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The primary focus of the Unknown Artists Project is to expose talented, yet underrated, artists on deviantArt.  In spirit of that goal, we will present to the community a monthly feature showcasing unknown artists in photography, traditional art, digital art and literature.  This month serpentinekiss joins us as a guest to feature unknown artists in fetish photography.

:pointr: selections by `garrit

Last of January by yenom Placid by Whippeh About Colors by Erni009 Golden Dawn by lostheart
:thumb17317267::thumb8514932: Old Times by xtc-04 The Peak by jurig

:pointr: selections by ^serpentinekiss

Mature Content

Obey9 by LastDarkNight

Mature Content

Untitled2 by PiercedVelvet
your dinner... by Lesta

Mature Content

 Twistd Playground 37 by wickedoubt
Milkbath by rana-x:thumb21271612::thumb21870251:

:pointr: selections by ^superkev

:thumb21553332: Thinking of you by jqka Motel by GaryRoberts
chiesa di S. Giovanni Battista by zimtkoriander individualism by besie standing in the rain by regenkind Lago Maggiore bis by cahilus

:pointr: selections by ^oedalis

Comic page by soheildanesh Tremors by mammalfeathers me and my lighting fixture by semisequestered:thumb8819006:

Carillon City, Perth by ennia
Forrest by Sunnydew Hendrix closeup by jonobono experimento 01 by flannmd

:pointr: selections by `twosilverstars

:thumb20852747: Removing the Dust by asage Aibell by krystalline Cascade by moostafa
:thumb21374033: PESTILENCE : The 1st Horseman by SavageSinister Toasty by mightyjosh:thumb12197193:

:pointr: selections by ^De-Profundis

l'via L'viaquez plate 2 colour by Ztoical untitled 1 by dhayman85:thumb19571082: Red cave by georgie-spiderling
:thumb19226776: Faces by beoulve Bad Thoughts by ed-amone rear by Beaston

:pointr: selections by ^ndifference

word: Oregoniani don't call the people that.
i save it for the ducks and trout
floating helplessly down the columbia river,
wings and flippers detaching,
hanging 80 ft. above where their dead bodies
will come to rest.
I've heard terminal velocity hurts.
By the time those creatures
hit the precipice bed,
i'm sure their faces look nothing more
than greased slices of pepperoni and sausage pizza.
The cheap, sloppy kind.
They are Oregonians.
They build a mound of flesh and bone,
so when people drop a mile tier,
their deaths will be padded.
The stench, their anesthesia.
:thumb22314755: The Orange RoadYou wake up one warm morning at the end of June and decide to visit your uncle, halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. You need to enter Jerusalem from the east, exit from the west, and take the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem highway the rest of the way there. As you pile into your car and ignite the engine, the radio turns on. It is still on the news station you were listening to yesterday, when peaceful protests against Sharon's disengagement plan slowed your return home to Gilo from near Gaza.
The news anchor mentions that earlier in the day settlers threw nails and oil onto the Tel Aviv-Jerusalem road. The police, taking the settlers more seriously than they did yesterday, have already rushed to clear the road, and it should be open to traffic. Placing your faith in Israeli law, you back out into the parking lot of your apartment complex. In front of you, a car bearing the orange ribbon of protest pulls over to hail a group of teenagers on the sidewalk. The teens are dressed in orange and are
Comets and ProphetsComets and Prophets
I saw corpses give confession
and we gave songs of sanctity,
though the only thing that moved
was pen on paper, ink and lines.
The hall was full and we danced
poised and posing beneath rotting beams,
trusting trusses and age old carpentry
ever too busy to learn the trade.
It was not an hour before, though,
that I watched them cage an eagle
just outside and name him freedom.
I laughed, watching comets build,
Wistfully remembering stories of old
When prophets would appear pointing up
Watching comets just as I watched
With just the same burning in their eyes.
I was told, though, that I would dance
and that I'd someday catch a woman
to curb my loneliness and desire…
The comets never cleared in my eyes,
never calmed, never ceased, never glazed
and in the end, the comets won out
throwing life to dream and confession
And I heard songs of sanctity,
though the only thing that moved
was pen on paper, ink and lines.
I could see them dance in sequence
poised and posing b
:thumb15573492::thumb15787455::thumb18467466: The Eyes Of The Night Teaser 1I used to fear the night. The way all children do. You know the stories… monsters hiding under your bed, sandmen, wraiths, and all sorts of other evil things from hell whose only purpose was to stop a child's heart. For children are innocent and defenseless… .
I used to draw the curtains closed. Not that it could stop monsters of course. But I thought if they could not see me they would forget me. But they never did… whenever I switched the light off, darkness embraced me; I heard those voices, whispers in the blackness. Everywhere… there were words in it, lots of words, but incomprehensible to me. Devilish. My eyes would open, but they continued to tease me. Always mocking me with laughter from spots I didn't look at. Finally I would turn on the lights and run to mama… crying…
My parents used to say there are no monsters. Mom said I should grow up and stop dreaming about nightmare creatures. Dad was a little more gentle. He said I was living in a dream world and that he understood. Bu

:pointr: selections by =zebrazebrazebra

   backseat driver
He has legs like parentheses.
   - holding the words
of my
       aching thighs
    - gazelle runner
yellow jacketed
             forced to return.
    - kick in the teeth
elemental fury
clean, wet whiskers
He has legs like parentheses
every time
I catch him looking
       his eyes scream
:thumb18546149: Cherry Blossoms and a Stranger                little flowers curl across
        their respective branches like pink puffs of smoke
there's a stranger
on the other side of the sidewalk
  with sunlight in his eyes
        and he looks like distraction;
                someone else for me to write to
this I ponder
        all the way across the stretches of coffee-colored ground
and I think that just below that line of tiny rooftops
                                                   - the horizon looks like eternity
but even when the cherry blossoms
have bloomed        so long their roots touch
the other side of earth
        will he have come over?
                if my heart boasts of a cloudy day
                maybe the waiting line
will be filled only with the sign that says
                           the sky is so old; it should start cracking at any second
                though I'm not quite sure
        why the faraway blacktops, steamed at midday
        can still catch reflections
twothis crisp night air is held still
by taut silence
     (on the molecular level, paired ohs
      tremble against)
and then she speaks,
     (each other awaiting the words that
      break  them  away
      parted like the red sea by
      waves of elevated frequency
      and then)
her voice reverberating
     (with faded intensity,
      quietly, quietly)
against the trees, awaiting the words that
could break  her
and everything is quietly, quietly
held still by
Where to Play?
The nuclear blast ripped through Wembley Stadium, shattering steel girders like toothpicks and melting human flesh like butter. Ringo's head smashed into the concrete as the scorching air roared over him. It had been a pretty good day until this had happened.
Earlier, the make up artists and costumers had descended on the four of them like a flock of gnats. A touch-up here, a snip there. Mr. Wesely, clothed in a pin-stripe suit, was calmly standing by the door of the dressing room, watching the talent coordinator of PeaceAid 3 hop around like an insane monkey.
"We've only got 10 minutes!" she howled. "Get the hair right. No! Not the bowl cuts. More shaggy. This is in the Pepper era, not the damn Ed Sullivan stuff!" She turned to Mr. Wesley with an icy look of horror on her face. "They do know the program, don't they?"
Mr. Wesley nodded. "Of course. It was downloaded two weeks ago."
The coordinator howled in agony. "No! It's changed since then! It's changed!" she waved her data p

Mature Content

A day in the lifeI read the news today, oh boy.
Brian Wills
As junior in college studying writing, I have found there are quite a few things lacking from the typical college curriculum. Sadly, as students we are told that it is more important for us to develop a refined set of ethics and competent math skills than it is to learn to cook and feed oneself in a healthy, or at least regular manner. We're fed greasy dining hall food which we discuss luridly with our neighbor in the next stall as we evacuate 45 minutes later. And we wonder why our life spans will be shorter than our parents. Ethics are no good if you're starving, or slowly killing yourself with Easy Mac induced scurvy and don't even know it. The solution? Change what we learn, to make it more useful to our immediate survival. We lack vocational classes in higher education, which is why we must become young professionals so we can afford to pay people to do things for us we're incapable of.

:pointr: selections by ^damphyr

:thumb21352568: Arsenic: Collab with Reev by zimra-art Warwolf by DragonosX:thumb21333237:
Hope, Trust and Desire by PimpcessTyna .pet. by PyroPanda Pepper Wine by Shinne:thumb21533657:

:pointr: selections by %walloftruth

:thumb16054778: Knight of the Temple by Alfredsson Newt? and Aliens by psionic Star Trek Signs by omi-key
:thumb12703250: Furi Kuri, contest entry... by JubeiSpiegel Dragon Rider by dreamie Portrait of a Zombie by Stalk-Von-Dark

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wokejacqueline's avatar
I'm new to hearing about any of this, the Unknown Artists.

and frankly, I think it's a wonderful project, which is continuing down a great path. Any artist worth the title of being featured within the Uknown Artist's broadcast is certainly worthy of the attention.

I'll definitley have to reccommend some talented artists, that seldom get one, or two comments on their work.

Positive publicity is nice for everyone, I think.
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nice pic selections.

Hi, this is my primary post, well i love pictures and i will go to do this.
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whoa great selections! mostly the first and third photography selections. amazing!
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- bwhahaha...
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Man, I've become so lax in responding to my mail in recent months...! I always experience trouble when loading up these UA pages for some reason... Anyway, andother fine collection - keep 'em coming!
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Cool!! it's awesome! :jarksaber:
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there are to many things posted here...i dont know what is going on!! *so confused* so m gona start my own subject! ^.^ .......school prepares you for life...which sucks also... *standing aplause*thank you thank you...at this time id like to thank extreme boredom with out it i would be well intertained! no if ull excuse me im gona go into a black hole and draw!!!!!!!!!!! yay!!!!!!!!

luv and peace-

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There are so many talented people out there... I'm glad they are finally being recognized...

:bye: Toodles :bye:
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love the work- especcially the photography!!! visit my site PUUULLESSE
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Waah!! So awesome!! Wow wow wow! Makes me feel ashamed of my attempts at art. ^-^;
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dont be ashamed
everyone has a unique stile of art ^_^
Miss-Goku's avatar
Ahh, thanks!! ^o^
Your work and selections are truley insperational.
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Some wonderful features. :aww:
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should the features here be only done by admins/staffs?
Moonbeam13's avatar
No and they aren't
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the kinky fetish ones are sweet
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oh nice suggestions :)
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ok, im hopin that if i write somethin here, u'll all comment on my stuff, and please do, i only have like five people who have commented and while i value their opinions, id like some more. please comment
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what tallent?
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They are hot topics if they annoy you just delete them from your message center and ignore them there really is no reason to be so hostile.
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