Transformation Challenge Semi-Finalists

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By Moonbeam13
The fairy's born by kosolapTransformation - how myths are born by queenofeaglesArt Zombie! by DemachicBad Seed II - The Transformation Challenge by MorgansMutationsBubble Gum Changed My Life. by MisterRocksBunny by 7kiveCustom ride by cristianciDance by Eskarine-Crow- by BFlowing Everyday Transformation by DablurArtFeathers (Transformation challenge) by MissgrazaFrom Death Prey... to Boundless Posibilities by IosifChezanFuture Explorer by Solid-ZeroI Changed by MBrainspazPearl Phoenix by PearlPhoenixRazor in the Gutter - Nas Pasha by raging-akujikiRoots by IcarusMaskThe illustrator by dba999The Transformation Challenge : Rite of Passage by brandonall-artdesignThe Transformation challenge - The Fly-Kid by ZeichThe transformation challenge by Conejito-ChutadoTHE TRANSFORMATION CHALLENGE ENTRY: Something me by Z-E-N-E-R-OTranformation by HughEbdyTransformation contest by MaxGreckeTransformation_01 by drazebot

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it is incredible, great 
love your drawings :)
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I would have picked the last one (the movie one), the apple-monster one, and the dinosaur mountain one.
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Please read my journal?…  I'd like to participate this contest. 
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This contest is over.  Keep a lookout for the next one in your news feed.
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Fly Boy, Armor on Beach, Razor in the Gutter.
Look here:…
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Oh okay... Thanks.
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Huh. I wonder where all the TF artists are at. This seems like their thing.
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KochiyaChiii's avatar
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Damn! I waited to long to start mine :( ... I blame my work lol 
Amazing works though! congrats to all the finalists! :clap:
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Guess we all know where the tf fetishists will be. :iconhurrplz:

Still, awesome pieces in this contest.
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Some of them scared me shitless.
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wow so well done there..each worl is stunning and so original :iconclapsplz:
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beautyful work all
KataKakashi's avatar
Congratulations to the finalists!! :) Really deserving!
FlameArrowYUBSPUD's avatar
this transformations are so cool your so creative and congratulations to the semi-finale your artworks are so coo Clap Clap Clap 
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Oh wow, these are amazing! How creative! Going to be difficult to pick a winner...
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Congrats! If only I were 3 years older!
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