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GEARS OF WAR 3 - Gears United / Artists United Contest Winners

Artists met in the battlefield, going rogue or joining forces to create epic art for the Gears of War 3 Gears United/Artists United Contest. From bloodied silhouettes to swarming locusts – judges poured through mountains of killer artwork. Members of the Epic Games creative team finally locked their sights on three winners for ultimate victory.

The 1st place winner drew their way to the top, securing a cool $10,000 and a battle-ready Xbox 360 Gears of War 3 Limited Edition Console Bundle. 2nd and 3rd will also get cash, consoles, points and more. The 97 Semi-Finalists won't be left behind in the trenches and will each receive $200 cash and the Gears of War 3 game.

Congrats to all the Winners! Way to kick ass, take names, and hold no hostages! Official Rules
  • $10,000 Cash Prize (USD)
  • Xbox 360 Gears of War 3 Limited Edition Console Bundle
  • 8,000 deviantART Points
  • dA PRO Digital Artist's Backpack
  • deviantWEAR T-Shirt of the Winner's Choice(Depending on availability)
  • 1 Year Premium Membership to deviantART

"Somber, moody, and just feels poignant."—Epic Team Judges "Cool lighting and composition."—Epic Team Judges "Stunning work."—Epic Team Judges

Thank You Epic Games
Chris Perna*cperna (Art Director) Chris Wells*WallabyJoe (Sr. Character Artist) Cliff Bleszinski*CliffBleszinski (Design Director) Dana Cowley*chapelthrill (Sr. PR Manager) Jordan Walker*mutantspoon (Sr. Technical Artist) Kevin Johnstone*KevinJohnstone (Senior Artist)
Mark Morgan*wyldwulfe (Sr. Character Artist) Mike Kime*rv-el (Sr. Character Artist) Mikey Spano*intolerant3d (Sr. Environment Artist) Natania Barron*Ardelya (Web Content Manager) Shane Caudle*ShaneCaudle (Principal Artist) Wyeth Johnson*wyethjohnson (Lead Artist)

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Such amazing artwork.
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*A* sugoooiii!!!
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Fuuu- why did i not give a rat's ass about GoW back when this was happening :noes:
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I just got my prize today (Nov 16th)! So, if anyone still hasn't gotten it, there is still hope.
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Has any of the other 97 Semi-Finalists received there Prize yet?
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hmm... how long ago did you get it? I haven't got anything and I sent back the info that they wanted.
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Mmm, around the 25th. It was very quick, considering most prizes I've ever won take at least a month or more to show up. They have 100 people to send stuff to, so I'd wait a little longer before contacting $Moonbeam13.
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sweet, I just received the prize this morning. I all good now!
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okay, thanks for the info.
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I still haven't received my prize. where are you guys located? Are they shipping these by region?
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I'm in California.
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Speaking of the devil just came in......Funny
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Yup, I agree just look at the color, dreary, doesn't make sense. Tough critic, not easily amused. I wanted blood
Well, congrats to the winners anyway.
begin date 11-11-11 to end date 12-12-12
just numbers on a calendar
Better luck next time, back to drawing board for the rest of us.
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We got the chance to interview an up and coming concept artist who is also the 2nd place winner, wwudesign, at [link] Please feel free to check it out and give him a word of congrats!
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theres an interview with peter jackson in his up and coming film gears of war the rise of the inhumanoids,starring yul brinner,billy bunter and many other great artists..they say the semi finalists are gonna get extra parts..thats sounds cool does'nt it little babies!
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it's that important is it....i've just watch a clip of what nato has just done to sirte umm showed a 3 year old child with it's lower jaw blown away crying in agony, arm stretched out pleading...while another child with both legs ripped from the pelvis going into shock..and all you want is a link to a corp degenerative video game that loves death and murder...oh how the elites have won.....
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Ah, that ol' cliche. Because no one is allowed to have any fun or any entertainment so long as there are BAD THINGS in the world. LOL.

Also, the game is about humans fighting monsters. Where that correlates to your "story" I have no idea.
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what !how!where am i!!!i rest my case, you have know idea..peace.
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