Lightning Returns: FFXIII Contest Winners!

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In the LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII Contest, we asked you to create a complete customization of Lightning in a first-of-its-kind challenge. The three winners were selected by none other than Final Fantasy legend, Tetsuya Nomura. Not only did the winners get their art displayed in a billboard on the deviantART homepage, but they will also receive $1,000 USD, a LIGHTNING RETURNS: FINAL FANTASY XIII customized Xbox360, an assortment of memorabilia associated with the game, and a signed original sketch from main character designer, Tetsuya Nomura. We would like to congratulate our winners and thank everyone who participated in this contest.


At first glance it looks like a CG, and it has a level of quality that makes it look like it was captured as a screenshot. While there were many heroic costumes for Lightning, I was drawn to the femininity of this costume and her hairstyle.


With one look I was hooked. The costume itself is sophisticated, and it's also very well done as an illustration. The background that reminded me of the Japanese flag (Hinomaru) matched well with the piece and was beautiful. As an artist, when I look at different works of art, I think to myself "If it were up to me, I would do it differently," but that thought didn't cross my mind once when I saw this picture.


It's wonderful as an illustration, but in addition to that, the artist drew in both the front and back views, so I felt the artist's clear intent when they created this piece. The red and blue color scheme was very beautiful, too.

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They are amazing damn now I want to get back playing Lightning Returns lol XD
Great Designs, especially Forbidden Gateway
PorcelainSkinnedDoll's avatar
What was the purpose of this contest anyways? I think personally it's dumb if he isn't going to use them as dlcs in LR. -.-
Crystalliana's avatar
Maybe you should have read the main article to know the purpose, Sherlock.
PorcelainSkinnedDoll's avatar
No duh, idiot. I know how to read. I'm stating there was no real useful purpose other than a prize. How about you shut your mouth.
Crystalliana's avatar
Of course there's no useful purpose in a contest, other than a prize and improving your abilities; especially since depending on the type of contest you can learn a new style. I'm typing, not talking, so use proper abbreviations; anyways, I'll leave you there probably you lost anyways.
That should have also been a prize
PorcelainSkinnedDoll's avatar
Yes. Even though some of the winners really weren't that great as others I've seen.
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congrats , these look great....
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congratulation! :dance:
Psychotic-Love's avatar
[Dies from heart attacks at the awesomeness]
FallenTesla's avatar
great job to the winners =) they all look fantastic! also I really like the fact they have a blurb on why they were chosen.
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*applauds the winners* :)
Rocxann123's avatar
Amazing work. 
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Congratulations for the winners, hopefully this motivates me to be better in the work, and ... I wait all the armor of the contest winners in the Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns,, :)

to Tetsuya Nomura, who doesn't get lost original sketches from you? hahahaha: v
BahamutDeusModus's avatar
I'm really curious to know what the original sketches are that Tetsuya Nomura will do for the winners. :la: Does anything think it'll be a request from the winners, or perhaps a sketch of their Lighting design?
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beautiful contest with sooo many entries, all were awesome ^^
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All of the entries were lovely asdfghjhfdsasdfgh nice to see so much art eeeeeeee
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Congratulations to not just all the winners, but to all that participated as well, for the amount of great artwork makes me wonder who has the tougher job, the artist or the judges.  Good job everyone as there all winners by participation.
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