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We were very impressed with both the quality and quantity of entries submitted to the Skin A TRiK contest. We asked you to bring your A-game in designing a skin that represents a musical genre of your choice, and gosh darn it that's what you did. So "thank you" to our wonderful community, and "thank you" to the judges from the Sony creative team for picking the final three winners from the 25 stellar semi-finalists. Check out below which participants will be getting their hands on some great Sony gear, cash, and more!

You can find all of their totally sweet TRiK skins in the store here.

Combining Steam and Punk by *Sku11head

*Sku11head won:
  • Sony® TRiK docking system
  • Sony® Handycam® camcorder
  • $1,500
Steampunk feel, nice contrast to modern ipod." -Judges Comments

Music_crazy by *Citul

*Citul won:
  • Sony® TRiK docking system
  • Sony® Playstation® 3 computer entertainment system (120GB)
  • $1,000
Playful, good color and spirit, unisex." -Judges Comments

Rock Trash TRik Skin - Colour by *InvisibleSnow

*InvisibleSnow won:
  • Sony® TRiK docking system
  • Sony® Blu-ray Disc Player
  • $750
Edgy, still unisex, light graphics, More gestural and grungy." -Judges Comments
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yzorg's avatar
i think there were much much better entries than those 3...
especially on the steampunk side.

anabee291's avatar
I love all of the skins!
KatrinaBonebrake's avatar
How do you print these skins man........
ridingxruffian's avatar
I love the first and second...confused about the third, but I'd love to have the first sitting in my room.
SullenMan's avatar
I am disappointed(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((
bustavshica's avatar
I think that other works was better than this :( [link]
and atc....
vitvit's avatar
Wow amazing links, wtf is wrong here wtf they didnt won wtf.
xxcheesexgeniusxx's avatar
those ones are great! i would have love to seen one win!
bustavshica's avatar
congrats! BUT you said that "Entries will be judged by the following criteria: Presentation of the Theme, Technical Excellence, and Creativity." and which of these works performed `Technical Excellence` especially the 3rd position?
misc-shell's avatar
woohoo! nice one guys. The one that came first was the one that took my interest in the first place. Nice one bruv.
SeaGreenAngel's avatar
Very awesome choices, congrats to the winners. I love the steam punk particularly, but the other two are great also.

Do the winners read this? Or am I totally wasting my time and should be offering congrats on the individual pieces? :confused:
kel-13's avatar
wow! congrats for the winners:) good choice!
florapixxa's avatar
:iconcheerplz::iconcheerplz::iconcheerplz: Congratulations! :iconcheerplz::iconcheerplz::iconcheerplz:
Cookie-Sweetie's avatar
I only love the 2nd place one. :3
Cookie-Sweetie's avatar
I only love the 2nd place one. :3
aimalee's avatar
gamingman21's avatar
pustides kai kariolides....
Koi-top's avatar
Totally deserved winners, i love the 2nd one :D
bluediabolo's avatar
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