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By Moonbeam13

Draw a page for
the 100th Issue of
The Darkness comic!

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In the new game, "The Darkness II" by 2k Games, it's been two years since Jackie Estacado took his revenge on those who killed his girlfriend and became the Don of a New York crime family. A strange and terrible power called The Darkness has remained locked tightly inside him, but now it's ready to come out once again.

Let your own inner demons out to play and join Jackie in his brutal internal battle against The Darkness by drawing a
three-panel comic using the script created by Top Cow writers.

Become a pro by winning and have your three-panel comic published in the 100th issue of The Darkness comic.

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Click here to see The Darkness II: Confession comic for reference

Learn about The Darkness property so you can reference the look, style & feel of the existing comic book series. View Comic » Download the Storyboard »

Download the template for the 3-panel comic page. Download Template

You must use the supplied storyboard for the 3 panels you are being asked to produce. Use Storyboard

Once you're done, submit the completed template as a .JPG or .PNG file!Submit


Jackie Estacado is a man torn by the curse of the Darkness attempting to consume him completely. He's the Don of a New York crime family by day, but by night he wields an ancient supernatural power of chaos and destruction. A new story has been created about Jackie's twisted journey, and we want to see how our artists envision it!

  • Wide interior of an abandoned subway stop under New York City. The entire landing area is flooded with overhead lights, burning even stronger than they would normally and destroying any trace of shadow, it's as if someone has sent a surge through the circuit. In the foreground we see Jackie Estacado, bearer of the Darkness, crouched behind a support pillar holding his signature twin-pistols. He's angry, but calm. The reason why is because there's a small army of the Brotherhood opening fire on Jackie with automatic rifles.

    You're screwed, Estacado! Always leaping before looking, aren't you?

    2 JACKIE:
    Yeah, I've never had much patience for sitting back and planning. Much more of a get my hands dirty kind of guy.

    It's going to cost you this time. The Darkness won't help you here!

  • Pull back into the subway tunnel just past the subway station to show Jackie's darkling just about to rip out a ton of electrical wiring out of a big switchbox on the wall. The darkling is, of course, hidden in nearly complete darkness and we can see the battle continue in the background. Jackie dives from one pillar to another for more cover.

    4 JACKIE:
    Not much for planning, but I've spent enough time down in the subway to know the lay of the land.

    5 JACKIE:
    Funny thing about the Darkness, there's always some of it. Even the brightest light casts a shadow.

  • The darkling finishes what it started and all of the lights go completely out. In the center of this frame we get our epic hero shot as Jackie unleashes the pent up power of the Darkness. The two Demon Arms surge forward and tear apart Brotherhood members before they can even think about moving. Jackie doesn't miss a beat and unloads relentless vengeance with his pistols on other members. Maybe we even see the darkling riding one of the Brotherhood guys like a demented, demonic jockey.


How to Use a Storyboard » Download the Storyboard »
  • The Darkness II video game
  • Signed 100th Issue of
    The Darkness Comic
  • $1,000.00 Cash Prize (USD)
  • 10,000 dA Points
  • dA PRO Digital Artist Backpack
  • 1-year Premium membership
  • $750.00 Cash Prize (USD)
  • 5,000 dA Points
  • deviantWEAR Tee of their choice*
  • 6-Month Premium Membership
  • $500.00 Cash Prize (USD)
  • 2,500 dA Points
  • deviantWEAR Tee of their choice*
  • 3-Month Premium Membership
* Based on availability

Entry must be received by 11:59:59PM (PT) on January 1, 2012 and be submitted through the contest gallery on deviantART.

  • Entrant must be at least 18 years old;
  • Entries must be in traditional or digital art mediums only;
  • Entries must use the comic storyboard to illustrate within the provided Template;
  • Entries must be submitted in the following dimension – full-bleed size of 6.875 inches x 10.437 inches (with a safe zone of 6.625 inches x 10.187 inches and live area of 6.125 inches x 9.687 inches);
  • Entries may use the comic book example as a direct reference for how to present the characters and their environment;
  • Entries may not use any watermarks or distinguishing artist marks (such as any signatures or symbols representing the artist);
  • You may submit more than one entry;
  • You must be a member of deviantART to enter. Membership is free; and
  • Other requirements and restrictions apply, please read the Official Rules carefully.
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25 Semi-Finalists will be selected by full-time deviantART Staff.

From the Semi-Finalists, the final three winners will be selected by Marc Silvestri, the CEO and Founder of Top Cow Productions, Inc.!

All entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Suitable for The Darkness Comic
  • Success in Presenting the Storyboard
  • Overall Impact of the Work
  • Technical Skill
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Mr-Ripley's avatar
Fun contest. Want more. =D
Urughaar's avatar
Gongratulations peeps ! You deserve it and much more :)
Max-Dunbar's avatar
congrats to the winners, a damned fine selection of artists!
AlSabidTorres's avatar
Congratulations to all the winners and to everyone that participated in the contest!!

guess Color and Dialogue was required even though it wasn't specified... lol live and learn.

on a final note...... Now go draw something!! and when your done go draw some more!!! haha
Sulenar's avatar
Yep. Now we know. Congrats to the winners. Great work everyone!
fcoesquivel's avatar
The rules says that entries must be any media, either traditional or digital, so there for if it's only pencils, it's ok, but it's up the judges the final word.
artistjerrybennett's avatar
Well, if it was to be in color, I'll gladly color it after they choose me. :)


I'm going to sound desperate, but take a gander at mine. :)
allanjefferson666's avatar
the prior is always published in the Journal of the member who posted the contest. After it is published as notice to all members. Sign the Journal of the poster and have breaking news about the competition.
velociraptor07's avatar
Since today is the 6th I suppose the 25 finalist have been picked. When and where will the three winners be announced? link?
jonbonnard's avatar
We are all in the dark here
allanjefferson666's avatar
My entry would be [link]

my funny entry [link]
AlSabidTorres's avatar
everyone just wait patiently for the results lol
Metal-Rocker's avatar
Skimming through the comments here, there seem to be a question as to whether the entries needed to be in color or not, and whether non-colored submissions count as completed entries.

The Official Rules seem to be vague. But in the contest description above, click on the link "Download the Storyboard" and you will see the following hidden at the end . . . .

• Keep the mood and setting of the book in mind while coloring.

So yeah, based on that, all entries need to be colored.

But based on past contest here, the judges are allowed to interpret that in any way they see fit.
mirana's avatar
Just because they give guidelines for coloring does not mean it is required. Much like the "complete" quote below. They are open to interpretation.

Which, by the way, is part of the official rules...that the rules are up to the interpretation of the judges. :)
Metal-Rocker's avatar
And the very last thing I said in the posting that you're replying to was "But based on past contest here, the judges are allowed to interpret that in any way they see fit."
Sulenar's avatar
If they disqualify all entries that aren't inked, colored and include speech bubbles, there will be a lot of disqualifications. Some of those will be arguably some of the best submissions. There will be some very unhappy artists in the DA community. Alas, Top Cow has the final say. Let us hope that isnt what they meant
Metal-Rocker's avatar
"there will be a lot of disqualifications. Some of those will be arguably some of the best submissions."

I read somewhere that there are 2 people applying for the job as a comic book artist. One has the greatest art the editor has ever seen, but has never done sequential art before. The second artist has average artistic skills but HAS illustrated comics before.

The job will likely go to the second artist because that person has proven that he or she can do the artwork, work professionally with writers and editors, follow directions, and meet deadlines.

So the best art is not always the deciding factor. In this case, it would be following contest rules, even if it was kind of hidden.
Av3r's avatar
Well, There's a doubt on what will be published too... Will it be the page that was requested for the contest? Or will it be a sequence of pages scripted by Top Cow?

I think that the page we provided will be the published piece, "interrupting" the regular pages drawn by the artist of the 100th issue... But then again, it's not specified.

I hope they'll consider penciled and inked pages too. I think it'll depend on Top Cow's will to give their colorists one more page to work on or not ^^
Sulenar's avatar
Yep. Cant argue with anything you said. It is a vague description in the rules but doesnt matter. No excuses when the day is done. You gotta produce and produce what is needed. Honestly, I am less interested in winning and more interested in the posibility of someone like Mark Silvestri seeing my work. But lets be honest...who wouldnt like $1000 and putting this contest on your resume? Lol. Not to mention playing the game until 3am.
Metal-Rocker's avatar
"There will be some very unhappy artists in the DA community."

No big deal . . . that's the way it always is when they announce the semifinalists. Major butthurt by some who feel their entry should have been in the semis, even if their work is less than stellar.
jonbonnard's avatar
I plan on being really butthurt, but I'll keep it to myself.
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