Wacom Bring Your Vision to Life 50 Semi-Finalists

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50 Semi-Finalists

We've been completely blown away by the unbelievable quality of the submissions for Wacom's Bring Your Vision To Life Contest. 50 semi-finalists were selected by a panel of full-time deviantART Community, Artist Relations, and Creative staff members. From the 50 semi-finalists, a 1st, a 2nd, and a 3rd prize winner will be selected by a judging panel consisting of Wacom worldwide staff including its Global Evangelist Manager; Manager of Corporate Marketing for Europe, the Middle East and Africa; as well as its Director of Marketing Communications for the Americas. You can check out the fantastic semi-finalists below.

See Official Rules for details.

Community Choice

In addition, it's time to participate in some deviant democracy! Today's the big day for the Community Choice vote. Browse through the contest gallery and "Favorite" (fav) your favorite submissions! The entry with the highest number of favs Fav received between 12:00:00 AM (PT) May 29, 2009 and 11:59:59 PM (PT) June 4, 2009 gets its own special prize. All qualifying entries participate as potential winners, not just the semi-finalists. So go forth, get your art seen, support your favorite artists, and check out all of the amazing entries! But remember: Any attempt to create false "Favorites" or to use in any way accounts which are not genuine for the purpose of generating "Favorites" will result in disqualification.

See Official Rules for details.
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Bring Your Vision To Life Semi-Finalists
Good vs. Evilby =1mpact GOOD vs EVIL by ~abraaolucas Tricksy Ambushby ~agaric Two Faces Of Natureby =anikakinka
Perspectiveby ~art-monkey-mu Foolish Gd vs EBilby =Bakanekonei The Dichotomy of Manby ~bjornik Get Outby ~bramLeech
Fishing For Evilby *Broken-Orange Witnessby ~ChristmasSocks Burning Divinityby ~cold-wind-of-death Chased by the devilby ~cristianci
Forgivenessby =cryslara Good vs Evilby =delira Good is also Evilby ~dholl Merry-Go-Roundby ~dogcanjump
Art battleby ~drazebot Vanilla vs Chocolateby =einlee The Mind's Gardenby *elpinoy Good v Evil Mermen v Sirensby ~Flockhart
Good vs. Evilby ~gtako Reason and Sentimentby `hellobaby Mask offby ~ivelin Nelson and Napoleonby =kedemel
Destiny - Good vs Evilby =keepwalking07 Their Wardenby *keiiii Evil Easter Bunnyby ~kidchuckle Look inside myselfby ~Konstantinart
Inner Conflictby =lady-symphonia Fork vs. Spoonby ~magicalliopleurodon8 good vs evilby ~monoguru Danceby ~MrDream
Reason Vs. Instictby ~Onikaizer The Pondby =PinkParasol Red riding hoodby *poisonmilow Against the Titan Teachersby =resenhista
Against the darknessby *sandara Pleito Casadoby *sarapaulina what they did to the tree-_-by ~sea-flow Out of Your Realmby *ShadiKSilence
Acceptance vs Rejectionby ~squish-squash Good vs. Evilby =Sugargrl14 Hopeby =Sugargrl14 Conflicting Choicesby ~takeru-san
Good vs Evil Goddessby ~tianyi Rock Paper Scissorsby *Tooshtoosh Realityby ~vaniamarita Twoby *YannickBouchard
- In Difference -by ~Yiuokami Stolen Wingsby =yuumei
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escofal's avatar
l'importante è partecipare.
tga-leylo's avatar
aw maaan! what a shame, my favorite wasn't chosen!! :(
skween's avatar
wah I know I wont win at all XDDDD
but ...
I had fun ^^

but really
there are so many good drawings that should win
not mine haha it looks so silly haha

is there any other contest like this one *w* I wanna do it again haha
LaurieLefebvre's avatar
Who got the community choice? I hope it was one of the ones I faved.
LaurieLefebvre's avatar
I didn't make it [link] but I did with this [link] Please, please send favs, I return the favor.
When will the winners be announced?
blood-dodo's avatar
Didn't make it to the semi-finals, but that was not unexpected. Some great artwork here, my personal fave is the one with the Spoon nd Fork :D
Saberox's avatar
I wish I could win my first Wacom tablet here! But unfortunately I loss, maybe my entry are not good enough.

Anybody can check out mine to tell me what you think of them. That's will help me improve a lot. Really appreciated. Thanks!

Good Vs. Evil [link]
ERI-16's avatar
I know how that feels. i have been trying to winn these neat stuff, but no luck for me. I have never won a thing, eventhough I have been entering the contests.
LaurieLefebvre's avatar
Do not give up. Enter 100s of them. That's what I do. Gee thats what anyone has to do. You work is good.
ERI-16's avatar
Saberox's avatar
Feel excited that having someone knowing my feeling! Thanks first!

So did you visit my submission yet? If you got time, please take a peak to look on them! Much appreciated. Thanks!

Good Vs. Evil [link]
ERI-16's avatar
Looks really good. I don't understand though. The contest says that you can have it as traditional or digital. It didn't say anything about just digital. I did mine in pencil with a pen.

Your artwork is really nice. If I only have that Adobe Photoshop and I would've done a lot better.
Saberox's avatar
Thanks for checking out my works & comment! Your lovely comment will inspires me to keep continue create more doodles! Thanks!

I think you have found your niche and perfected it here. All you need are keep improving your skill & experience! So keep up the great job! Enjoy your drawing journey! ^u^
ERI-16's avatar
No problem. ^_^ I love to see all their hard work of their art. It inspires me to draw more, but the only problem is I don't have Adobe Photoshop or other art program to do the coloring.

Thanks for your comment as well. That made me feel much better. ^_^
Saberox's avatar
You are welcome! ^u^
LaurieLefebvre's avatar
I checked it out, well done
Saberox's avatar
I'm glad you like my stuffs! Thanks!
LaurieLefebvre's avatar
Welcome and yes I do
LadyBloodhart's avatar
I badly wanted a tablet too :( Saves paper. Oh well, at least I tried.
xoneprimalscreamx's avatar
Congrats to the semi-finalists! A little bummed that I didn't make it (though, not surprised...).

I was really hoping that the semifinalists would be ones who did not have the resources, such as a Wacom, and could really benefit from the prizes, though.
Chocorroles's avatar
Its unfair to give preference to someone just because they don't have resources, I'm sorry but this is about skills and creativity, not pity.

Also, 2nd place of the contest is a traditional piece.
DavidSondered's avatar
not all semi-finalists have a wacom, or even a tablet...and some others have other tablets that are more or less dead...
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