WeChat Emoticon Sticker Semi-Finalists

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DeviantART and WeChat challenged you to create your very own animated sticker! Whether you wanted it happy, sad, or dancing the night away, it was up to you to animate an emoticon sticker you have never seen before. The WeChat judges labored over each entry and selected the top twenty-five stickers. Who will take one of the three grand prizes?

Chase the ball! by BronzeHalo
Draw All Night by sketcheronline
Headbangin' by NoreyDragon
Chibi Reiko Dance (WeChat Contest) by mmidori31
Of Coffee and Eyeglasses by reiji-kun
Leeksei Cry by faruuk-sama
Bouncing Flan-In Love by MinjiXMuu-chan
Love kick by Samanfuu
Hay Fever by WhiteFoxCub
Hmph! by DablurArt
Frokie by raadits
Ghost by crowlik
Ninja Fail by SoulRobot
Nom by H-SWilliams
StinkyFishy by ArikaLorrea
Toilet Cat (WeChat Emoticon Challenge) by zephleit
Thrashing Joy by Comikidd
Mr Owl's Dance by YannickBouchard
never give up :P by duhanabi
Watering a flower by Xergille
Yummy by Acornballs
too fat to fly by bruisedbanana
WeChat contest - Xenora but first SELFIE by Marini4
Troublesome Pets (WeChat Emoticon Challenge) by zephleit
 Momo - There Is A Spider On the Floor by wangqr

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The little dancing pudding made me go crazy!!
WAY too cute!!!!