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Community members have created helpful journals highlighting some of the newly released features. Learn tips and insights from fellow deviants!


General Info




DeviantArt’s vast Knowledge Base contains helpful FAQs and tutorials to help you learn more about features and make the most of your site experience.

Also, be sure to watch team for all the latest DeviantArt news, updates, and announcements.

Do you have a tutorial you would like added to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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StarflightCougarNew Deviant








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Excellent set of tutorials; very helpful.

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Where is my private DA e-mail message section on my DA page.

It had all my DA friends listed there and items on doing commissions or getting commissions done.....


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Moonbeam13Hobbyist Photographer

Are you referring to notes?

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lexadoptables Digital Artist

Does anyone know how to unhide comments? It was pretty straightforward on the old site but now I can't figure it out at all...

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I think now comments can be deleted, I'm not sure they can be hidden per se. Unless you're referring to Forum comments, in which case they can still be hidden and unhidden in exactly the same way as before :heart:

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sashawarriorcatNew Deviant

when i draw on this website it does NOT let me log in it does not load do ya know how to fix this ???

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Are you referring to Muro ?

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sashawarriorcatNew Deviant


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You must already be logged in in order to access Muro and I believe your art will be saved to Sta.sh :)

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VelgHobbyist General Artist

How do we add images/other deviations into a submission's description now? I've seen people doing it, but cannot for the life of me find how, nothing that used to work seems to work. Please tell me this is not a core-only feature? :tears:

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Deviations and emotes can be added to submissions' descriptions just like before, through the "Add Media" option on Sta.sh because whenever you upload an image / a literature piece to your gallery it will take you to the Sta.sh submission page. So, that hasn't changed. I believe, though, that adding deviations to the description of one's submissions has always been a Core-only feature.

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Search is a mess!!!!!

How to search for photo manipulations for example?

Or how to find a stock image?

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OpalesthineHobbyist Digital Artist

How do I check my recent activity? I commented on an art piece and I want to go back to said comment/art piece

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megamasterOProfessional Traditional Artist
Annotation 2020-06-18 113453
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Bound-to-pleaseProfessional Digital Artist

How do I search for old notes?

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megamasterOProfessional Traditional Artist
Annotation 2020-06-18 112631
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Bound-to-pleaseProfessional Digital Artist

got it thanks

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megamasterOProfessional Traditional Artist

Your welcome. Eclipse has got some issues so I'm happy to help

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How do I view all my newest deviations from those I watch and groups I follow at the same time? The groups I see sometimes have newer deviations than my regular individual watch list of deviants, but they're all still grouped as groups in the All section. In other words, I'd like to be able to see ALL the newest deviant art submissions from those I follow and the groups through all individual pictures as opposed to having to click on each group still to see what's new and then going back to the main All page every time.

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DaVinchiantArtHobbyist Traditional Artist

These tutorials are great, but I think the fact that the website needs a tutorial to navigate it at all is a sign that it's not well designed.

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What are the limitations on videos now?

Such as file size limit and what type of videos files can I use now?

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