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It's your chance to sell your favorite deadly sin.

Does that scrumptious cupcake tempt you to gluttony? Maybe road rage on the freeway brings out your wrath? The deviantART #StockProject and Fotolia are challenging you to choose a side and either entice the city into further temptation or inspire them to stand fast against their inner vices.

Using stock from #StockProject create a billboard to advertise or warn people against your favorite sin.

Seven sinful or angelic deviants will have their artwork displayed around the city. There will be one winner per sin and the grand-prize winning ad will be displayed on a billboard. The grand-prize winner will be flown out to San Francisco, CA to see the ad in person.

What side will you choose?

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Choose Your Sin

Read up on the seven deadly sins and pick one to create an advertisement that either promotes the sinful behavior or warns people against it. The name of the sin must be prominently featured in your advertisement.

A less obvious sin may be a more likely winner. And, you can enter multiple times.

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At least 3 stock images from #StockProject must be used and easily recognizable in your advertisement. You can use any of the images from #StockProject, not just the ones in the Seven Deadly Sins Contest gallery. Any medium may be used in combination with the stock artwork but you may not use stock from any other sources than #StockProject.

All stock images used must be listed as a resource in the description of your entry.

Use the template to format your entry for use on a billboard. Strong simple design works best in this format.  For use as posters your entry may be cropped at the sides by as much as 20%.

Download Template

To enter submit your artwork to the Seven Deadly Sins Contest gallery.

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  • A trip for you to attend the devMEET in San Francisco, CA to see the billboard
  • $1,500 USD
  • $50 USD of credits at
  • iPad 2 – 16 GB Wi-Fi
  • 8,000 deviantART Points
  • dA Pro Digital Artist Backpack
  • deviantWEAR T-shirt of winner's choice*
  • Fella and Llama Plushie
  • deviantWEAR Hoodie of winner's choice*
  • One-year Premium Membership to deviantART

  • $700 USD
  • $25 USD of credits at
  • iPod Shuffle – Grey 2 GB
  • 800 deviantART Points
  • deviantWEAR T-shirt of winner's choice*
  • Fella or Llama Plushie of winner's choice*
  • One-year Premium Membership to deviantART

*Depending on availability.

Entry must be received by 11:59:59PM (PT) on January 9, 2012 and be submitted through the contest gallery on deviantART.

  • must use at least three images made available in the galleries at;
  • must advertise one of the following seven deadly sins and prominently display within the Work the name of the sin selected by the Entrant for his or her Work
  • must conform to the Template provided for download at the Contest Site; file must be a minimum of 2100 pixels x 720 pixels at 300 dpi
  • logos for deviantART and Fotolia will be added to the winning entries when published;
  • may use, alter or change the medium of the images made available at;
  • may include any additional original material made by Entrant;
  • may not contain stock images obtained from other members of deviantART or other companies, however, licensed fonts, stock brushes and textures are acceptable; and
  • must provide in the description section when you upload your entry a list of the stock images you used in the Work.

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Seven winners, one sin for each winner, will be chosen by full-time deviantART staff. The grand-prize winner will be selected by the world-wide Chairman of Fotolia, Inc., Oleg Tscheltzoff.

All entries will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Excellence in design
  • Excellence in conveying the intended message
    as an advertisement
  • Excellence in execution

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