Megadeth Design Contest! (FAQ added)
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MEGA Design Contest for Megadeth!  
Judged by Dave Mustaine himself!!!

After two decades of rocking, the heavy metal band Megadeth’s mascot Vic Rattlehead needs a facelift and the band has commissioned deviantART to redesign him!!

Vic Rattlehead Vic Rattlehead
Vic Rattlehead

The mythic creation of Vic Rattlehead is addressed in the song /Skull Beneath the Skin/:

Prepare the patients scalp
To peel away
Metal caps his ears
He'll hear not what we say
Solid steel visor
Riveted cross his eyes
Iron staples close his jaws
So no one hears his cries

Not only do you get the chance to redesign a mascot whose image has appeared on several Megadeth albums as well as a myriad of band merchandise, you can also win the BIGGEST prizes we've ever offered for a deviantART contest!



Three Dave Mustaine signature series electric guitars!

First Place - LTD AXXION


Features: neck-thru-body construction; 25.5" scale; mahogany body; 3-piece mahogany neck; rosewood fingerboard; custom "XX" inlays; Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz pickups; 2 volume & 1 tone control with 3-way toggle; black hardware; Sperzel Locking tuners; Dunlop Flushmount Straploks; TonePros locking bridge w/string-thru-body; 24 jumbo frets.

Second Place - LTD DV8-R


Features: neck-thru-body construction; 25.5" scale; mahogany body; 3-piece mahogany neck; rosewood fingerboard; dot inlays w/8-ball on first fret; Seymour Duncan JB/Jazz pickups; 2 volume & 1 tone control with 3-way toggle; black hardware; Sperzel Locking tuners; Dunlop Flushmount Straploks; TonePros locking bridge w/string-thru-body; white binding on neck & headstock; 24 jumbo frets.

Third Place - LTD DV200


Features: bolt-on construction; 25.5" scale; basswood body; maple neck; rosewood fingerboard; dot inlays w/8-ball on first fret; Duncan Designed HB-102 pickups; 2 volume & 1 tone control with 3-way toggle; black hardware; Dunlop Flushmount Straploks; tune-o-matic bridge w/string-thru-body; white binding on neck & headstock; 24 jumbo frets.


Quit banging your heads and submit your bad ass designs into the <a…>contest category under ‘Megadeth Design Contest'.


  1. What format should I submit?
    You should submit .jpg images but if your design is selected you will be required to provide a .psd or .eps file.
  2. Can I completely redesign Vic or do I have to follow the original style?
    You are free to do whatever you want.
  3. What dpi should I submit?
    If your design is chosen, final artwork is required at 300dpi.
  4. How many designs can I submit?
    As many as you like.



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BRSOnur16 Digital Artist
Hi, very good gallery

mirc - film izle - mirc
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johanishereHobbyist Photographer
Cool contest! =)
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Zero-OptixProfessional General Artist
man i missed this contest :(
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Playing the devil's advocate here ... please correct me if I am wrong, but I am under the impression that as far as artwork goes, altering the origianl image by 20% or more somehow makes it "your" image. SO in this case, wouldn't using a familiar base image and then "plugging in" bits to make it a "Megadeth Theme" make it acceptable?
I'm not saying that's necessarrily cool, just that "they" might be able to avoid all the copyright infringement and plagiarism crap altogether.
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CasperiumProfessional Digital Artist
Hey what happened to the page with the 10 entries??? I had to go to megadeth page just to find the link and then it was forbidden, plus all references to the 10 being picked I cant find at all on the DA news... what is going on? Maybe they got tired of all of the slamming and nitpicking over the 10 finalists and decided to just remove it until the final 3 are picked.....
Mexico-1951's avatar
Mexico-1951 Photographer
I have looked at 2 of the chosen 10.
Both are obvious cases of plagiarism of two very well known designs.
I won't go into specifics, since there's no need to, and it would be too easily
mistaken for mere jealousy. I'm just pointing it out; using one of the designs
I'm referring to here, could easily result in legal problems, and I am surprised
that they, though both good in an artistic sense, passed through copyright infringement checks.
shizzle's avatar
define plagiarism in this case.
if you hadn't noticed, the contest was based around revamping vic rattlehead. not creating a whole new image.
crazyblue's avatar
How do I find the 10 chosen ones?
Robertwins's avatar
Anyone who has any FIRM proof that an entry looks to be a stolen design should immediatedly contact DA with their proof. The original artists name/s and possible web addresses where the originals may be seen.
For me, there is one that looks SOOOO familar. The one with the angel.
MightyDangLo's avatar
I agree. Anyone making a statement like that should have firm proof, maybe even before you go pointing fingers. Practice what you preach.
Mexico-1951's avatar
Mexico-1951 Photographer
It seems I should have written "3", not "2"...
I'm not even going to look at the remaining 7.
It's not my intention of being a bitch here,
and I don't like the way I'm sounding right now either.
It does, however, piss me off that at least 3 of the 10
potential winners use more or less stolen designs.
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xaayProfessional Digital Artist
I hope that you don't think that my design was stolen, because simply - I've worked in a such hurry that I couldn't even check out another works.
My idea was simple - just to think out something that will be the new look for the Vic's figure, especially clothes and face stuff.
Firstly I thought about removing staples and he's things, but it wasn't cool look.
Vic has so many years and it's stupid to do something totaly different with his characteristic style.
From this point of view I redesigned him in slight way - adding new things that look more modern. There's also idea of inquisition atmosphere connected a little bit to scorpion theme (it's my free coupling).


ps. You gave me the first +fav's for this work, so I own you a lot... haha ;)
Mexico-1951's avatar
Mexico-1951 Photographer

Don't worry, I wasn't referring to your design (which, by the way, looks great).
xaay's avatar
xaayProfessional Digital Artist
Haha, thanks dude, I've listened to Megadeth since I was a child so I wouldn't give a shit or something which is copied from any other work (of course similarity can always happen, but you know how it is). Cheers!
Mexico-1951's avatar
Mexico-1951 Photographer
Megadeth would give a shit about being sued for copyright infringement though,
which is why I'm mentioning all this. Dave should keep an eye open when picking
the winner. The designs I'm talking about are not copied from- or "a bit too influenced" by
other submissions here on Deviant Art, but from a very famous movie character,
a popular american comic book and an extremely popular manga and anime series.
I mean, for all I know there could be a Teenage Mutant Vic Turtle in there too,
and while the artist could, perhaps truthfully, claim that any similarities are coincidental,
Peter A. Laird and Kevin B. Eastman might not really care for such excuses.

We need to keep in mind that the winning design will be on an album cover,
possibly on posters, t-shirts, etc. People will see it. If it's a plagiarized design,
there will be people to notice this too, and this could mean serious trouble for
Megadeth as well as the Deviant Art member who submitted it, unless Megadeth
owns the DA design and takes full responsibility for it.
xaay's avatar
xaayProfessional Digital Artist
Now I clearly understand what you mean. And I must agree with it.
I hope that my stuff is away enough from that suspection (I mean the world famous characters). For ex.: comic books aren't my first interest, so I'm not sure if in some of them you can find character little bit similar to my version of Vic.

You know, I think that Megadeth wants to have an idea to go straight with some new look, but this designs you have here will not be used as a raw stuff from DA, but like a start for future Cover/Layout work. Then I could do anything with my stuff, because I'm not a beginner in jobs like that.

Thanks for your words!
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KempolatossHobbyist General Artist
mabie dave mustaine was not aware that they are stolen designs when he piked them. i guess they will have to deal with this problem when they find aot one way or another.
Trish-the-Stalker's avatar
Trish-the-StalkerStudent General Artist
Winners will be announced Fall 2006. I swear.

(kidding, of course)

I'm guessing it's gonna take another month at the very least. Patience everyone, there'll be a winner when there is a winner.
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CasperiumProfessional Digital Artist
lol considering that they go on tour to Dubai about mid march lets hope they let us know before otherside you might just end up being right
Kroghie's avatar
When do we find out who won?
Viewindo's avatar
Wow! this comp looks pretty darn tastey!! I just cant believe that Dave himself is Judging it!!! Damn I wish I had skill....
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*rather then reply to all the people*
Deviant: $spinegrinder (#223822005)
Date: Feb 17, 2006, 10:42:38 PM
Keep in mind we received a lot of submissions and it might take a while to look though them and then judge and pick winners.

I know its not official but it is a mod and that’s basically the truth, we all know it will take time, DA saying that isn't really going to change things but if you think it will, there’s 's comment. Even if they did edit this saying its over and the winner will be announced when Dave has a chance to look at the enters, people will still complain. We all know the contest is over, its past the due date, DA closed the enter submit section :nod:

I should point out I'd did the anime north contest last year, not only did they not inform the winners of WHEN they would be judging, I didn't even know I had won a spot on the t shirt till I was there at the con! Also it was about a 2 month wait, with no updates :nod:

I didn't complain then and I won't complain now, judging art is no easy task and I don't feel its fair to try to force someone to do it in a time frame. Give them all the benefit of the doubt, both DA and the band they've got a lot more then the contest going on, and we all know the only information that we need to which is:
Its over.

Lets give them all a break, honestly I figured it'd take at lest a month to judge myself, Da's telling us the contest is over officially on a big announcement isn't going to help anyone, but if you need one, re read ‘s above coped comment, Da knows, and will tell us more when The band does.
*sigh sorry for the rant, but hopefully that will put some people at ease*
stansonkelly's avatar
Brown nosing won't help you win!!! lol
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