spark as you call it." I mighty voice answered. Cliff look up towards the top of the gates unable to see who it was speaking to him hidden by the sheen of light.
Cliffjumper holds one hand over his optics, "Am I dead? Are you Primus?
"I am," the regal voice calls, "Cliffjumper, loyal warrior of Optimus Prime. Tainted by  Dark Energon taken from the blood of my brother, Unicron. You have been killed as a prisoner of the Decepticons."
"Such is the way of war, Sir," Cliffjumper replies shrugging off. He would have rather fallen in the heat of battle but chose not to voice this.
Primus's voice maintains its calm yet powerful regal tone, bringing a fee
:iconfennfeatherdragon:FennFeatherDragon 37 14
GRAB MY- by lizwuzthere GRAB MY- :iconlizwuzthere:lizwuzthere 723 231 Can't Help Feeling by Darkesong Can't Help Feeling :icondarkesong:Darkesong 198 61 Ice Bridge by algenpfleger Ice Bridge :iconalgenpfleger:algenpfleger 3,986 186 collab 02 - KO by Xainra collab 02 - KO :iconxainra:Xainra 369 31 DOTM: Starscream by Lecidre DOTM: Starscream :iconlecidre:Lecidre 816 334 Flynn Rider - Dorm Door by ChristyTortland Flynn Rider - Dorm Door :iconchristytortland:ChristyTortland 136 51 Friday Friday - Rebecca Parody by SoyaC
Mature content
Friday Friday - Rebecca Parody :iconsoyac:SoyaC 34 11
Espeon Animation by Kattling Espeon Animation :iconkattling:Kattling 1,110 134 At First Sight by Verlisaerys At First Sight :iconverlisaerys:Verlisaerys 268 29
I have way too much in hereeeeeeeeeeeeeee haha!


Hey, everyone...! 

DeviantArt is slowly fading away into the abbys of high school. QQ 


So a lot has happened these past few months. I feel that 2017 is my year, despite going through some traumatizing things and what happened in 2016 *besides Trump* 

I just got two new guinea pigs...! I finally have pets after all this time. Mom wouldn't let me get one as a kid. Their names are Lance and Phil. 

I also met Stan Lee, Will Friedel, and Nathan Fillion at CCEE. ^^ I hope to work with Nathan in the future #AlbertianHomie #CanadianHomie #CanadianPride 

I am thinking of traveling more often in the future. I am for sure going to Paris for NYE. I want to go to Italy, maybe London or some other European country. A friend always wanted to go to Germany for Oktoberfest, so I'll surprise him that way. 

Anyways, lets catch up...! Hope to see you in the comments below. ^^ 
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- Nietzsche

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