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By Moonbeam13

All Areas - @Moonbeam13

3D - @C-91

Adoptables - @AlexanderPaupoff, @Astralseed

Anime and Manga - @AlexanderPaupoff, @brennennn, @lovelessdevotions, @RezaBisuto,

Anthro - @RezaBisuto, @DrZime

Artisan Crafts - @Malintra-Shadowmoon, @pinkythepink, @pullingcandy, @SinistrosePhosphate

Comics - @brennennn, @DrZime, @Thiefoworld

Cosplay - @pinkythepink, @pullingcandy, @Queen-Kitty, @SinistrosePhosphate

Digital Art - @AlexanderPaupoff, @Astralseed, @C-91, @cosmicbound, @Ellysiumn, @JustACapharnaum, @lovelessdevotions, @phoenixleo, @RezaBisuto, @TsaoShin

Emoji and Emoticons - @Acerbical

Fan Art - @Astralseed, @DrZime, @lovelessdevotions, @phoenixleo, @RezaBisuto, @Thiefoworld, @TsaoShin

Game Art - @Acerbical, @Thiefoworld

Fractal - @C-91

Literature - @Barosus, @evangeline40003, @Malintra-Shadowmoon, @SingingFlames, @Zara-Arletis

Nude Art - @morbidman187, @Queen-Kitty, @TokyoMoonlight

Photomanipulation - @Acerbical, @cosmicbound, @Ellysiumn, @phoenixleo

Photography - @burningmonk, @ElyneNoir, @JenFruzz, @JustACapharnaum, @morbidman187, @Queen-Kitty

Pixel Art - @Acerbical, @C-91

Stock Images - @Ellysiumn, @TokyoMoonlight

Street Photography - @burningmonk, @morbidman187

Traditional Art - @Astralseed, @brennennn, @JenFruzz, @JustACapharnaum, @Malintra-Shadowmoon, @TokyoMoonlight

Tutorials - @C-91, @JenFruzz, @SinistrosePhosphate

Wallpaper - @Ellysiumn

Dd Suggestion Logo   Made By Another Team Member B

* There is a "6-month rule," which means an artist cannot receive another DD if they have had one in the last 6 months. There is no current way for suggesters to check this but we can let you know :)

* Do not send the same suggestion to multiple people, as it causes great confusion. Please suggest to only ONE person.

* Daily Deviation selectors are limited to a maximum of one selection per day. This has been put in place to focus on quality vs quantity.

Anyone can suggest a Daily Deviation and self-suggesting is not only allowed but encouraged!

More about Daily Deviations can be found in our Knowledge Base article .

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RTNightmare's avatar

Hey, you still have Eve listed in the 3D section on this journal and in the Help Center.

Moonbeam13's avatar

I'm aware thanks

RTNightmare's avatar

Ok. :3

I miss seeing her username. She has been so great.

Digitiel's avatar

Hi, so if I understand, nobody's from CRPhotomanipulation group is responsible for photomanip DD anymore?

Moonbeam13's avatar

@Acerbical and @Ellysiumn are both in the group :)

MEPArtz's avatar

Is there a current way for suggested like myself to find out when/what/other DDs a person has in their gallery without having to peruse the whole, ephich would be impossible in most cases?. I begged this time and again of Team before Ecliose went into full effect.

Moonbeam13's avatar

Not yet but we are working on fixing that!

MEPArtz's avatar

I sure can’t wait. It’s driving me crazy. Thanks.

PortalToAnywhere's avatar

I added this to the DD-Related News, Articles, Features and Guides collection in @DD-Suggesters, I hope you don't mind! :love:

Davinci975's avatar


Read the newest comments first

pages with 24 things on the just for search

DraakeT's avatar

I was following for some year this following link --->

So i have to replace the previous with this new


Moonbeam13's avatar

Yes please update :)

GeorgeXVII's avatar

Great! New info! :party:

Helped me to refresh my CV's list :clap:

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