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By Moonbeam13

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia, celebrates its 6th birthday on Jan 15, also called Wikipedia Day. The website is a source of encyclopedic information, to which anyone can contribute, by adding new articles or improving existing ones.

On this day we would like to invite you, members of the devaintART community, to celebrate together with Wikipedians around the world, by doing what you do best - creating wonderful and inspiring works of art.

At the core of Wikipedia lies a dream. "Imagine a world in which every single human being can freely share in the sum of all knowledge." This is part of Wikimedia Foundation's vision statement. Your mission is to show us what the world will look like when Wikipedia is actually "finished" (obviously it can never be completely finished but use your imagination)

Submission rules:
:bulletgreen: open to all forms of art a seperate literature category will be opened
:bulletgreen: license: all works will have to be licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution or Attribution-Share alike license (cannot be "non-commercial" and cannot be "no-derivatives") or any other license allowed on Wikimedia Commons (see… for details. Since this might be a problem ).  Please contact for copyright-related questions.

Submit to community projects -> contests -> 2007 -> wikipedia day contest ->literature or community projects -> contests -> 2007 -> wikipedia day contest ->other media

Deadline: Feb 15th, 2007

:bulletgreen: 1st place - one item for $25 USD (or less) from's Wikipedia shop and a 1 year subscription to deviantART
:bulletgreen: 2nd place - one item for $20 USD (or less) from's Wikipedia shop  and a 6 month subscription to deviantART
:bulletgreen: 3rd place - one item for $15 USD (or less) from's Wikipedia shop  and a 3 month subscription to deviantART

* Oscar van Dillen, musician and composer, member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees
* Kizu Naoko (aka Aphaia), member of the Wikipedia community
* Clive Holden, multimedia artist and poet
* Moonbeam13, Director of Artist Relations, deviantART Inc.
* fourteenthstar, Prints Customer Service Supervisor & Message Network Manager, deviantART Inc.

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© 2007 - 2021 Moonbeam13
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Boxiom's avatar
What happened to this! Was it never judged?
bryan-t's avatar
So when will the winners be announced?
Boxiom's avatar
has the judging started?
TormentedArtifacts's avatar
Thanks for putting up a great contest! Just finished and submitted my own entry for it ( [link] for anyone who's curious.). Personally, I'm just glad to have an opportunity to give back to Wikipedia, as it were, since i've regularly had to pull information from there for other projects of mine.
likuid's avatar
WOW. Awesome!
visitinghours's avatar
Is there a limit to the number of entries a single person can submit?
Rubycored's avatar
Lazarus-D's avatar
"Wikipedia Day" is my birthday... Anyway, I'm going to try to come up with a concept for this.
professtional2b's avatar
I have a picture I just did.. I think it will be perfect for this contest. Wow! what luck. I may have to fine tune it though.
Thanks! Your such a sweet heart.
MagicRulez's avatar
Hmmm sounds good this context however i had no much time to submit any entry... im so busy with school stuff! Anyway I like the contest ideia =)
Marker-Guru's avatar
thats an awesome contest idea =D
y2jenn's avatar
This is an awesome idea. :love:
adambekillinit's avatar
the wikipedia has saved my ass on countless projects and homeowrk assignments.

i love it.
BadFurDay's avatar
They have extremely selective information on Wikipedia about many topics, and googling other websites and/or using a traditionnal encyclopedia is well better.
adambekillinit's avatar
yea, but, usually, the selective info is what is good.
zanimum's avatar
Re: Martin Luther King Day...

Dr. King is remembered on the third Monday of every January, which is a different date every year.

Wikipedia Day is every January 15, the day Wikipedia went public.

It's only every 5 or 7 years that the two days collide on the calendar.
frankman's avatar
I'll be checking this out! :popcorn:

I don't think I have that much imagination to join though :shakefist:
Branchewski's avatar
This is gonna be hot!! Can't wait to see the entries :D.
StevenLeonCooper's avatar
there seem to be . . . only three?
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