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By Moonbeam13

The deviantART Community was challenged to create a skate deck design for one of the four bands that will be shredding up the stage at this Summer's Vans Warped Tour and support the work of Boarding for Breast Cancer and once again the community ROCKED IT!

We want to thank the bands, Blessthefall, Breathe Carolina, Pierce the Veil and Tonight Alive for taking the time to judge the decks!

Check out which decks the bands felt tuned into their sound the best.

Kick flip for a cause skate deck
Kick flip for a cause skate deck
by *theycallmeteddy

The Grand Prize Winner will receive:

  • His design on a Hooligan Skateboards skate deck signed by the band
  • 2 VIP passes to Vans Warped Tour*
    • Meet & greet with the band
    • Side Stage Passes to band Performance
    • Vans Warped Tour Skateboard Deck
    • Vans Warped Tour DVD
    • Vans Warped Tour Compilation

  • Autographed merchandise from the Fearless Bands
  • Sony Bloggie Live HD Camera
  • 2,000 deviantART Points
  • Framed deviantART artwork of winner's choice **
  • dA PRO Nomad Bag
  • deviantWEAR Hoodie of winner's choice***
  • 6-Month Premium Membership to deviantART
  • $100 GelaSkins Gift Certificate

© 2012 - 2021 Moonbeam13
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deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
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Hi, I'm sorry my artwork has caused so much venom within this competition. I'm not trying to take credit for gayla Partridges photographs, I've used several for reference and created this piece of artwork. If i thought for a moment it would have cause so much bother i wouldn't have entered. I have never intended to infringe on any of Gaylas work, she is an amazing photographer and her pin-up work is outstanding.

I'm sorry people are upset I've won with this artwork but I was just trying to get involved with a good cause in raising awareness of breast cancer and felt this image promoted self checking in a subtle way.

thank you to PORS24, they have seen my art in the way it was intended.
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I think you're handling this very well and I respect you posting this comment here as you have. As for the venom, I fail to see any outright animosity actually. Most the comments are very tame and seem to be civily citing your source images. To me, it appears most the vocality of this situation seems to come from someone in enthusiastic support of your stance as opposed to a hoard of people "flamming" you or such. Your intentions were good it seems to me. Alas the road to hell is paved with good intentions.

In the future, citing your sources and striving to further transform a piece away from said sources to make it more uniquely your own would be something to consider, especially in a contest and or the professional world. Something that I've seen true is that by just transfering an image into a new medium, that does not make it transformed enough to be uniquely your own. Not crediting images and so directly deriving from them, even if they are multiple images pieced together like this skateboard image is, does seem to infringe on the original source.

I would also like to point out, for the sake of clarity, that I'm not saying this out of animosity myself, but rather more on the level of maintaining full respect for the original visual inspirations (such as through the citation an less heavily deriving from them). Clearly you have respect for the orginal photographer, I don't mean to imply that you don't, but these points are good things to remember.

Good intentions and good causes are to be commended, but unfortunately in something such as a contest there are rules to be abided by and criteria assigned. It was stated in the rules that use of 3rd party stock wasn't allowed, and as you have admitted and as it is made very clear when you are able to see the images side by side as others have so linked before, you did use other images as the basis of your work in a way that transforms them only a small amount (ie: collaging 2 elements to create an entire image and a change in medium). In the end we will have to see if the judges take this into consideration and decide if it is permissable for your entry to retain it's rank.
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Hi total agree with you and its fair to say I didn't read the rules. I entered this as a bit of fun at the last minute and didn't alter my source images as much as I should have. I honestly didn't think I had a snowballs chance in hell of winning. I've sent the organisers a note to say I'm more than happy for the judges to rejudge this competition if my entry is in breech of the rules, or if not I would like all the prizes to be put up for auction and the proceeds go to Breast cancer awareness charities.
Sorry again.
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I think that's a fantastic way to approach the situation regardless of how this turns out and I wish you the best of luck in the future. :)
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your welcome, Whatever happens, your still the best.

Art to me is universal but Art does have limitations and this is one them. We saw different point of views, we just leave it to the judges and see what will happen. NO ARGUMENTS.
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Dont forget that this is for a CAUSE. Pessimism is bad for your health. Stress is one of the leading cause of cancers. BEWARE
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Wait .. is stress really on one of the leading causes for cancer.
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I'm not too keen on the winner having their work based on someone else's photos, especially without credit. For a comparison with the other images that the winning design was based on, check here:

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mmm ive seen the picture from 666 photography, but you cant say he copied it, its not same at all, maybe he just find an idea on that picture, but for me he did not copy the photo itself. To steal an idea is to take something of value and make it yours. To make an artistic element yours you have to interpret it your way with your own approach.

a good artist imitates a great artist steals
~pablo picasso
The top half and bottom half are from 2 different 666photography photos, just merged together. Pose is the same. Face design is the same. I hardly call that "inspiration"
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if im the jury, its ok for me, lets just give it to the real judges. im aware of the rules that it should be original, but my interpretation of art is lot different from yours, i hope your not mad but i did check your gallery if you had an entry in this contest, ive seen nothing, i wondered whats your motives.or maybe you voted for someone, who u think is more deserving than the winners. i respect your opinion but dont convince me to change mine.

Peace be with you...dont let the crab enter you mind
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Considering how they "joined today" along with another account bashing this, I think it's pretty safe to assume that one person who probably did enter the contest had made alt accounts to try and simulate outrage.
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mmm thats deep, cut the chase,"im a simple minded guy".
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those are boring colors, anyway congrats
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I'm a little concerned about the winning entry too. Looks like it was based on a photo from over at 666 photography: [link]
Um yeah, that design is not his. It's a photo taken from 666Photography.
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I've sent a note along with an image comparison link of the original images to the organizer of the competition.

You can see the comparison image here:

Thanks for bringing it to attention.
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Another concern of the judges should be that they will be using an artwork that represents an actual person (the model) without her consentment.

This artist did an awesome piece, but it shouldn't be given a commercial use, it's not fair for the photographer or the models, especially when they weren't asked and probably know nothing about this issue.

I'm not an expert in legal issues but I think that going on with this winner could even cause trouble o DeviantArt, Hooligan Skateboards and/or the band.
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The semi finalists have been announced just look to your right in the news section:D
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Grats winners!
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I would like to know who the semifinalists are. :I
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