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For the past 6 years, I have been involved in supporting and raising money for The Weekend To End Breast Cancer event in Toronto.

To give a bit of background, in the past 5 years this organization has raised over 70 million dollars in donations and through this has made some landmark strides in advancing the research on breast cancer, which claims the lives of close to 50,000 women a year and about a quarter million women diagnosed per year. You can read about how the money has been allocated here

This money does make a big difference in helping with in depth gene studies and creating specialized programs for people diagnosed with the disease.

The Weekend To End Breast Cancer takes place all across Canada. In Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Ottawa, Montreal, and my hometown of Toronto, where for the last 5 years and soon to be 6, I have participated in the 60k walk alongside my mom (mombeam).

Together we have walked 300kms in the fight to end breast cancer (that's 193 miles for you Americans)

To participate in the walk, each person must raise $2000 to qualify and that is no easy task in and of itself. This year, mombeam and I will be joined by theblackmass as well, so that's $6000 in total we'll need to raise between us and we need your help!

This year the event takes place September 5th-7thth, so the time to help is now!

So how can you help? Read on!

:thumb63673411::thumb63673500: Stamp: To End Breast Cancer by FantasyStockAvatars BreastCancerSupportStamp by Lauraest
Well, you can add these stamps to your journal with a link back to this journal for starters.

:star:How Do I Donate? Donations are the most important thing you can do here, so to sponsor:

:pointr: Moonbeam13 - this link

:pointr: mombeam - this link

:pointr: theblackmass - this link

and follow the simple instructions there! Make sure to leave your deviantART name so we know who to thank, unless you prefer to remain anonymous of course. Please also remember that the three of us are a team and we all individually have to hit $2000 to participate, so spread it around :heart:

If you would rather use paypal you can make a paypal donation to mohitoman@gmail.com

Other Ways To Show Support Dye your hair pink, wear something pink or do a piece of art in pink and upload it to your gallery and link back here so we can spread the word to as many people as possible!

Also, like last year, I will be making memorial shirts eg: WTEBC Shirt Logo by Moonbeam13 so please, note me your name or the name of someone you love that you'd like us to walk for.

Also, if you are in the Toronto area and wish to cheer the walkers when the route is finalized and the cheering station locations are announced I'll update this :)

So, now it is up to you to go out there and help support your mothers, sisters, aunts, grandmothers, nieces and girlfriends in the best way possible!

General Information

About Weekend To End breast Cancer

The Campbell Family

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I can't donate at the moment hun, but I am spreading the word along as much as possible til the event is over. :iconbigheartplz:
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I posted a journal to help your cause and a link on my signature too.

I don't have a paypal account but i would buy a DA print related to the cause :thumbsup:

Be well :smooch:
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I'll change my CSS if someone links me the new one, and I'll stamp it.


nicosnas's avatar
Seventy MEELION Canadian dollars?
agosbeatle's avatar
I don't have money, but I'll place the stamp in my journal!! :hug:
Neko-Jackmann's avatar
Being a starving student sadly I do not have money to donate -_____- Noor a sub to post stamps

But I do sponsor my cities relay for life by donating all of my audio and DJ lighting equipment (two trucks full) X__X

I wish I could help further
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:w00t: Cancer sucks!

You stuttered lol: "This year the event takes place September 5th-7thth, so the time to help is now!"

Beautiful CSS, by the way ;)
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Kip0130's avatar
I shall add the stamps again.... They will be there for the remainder of my sub. Then i shall get another one :P and i will pimp this in a few places.
vaia's avatar
It's been a year already :o
scaramoushe's avatar
is the site going to go pink again. i think that was a great time for us, so many contests and the community spirit was fantastic. the best way to pimp this is to have another pink day :D
One3Creations's avatar
I posted a journal to help your cause :) I'll be donating some money here shortly as well :)
EzzyGezzy's avatar
I donated to Breast Cancer Awareness by the way! And Relay for life = D
Moonbeam13's avatar
EzzyGezzy's avatar
No problem its a wonderful cause!
paellamagi's avatar
I dunno how much money I have at the moment. :(

Will see how I go on payday. :)
feetpeet's avatar
I will be back home by then so hopefully I can come along and cheer or volunteer in helping out that weekend :hug:
TerrorCookie's avatar
I have a friend who's participating in this. :)

If I had money I would donate. Perhaps I'll go about creating something pink. I just need to decide on an idea. :plotting:

Kudos to you guys!
milleniumsentry's avatar
I will donate if I can after I check finances.

For now, [link]

:glomp: It's a good thing you three are doing. Thank you.
Davecheesefish's avatar
Pimped :) [link]

I hope you all get loads of donations :aww:
DeviantsForTheCure's avatar
Hiya, I posted a journal about it here: [link]

Thanks for the info!
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