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[Custom Gachagoop] Claw Game

A custom gachagoop for the lovely Axeloops! This goop is probably one of the weirdest I've done, but I'm really really loving the colours ; They're based off the claw machine, and are accompanied by an eggos and alpaca plush.

- Common Goop -

Bullet; Blue Normal Eyes
Bullet; Blue Normal Ears
Bullet; Blue No Horns
Bullet; Blue Gummy Tail
Bullet; Blue Fuzzy Texture
Bullet; Orange Multiple Goo Items
Bullet; Blue Bald Boi
Assessories: eggos and alpaca plush / winged cap / machine claw / horn-shaped pouch

Gachagoops are a closed species! Please do not make one without permission.

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mora-Mirse's avatar
so cute <33
i love your art so much ;o;;
moonbeani's avatar
ashflnd thank you <3
TaNa-Jo's avatar
love the hat :D
periwinkIe-wings's avatar
awnn that paca on its head xD

(btw when did alpacas have like ram horns???)
moonbeani's avatar
// shh dont expose me
periwinkIe-wings's avatar
;) you could just say it was a sheep you know..
SnakePill's avatar
AAaaa my son <3
I've already drawn him ;v;
2 by Axeloops
moonbeani's avatar
FAHNSILDHLFINSDF they look so adorable omfg !! you draw goops so well <3
SnakePill's avatar
Aaaa tysm! <3 He's such a joy to draw too, he's so perfect ;v;
frootcube's avatar
Awwww adorable!
moonbeani's avatar
thank you !! <3
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