Pimps and Whoas - Feb. 22, 2019
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Published: February 22, 2019

hearts by Slgado

News from the Team

:bulletorange: Eclipse Change Log: February 20, 2019
:bulletorange: Thursday Prompt: Animal Lover
:bulletorange: Valentine's Day: Show Your Heart!
:bulletorange: Your 'new' Artistic Nude and Fetish CV
:bulletorange: What's Next for Eclipse: Profile Personalization

Official Contests

All "official" contests will begin at midnight PST on the start date and end at 11:59 PST on the end date. This applies to all Community Relation run contests and all DeviantArt sponsored contests.
:flagus: denotes US only contest

:bulletorange: Pokemon Superheroes Contest - Deadline February 22, 2019
:bulletorange: Anthro Challenge 164 - Love - Deadline February 28, 2019
:bulletorange: Wallpaper Contest - Love - Deadline March 31, 2019

Project Educate

Project Educate is a joint venture between DA Community Relations (communityrelations) and the community. During each themed week, the project brings you a new set of articles with information, tips, and tricks about one of the many galleries on DeviantArt. We also regularly host a Community Week where anyone in the community has a chance to submit an article to share! We pride ourselves on being a fun and educational group, and we are happy that you have chosen to join us on this adventure. Heart Happy deviating!

Coming Up
Humans, Animals & Creatures, Digital Art Week: March 4th - 8th

:star:View the whole schedule here:star:

:bulletorange: Welcome to Comics and Cartoons Week!
:bulletorange: Panelling and Layout in Comics
:bulletorange: How to FINISH Your Comic
:bulletorange: 'Do's and 'Don't's of speech bubbles
:bulletorange: Digital vs. traditional: Q+A with Dedasaur
:bulletorange: Comics and Cartoons Week Wrap-up + Resources
:bulletorange: Comics journalism: Q+A with Erik Thurman
:bulletorange: Comiket: The World's Largest Fan Convention
:bulletorange: Delving into political / editorial cartoons
:bulletorange: Welcome to the Manga and Anime Week !
:bulletorange: When Old Meets New: Glove Puppetry
:bulletorange: Art Feature: Manga and Anime in Drawings
:bulletorange: Introduction to CLAMP
:bulletorange: Lighting In Art Week - WE NEED YOU!!!
:bulletorange: Making Effective Character Designs
:bulletorange: Overview of the Anime Production Process
:bulletorange: Self-publishing Comics Part 1
:bulletorange: Self-Publishing Comics Part 2
:bulletorange: Lighting In Art Week - WE NEED YOU!!!

Informative News & Events

:bulletorange: 'How to do the Art Thing' Pre-Orders Open!
:bulletorange: #Trivia February Contest Event - Win 3 Month CORE
:bulletorange: A few thoughts about ART
:bulletorange: AquaChallenge: NIGHT
:bulletorange: BRONZE
:bulletorange: Comment Insights: Gequibren
:bulletorange: Community Calendar
:bulletorange: DeviantART Milestone: Celebrating 2000 Watchers
:bulletorange: DIGITALINK Stain Painting Video #20
:bulletorange: February Prompts and Pints!
:bulletorange: Fluffy fluff Contest 6
:bulletorange: How to Eclipse: Status Updates
:bulletorange: I Created Art! Now What? #2: Finding Art
:bulletorange: It's challenge time: storytelling
:bulletorange: LitVid Series 3: Story Structure
:bulletorange: Mid February News: Power of Dreams- Embrace Faith
:bulletorange: Multicultural Fairy Tales: RESULTS
:bulletorange: Promoting Positivity: Vol 12
:bulletorange: The Lincoln Legacy: Mini-Birthday Contest
:bulletorange: Winter Forest: Concept Art Process Video!

Features & Interviews

:bulletorange: 4x4x4 46
:bulletorange: A Glimpse into Photography on DA #2
:bulletorange: Animal ABC's: Horses
:bulletorange: APN Corner: Volume 9, rainylake
:bulletorange: APN Monthly Highlights #2
:bulletorange: Devious Renders Weekly #53 #54
:bulletorange: Deviously Mature #02
:bulletorange: Digital Art Feature: Architecture
:bulletorange: Digital Art Spotlight Vol. 27
:bulletorange: EYE ON TALENT CLIV: SquareTipArt
:bulletorange: F . F/W . F . 27
:bulletorange: Fan Art Friday
:bulletorange: Fantasy Art Picks of the Day 349
:bulletorange: Feature week 8 - 2019
:bulletorange: Features From Week 7
:bulletorange: Featuring the Artist: Yggdr4zill
:bulletorange: Fickle Friday: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall
:bulletorange: Found on Newest, Vol. 3
:bulletorange: Freshly Framed 12
:bulletorange: Macro Spotlight Vol. 235
:bulletorange: LitRecognition: In the Weekly Spotlight
:bulletorange: Meet Your CV: Thiefoworld (Fan Art)
:bulletorange: Monday Pixel Madness #215
:bulletorange: More Exposure #86
:bulletorange: My DD Highlights CVIII
:bulletorange: People and Portraits Spotlight Vol 204
:bulletorange: Photography Roulette: Issue 2
:bulletorange: ProjectPorkchop Vol 608
:bulletorange: rad trad interviews: KanchanMahon
:bulletorange: Recent Finds #13
:bulletorange: Talent Tuesday: Interview Vol.07
:bulletorange: THE NEXT BIG THING #142
:bulletorange: The TA-Feat XCII
:bulletorange: Throwback Thursday #24
:bulletorange: Urbex Unearthed : February
:bulletorange: Valentines Feature 2019
:bulletorange: Wallpapers: Featuring Bay-TEK


:bulletorange: Commission Info
:bulletorange: Commissions are open
:bulletorange: Commissions Limited / Queue Masterpost
:bulletorange: Emergency Commissions
:bulletorange: February Customs and Commissions [Comment open]

Whoas - Theme: Hearts

Polymer Clay Valentine's Day Doughnut Magnets by ScrumptiousDoodle

A heart between them by DREDSHIFT

With Love by LossOfReality

Pixel WAAAlintine by SteelJoe

VDay Brownies by fairchildart

Eevee Valentine by SeviYummy

Blue and Silver Swirly Heart Pendant by Gailavira

valentines day by poisen2014

Rose Heart II by MEPArtz

Azur Lane Valentines Day by FoxInShadow

Lovers Lane [Toyhound Holiday ENDED] by vaporqay

[YCH] Delta Hearts Hearts Hearts by CutePencilCase

Urban Heart by DasGhul

A special commission by Twystedroots

Connected by DestinyBlue

Love is... Hang on tight! by hjstory

Inktober#8 2017 by TrollGirl

By: heart by Sayo-Of-The-Sand

.A Heart. by Nonnetta

la-lentine (var.2) by KitLightning


:note: To contribute to the next issue of "Pimps & Whoas" please include it in the comments below with the appropriate links and information.  If promoting groups, please include a description so people know why they should check it out! Also use devtags not icontags eg:communityrelations not :iconcommunityrelations:

What I'm looking for from YOU!:
:bulletorange: News, Features or Interviews you want to promote
:bulletorange: Groups you want me to feature or highlight
:bulletorange: Deviations that follow the theme for that issue
:bulletorange: Commission information for those looking for Commissions
:bulletorange: Anything else you feel you want the DeviantArt community to know about!

Next issue to be posted March 8th and the theme for the "Whoas" is Women.

Wanna suggest a theme? Note Moonbeam13 with your ideas!

Skin by Dan Leveille
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SelflessDevotions Digital Artist
My suggestions for some Whoas:

Marion and Lizzie by FerrythePogona1955   Beautiful Butterfly - Women Fantasy Art by G-abi-K   Tenjyobito by anzaisachie  :)
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anzaisachieHobbyist Digital Artist
thank you!
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SelflessDevotions Digital Artist
You're welcome! <3
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G-abi-KHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you for mentioning my work :)
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SelflessDevotions Digital Artist
You're welcome! :heart:
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FerryMarlonHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for mentioning my painting :)
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SelflessDevotions Digital Artist
You're welcome! :love:
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SufiaEaselHobbyist Traditional Artist
thank you so very much for mentioning my deviation!!! Heart Heart Heart Love Love Love Love 
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TokyoMoonlight Traditional Artist
You're welcome! Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] 
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LualaDyProfessional Traditional Artist
since I've been so kindly featured by LadyLincoln I'm going to continue the love sharing spree
Here are some beautiful art depicting women from my favourites:

Mature Content

Cycle by Queen-Kitty
Melting Days by gawki Witch of the Waste by faQy Wendy Darling by MimiReaves sunflower by JenovaxLilith
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LualaDyProfessional Traditional Artist
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ImmerotHobbyist Digital Artist
Some interesting pics for the next issue from different talented Rus-Club members (each of them emphasizes something special):

Pauline by edgarinvoker   i am beeing loved by g2x   Morteri by Dead-Wintera   Profile by rastsar   Maria by EvaMir  

Blue shadow | Brienne of Tarth) | Peacock feather | mysterious and futuristic | Wind take me home | Dee portrait | skelliger | Girl with gold wave hair | musing | Different Wind and Fire | ID cold music | SYMMETRA
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SalvDivinHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! 
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TheGalleryOfEveProfessional Digital Artist
So much happening!!! :iconflyingheartsplz::iconlainloveplz::iconflyingheartsplz:
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LadyLincolnHobbyist Writer
Thank you again for the feature Danie, and showing support for so many wonderful artists, (including me)! :heart:

My picks for some Whoas:
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LualaDyProfessional Traditional Artist
Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 
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artistamroashryProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot my dear 😘
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LadyLincolnHobbyist Writer
You're welcome.  Your work is beyond beautiful. :heart:
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