Fotolia 4: Stockpocalypse Semi-Finalists Announced

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The end may be near, but not before announcing the Semi-Finalists of the Fotolia 4: Stockpocalypse Challenge! These were the top 25 deviants who creatively used the Fotolia stock images provided to showcase a post-apocalyptic scene. Our finalists will be sent to the world-wide Chairman of Fotolia, Inc, Oleg Tscheltzoff, who will choose the grand prize winner. Be sure to survive the end times to witness the winner's announcement and find out who will be featured in HOW Magazine!

Finalists will each receive:
:bulletgreen: $25 USD of credits at
:bulletgreen: 800 deviantART Points
:bulletgreen: deviantART T-Shirt of the winner's choice (depending on availability)
:bulletgreen: A three-month Premium Membership to deviantART

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a whole new world by nevs28 Robot's Vs Aliens by Joshi38 The world has been sold by Acrylicdreams
Vegetative State by DavidMishra Global Warming by YanasPrecursor Broken World by redbrush
No Tomorrow by TheOrckid ...Run to the Hills by Asher629 We Made It... by dogcanjump
Apocalyptica by ENZZOK Happiness Is Relative by ktsimage The Great Flood by RoadioArts
:thumb330309016: :thumb330904531: survivor by vimark
:thumb330492913: under the same sun by BennyKusnoto A New Beginning by kmh108
Code Red Inn by anotherwanderer :thumb330345144: In Reverse. by MetroHead
:thumb330854865: Dehumanized by DanielFeze In the Aftermath by Hieronymus7Z

Please note: If during the finalist judging, any one of the semi-finalists becomes ineligible or is disqualified under the Official Rules, the semi-finalist judges will replace the disqualified entry with a new selection to be considered by the final judges.
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Winners has been announced :) Check the official facebook page of DA here - [link]
SumireHaiku's avatar
I'm sorry but... I'm having some troubles in finding the announcement. Where exactly is it? Because I can only see the results for "Diorama contest" and not "Fotolia Stockpocalypse" O_o
C0NFUZZLE's avatar
It is on official DA Facebook page, check the Winners Album :)
SumireHaiku's avatar
Thank you :D I was cheking the FB page, silly me :P
stayinwonderland's avatar
Hi guys, any chance of an update at all? Is there a date set for the final draw? Thanks!
Matteodealmasy's avatar
what's the point in making them the semi-finalists and then disqualify them afterwards...?
17october's avatar
Two weeks later...
stayinwonderland's avatar
Hey guys, just to let you know... I assumed there were about 200 entrants into this competition but... I checked out all the submissions and we all had to beat nearly 1800 entries to get to the top 25! So even if you got disqualified it's still good to have sort of made it this far.

Although there was a ton of non-relevant entries (people not even using the stock OR the theme) it's still a lot. :)

Any news on when the finalists will be announced?
kmh108's avatar
They contacted me for photo ID last week. They may be waiting on the others to send in theirs to prove their eligibility. No idea how long it will be honestly.
roslina's avatar
i think nobody is even sure now if this list is final yet, after recent surprises
SalcorArt's avatar
by the way... the "Read the Official Rules" link leads to the rules for Back to School contest not the Fotolia one
Moonbeam13's avatar
This issue has been fixed.
SalcorArt's avatar
What??, I've been disqualified?? [link] I'm really hoping for some reason of why... this is very discouraging
DavidMishra's avatar
Wow... what a blow. I'm sorry to hear that. I wonder if the violence was a factor? :zombie:
SalcorArt's avatar
not sure of anything anymore =(
stayinwonderland's avatar
Well, when I first saw your image (while I thought it was really cool by itself) I didn't think you'd even get through because there's pretty much nothing left of the original photo/the people. That said, one or two up there did the same thing. But maybe they'll get disqualified too. Or it could be the violence :/
SalcorArt's avatar
First of all, thanks for your comment, then, I do realize that I modified pretty much everything of the original photo, but like you said there are others that still remain on this selection that did considerably the same... and I want to believe that the violence is not a disqualifying factor... I don't recall it being in the official rules
stayinwonderland's avatar
Yeah I gave it some more thought and totally think it's because you changed the people too much. Each one has it's main thing that you're not allowed to move - hence yours and the house with the dude fishing got disqualified. It's one of those things in the art world - read your brief and stick to it like glue. I've done it before where I read the brief, forget the brief, do a piece and re-read the brief when it's finished and bam - missed something vital. Hell, at least you sort of got through!
JonasDeRo's avatar
huh? I dont understand why... man I loved yours, the funniest and one of the best entries.
SalcorArt's avatar
thanks for the support, I'm still trying to figure out what I didn't do correctly to be left out after being selected, if you or anyone else knows or sees something that I missed, do let me know
Anarki3000's avatar
same here. sorry about that.
SalcorArt's avatar
Yes, I read about your as well sorry about it, it's "funny", since I considered yours as one of my favorites, not sure what the criteria is to disqualify, but it would be really nice to at least let us know what we missed
Anarki3000's avatar
i might have an ideea about why mine was removed. maybe its because of the placement of the core elements. But then again, you respected that and still was removed. so i have no clue yet.
SalcorArt's avatar
I guess that could be it, and the father on my piece is slightly moved to the left... I suppose that was it?
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