Lexus IS Design Contest Winners Announcement

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Thank you to everyone who participated in The Lexus IS Design Contest! Judges from MotorTrend, Calty Design, VIP AutoSalon, and Lexus, collaborated to select our winners, and were truly impressed with the quality and skill represented in all 25 semi-finalists.

~psas has won

  • 1-year lease on the all-new 2014 Lexus IS
  • All expenses paid trip to see your IS design revealed at The SEMA show in Las Vegas*
  • 1-Year Premium Membership to
  • 8,000 deviantART Points
  • $2,000 USD Cash Prize
* Airfare, two night hotel accommodation and The SEMA show ticket.

Judge's Comments

This entry has an aggressive design with a bold stance showing IS attitude that stands out. It is almost animated but with just enough realism. It screams SEMA and is an instant eye catcher that will fit right in.

~moondoni has won

  • 6-Month Premium Membership to
  • 4,000 deviantART Points
  • $1,500 USD Cash Prize

Judge's Comments

Menacing and sleek. This design has amazing aesthetic consistency and a great presence that introduces unique components front to back. It is both conceptual and consistent with the evolution of the IS line.

~hgh0518 has won

  • 6-Month Premium Membership to
  • 4,000 deviantART Points
  • $1,500 USD Cash Prize

Judge's Comments

Fully embracing the Lexus spindle grill, the front facia is very bold and has just the right amount of attitude. The subtle use of color accentuates the lines without overpowering them.

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mrrabbit64's avatar
Awesome collection of work!
Cu-Kulainn's avatar
After reading a few pages of comments...

I think the order should be reversed. 3rd place to first, 2nd stays, and 1st to third place. Or if these all "broke contest rules," all of them dropped and like Naeomi said [comment], this should have won.
katagro's avatar
third is nice graphic project :D
katagro's avatar
second proposal should win!!!!!  first is ugly!!!
NikaLim's avatar
+1 first is ugly:)))
Ruku-kun97's avatar
The lexus badge on the first one is even the wrong way around :/
Ruku-kun97's avatar
I think second place should have won, miles better than the first one 
rocheleheart10's avatar
i thought  it was  to show  a theme  pic  or  seane  in the  windows  plus  makeover
JoshHanson's avatar
Knew I shoulda entered this one!
i-am-who-iam's avatar
yeah, 3rd place is the best one. Fuck the winner
freeza-frost's avatar
3rd place is best.  the winner is too riced.
LRSeinAuto's avatar
I don't think you know what the term "riced" really means if you think that 1st place is riced. It's simply a wide body kit.
Skatersollie's avatar
After reading some of the comments, I agree 2nd place should be bumped to first place.. Not because one looks better than the others, but because of the rules stated by the contest.. I refer to item d and e. Those fenders look like the protrude more than 6 inches not sure if tires come in those sizes and not sure if you can makes the tires come out that far without making changes to the mechanical components. Not to mention the functionality of the rear doors... When i first read the contest rules I thought this was paint scheme mainly because of line d and e 
InvaderBloodnut's avatar
What makes 1st place different from your example besides the hubcaps?
rocheleheart10's avatar
i agree  theres  not  anything  to special  about  it  could beefed  it more  
sonicpie1's avatar
I don't get how you guys picked the design without a list of new features it adds.
Dekainos's avatar
Wheres the 25 honorable mentions?
DevianCUP's avatar
Congratulations Guys! =D
SafeSolemn442's avatar

congrats to all the winners. Hard work on the entries no doubt...probably to busy enjoying winnings to read this..


amjie's avatar
Congratulations to all the winners. ^^
inusessy's avatar
i liked the second place more than the first place...i hate that first places wheels stick so far out from the car
even the judges said the second place car was more consistent with the lexus is evolution yet they did not pick it as first? what is that?
third place looked fine but the red lines going through the dull color paint was bothering my eyes
i dont really like lexus that much...its Subaru all the way! Lexus can't handle on and off road like a Subaru can
carnationcrab1's avatar
Who are the semifinalists?
scorpia733's avatar
2nd should be first.. and 3rd 2nd... Because no offence.. But the first is really ugly :/
the others look mean and agressive sports cars, which is totally awesome.
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