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Contest Winners

The response to the Wacom's Bring Your Vision to Life contest was truly awe-inspiring! With over 9,500 submissions, it was deviantART's most successful contest to date! We want to give a big thank you to everyone who entered, as well as to our great judges from Wacom (who had a very difficult job to do.)

Once again, we have been extremely impressed by the creativity and talent of the deviantART community. We are proud to announce the following winners (including Community Choice, chosen by YOU!) Let's check out who's getting their hands on a brand new Intuos4!

Second & Third Place Finalists     
In the initial posting of this article, the 2nd and 3rd place winners had been mistakenly switched. The order on the page now is the correct one. We apologize for the confusion.
         First Place          Community Choice
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This just blew my mind ! 
it'd be nice to have another contest as this one ! :)
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:omg: :omg: :omg: the first choice is intensive, deeply, powerful... but the community choice stole my words... just stunning
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Hello, I have a question and would like if someone can help me. I did an illustration for the contest, but it was not a finalist. Recently, someone asked me for permission to use my art on a CD, but not for profit. So my question now is whether, after the end of the contest I can use the art I did in other places? (except contests, of course)

Sorry my bad english.
Thank you.
Keiwi's avatar
I think so, as it's your art, and Wacom doesn't have copyright on it... x3 Sorry for the SUPER LATE REPLY.
MauricioMassami's avatar
Thanks for answering. :)
Keiwi's avatar
No problem! ^^ So, what happened?

MauricioMassami's avatar
He used the image..
Keiwi's avatar
Okay~!XD Glad I could help.
UberClock's avatar
Noice! They must've put a lot of time and effort into these. Too bad I don't have the time. Shaky hands don't make painting any easier either.
TheSangson's avatar
I know a bit of Sandara´s (the winner´s) work and I´d be highly surprised if she´d taken more than two or three hours on this,to win an Intuos 4 which is most probably her second one if she didn´t do this on a Cintiq for starters,and two programs she probably was originally doing this artwork on.
If not so,her tools were in cases one development step below that.
This contest is a mere popularity contest and nothing more.
And I know personally the artist of Forgiveness and know that she spent hours upon hours on her work.

So your point is that those who have talent aren't allowed to enter these contests? That those who have mastered certain tools are not eligible? That those 'too cool' to be part of a community are somehow superior?

TheSangson's avatar
Well,contrary to what you´re imputing to me,my point is simply what I wrote.
Those questions were simply my attempt to understand the meaning of what you had written.

You say 'I'd be highly surprised if she'd taken more than two or three hours on this'... Is the amount of time an artist takes to complete a work relevant in judgement of its worthiness? If he or she is talented enough to produce something that others believe is amazing, does the fact that it took only a short amount of time negate the art work? Your statement seemed to imply that it was a negative factor. Perhaps I am 'imputing' this but I'm finding difficulty in seeing any other interpretation. Did you mean something else?

You describe her using an Intuous or a Cintiq, and probably two of the programs or 'if not so,her tools were in cases one development step below that.' The only interpretation I could take from you including those details was that maybe you thought that seeing as how she was already using those tools, she shouldn't be entering the contest. Therefore it had to be either her mastery of those tools or her ownership of them that was at fault. I went with the mastery aspect rather than the more base jealousy bit about those having such tools shouldn't be able to enter a contest where those tools are the prize. (That kind of reasoning is as idiotic as saying if you have the purchase price of a lottery ticket you shouldn't be able to enter the lottery so I went with the more 'noble' interpretation.)

The last question I'll admit was a touch snarky. I tend to find there is a distinct miasma of sour grapes surrounding the general 'this was just a popularity contest' complaint. I found all the finalists talented in their own, differing ways, and many more of the entries that never made the finals. My choices for winners definitely did not include those who made first,second or third place but art appreciation is, as ever, extremely subjective. While I may not value their use of, I can see the talent of all three and I have no patience with any who would downgrade their achievement by claiming they won simply because of who they know.

As I said, I was simply try to interpret the meaning of the words you wrote. I apologise if you did not intend the arrogance and contempt that appears to leak from your words
TheSangson's avatar
Well,obviously,there really was some sort of misunderstanding.I didn´t intend to treat any of the contest winners and especially not Sandara -whom I am quite a fan of- with contempt.
I think it´s a matter of the viewpoint.
Since I´m in a beginner stage of digital or any art,I tend to only see the matter from that perspective.
I did not intend to disdain or devaluate Sandara´s or any of the other winner´s work,but,how idiotic it might seem to you,I indeed have a certain feeling that people already having the tools that are to win in the contest shouldn´t take place in it(NOT that they shouldn´t be allowed to do so).
So in fact my intention wasn´t noble at all from your point of view;but neither was jealousy the reason for me to say this.
Again,my perspective is that of the beginner´s,and -as I see now as you confront me with and force me to think about it- my feeling about the contest and who should or shouldn´t take place is ONLY based on prizes that are tools.I clearly haven´t taken points or other prizes into consideration,which was a mistake as much as not to be clear about that.
From my beginner´s perspective,I see that contest too much as one for those up-and-coming(which it of course isn´t),and for me it just feels unfair to have a professional with professional tools take place and win those tools he/she (very likely) already has,AGAIN,while others who don´t could really use them but stand a lesser chance to win AND have a harder work to produce something that can take place.
To say it with your comparison of the lottery ticket,for me it´s like someone who´s already a millionaire buys thousands of tickets while someone else had to spend a week´s income to get only one.
Again,that is what it looks like to me as a beginner,and my view at this isn´t the most objective one,leaving alone that I didn´t take all factors into consideration (points,other prizes etc.).But I hope I could make myself a little clearer and seem a little less arrogant,ignorant or jealous.
When it comes to the popularity contest issue,I don´t want to downgrade any achievements,it´s just that there are more than enough people who wouldn´t even look at a few of the entries but instead just vote for the artist they´re a fan of.
I just think that this isn´t really fair and that for some artists (like Sandara for example)it just is a LOT easier and more likely to win such a contest and they gain a lot less out of such a win than others would.Guess I just have a too romantic look at it I guess.
Thank you for this. Though we will have to agree to disagree on many of the points, it was much appreciated that you took the time to rethink and consider another's viewpoint. I understand your own far better now - even if I still don't agree - and realise you intended no contempt.
Good luck with your art in the future :)
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OMG, OMG, OMG, ..........................
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I love Against the Darkness...it's just...wow...
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I know, right ?
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