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By Moonbeam13

In our Witches of East End Contest, we challenged you to illustrate a scene or element from one of Edgar Allan Poe's classic tales: "The Black Cat," "The Tell-Tale Heart," or "The Raven." The Creative team behind the Witches of East End have hand-picked three winners, with the top winner earning a spot for their artwork in the upcoming season finale of Witches of East End! Thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations, winners!

Nevermore by AngelaRizza

Judges' Comments

This is our favorite. It's in the color palette and tone of the Beauchamp house and would be very easy to fit in. It also has great subtext for Asgard as well as Poe. Totally love it!


AngelaRizza has won

  • Artwork used in The Witches of East End Season 2 Finale
  • $1,500 USD
  • 1 Year Premium Membership
  • 8,000 dA Points
Edgar Allan Poe - The Black Cat by AlexanderLevett

Judges' Comments

We love the darkness of this piece and how much it reminded us of Aunt Wendy, while still tying into the Poe theme. You can feel from this art that the cat truly has a story to tell beyond its shadow!

  • $1,000 USD
  • 6 month premium membership
  • 4,000 dA points
The Tell-Tale Heart

Judges' Comments

This piece has a very haunting, strong, and dark emotion that relates both to Witches of East End and Edgar Allen Poe. The aspects of the room (the staircase, chair, etc.) combined with the power of the heart make us feel as if this portrait could come to life!


jonsmith512 has won

  • $500 USD
  • 6 month Premium Membership
  • 4,000 dA Points

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Second place is my favorite! I love how the shadows of the lonely cat make a human lady to keep it safe and sane!
Sasquattch's avatar
Beautiful work all of it :)
kadetmt's avatar
Where can we view the top 25? Also congratulations to the 3 winners.  I feel all that contributed are winners, I liked a lot of the work that was submitted, I feel that it must have been a hard decision to make! My personal favorite of the 3 winners is number 2 --Nice work!! Cogngrats to all the winner and all that submitted.
faeorain's avatar
Congratulations everyone...well done!
gala2025's avatar
Totes les obres d'art són bones, vull felicitar la guanyadora,
l'Obra molt bo, el Corb Alan Poe.I love deviantART! 
sweetspellgoddess's avatar
Amazing pieces!  Congrats to the winners!  Even though I didn't win, I bow out graciously.  These winning pieces were well deserved. :) 
moonredgirl's avatar
Guess i'll have to try next time.:(
twiggy248's avatar
congratulations to all the winners !! All the works truly are amazing !! And congratulations to anyone who was brave and bold enough just to participate (:
sonafoitova's avatar
congrats to the winnners,very nice works
T-tothe-K's avatar
These are gorgeous! So disappointed that I didn't get a chance to enter but seeing these amazing pieces, I wouldn't have stood a chance! These are masterpieces!
RingoIsMyDog's avatar
Ditto to that! 
Sunima's avatar
congrats to the winners! :D
DkellyTX's avatar
Second is awesome 
Pinkfrog4u's avatar
Congrats!!!! They are stunning! Can't wait to see how they will be used! :) 
Dakknay-Sade's avatar
Well, at least I lost to good art
zockerz's avatar
its very beauty art..
1Fionnakiss's avatar
This contest will be next year?Or not to be?
madizzlee's avatar
This contest ended a while ago (these are the winners). Keep an eye out for new contests coming up though!
Princess-CoCo-154's avatar
wow, what an amazing pieces, great job everyone, and congrats, you deserve it :heart:
ToxiCake's avatar
I totally forgot about this contest! :o 
mikeerson's avatar
I know nothing of the "Witches of East End", so I didn't bother entering...  I love contests and enter, but only when I feel I can "awe" the judges....  not knowing this theme, I didn't feel that was possible.
I can see the first entree being used as a picture in an old book, so I can see why you went with that.  The second entree is my favorite - it has a feel of witchcraft...  If I did this, I would of made the shadow look like a "traditional" witch, the witch hat and broom....  and because of that, I probably wouldn't have placed - lol
DeathOfADame's avatar
Stunning.  They are all very good
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