Dry your paintbrushes, the Okami Winners are Here!

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By Moonbeam13
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The Celestial Paintbrush has been cleaned and hung to dry, and all the entries are in for the Okami Fan Art Interpretive contest. We received many gorgeous and truly original interpretations of the theme, and it was a great pleasure to go through them all. Once again the deviantART Community has shown that it can rise to any challenge brought before it.
But, at the end of the day this is a competition, and you are all most definitely some of the most competitive people around. And in the end, three stood out just that little bit more and are taking home the prizes.
So without further delay, we present to you, the winning entries!
And the runner up is *risachantag and this spectacular image!

They will be taking home:

A copy of Okami for the Wii and a deviantART prize pack consisting of a 6 month deviantART subscription, deviantWEAR t-shirt of their choice, and a deviantWEAR accessory pack.

And in third place we have the gorgeous work of *fireeyes-dragon

And they are receiving a deviantART prize pack consisting of a 3 month deviantART subscription, deviantWEAR t-shirt of their choice and a deviantWEAR accessory pack!

Thank you to everyone who participated and again,
congratulations to the winners!
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This is a damn late reply, I know, but I was trying to find the news with the winners of this contest and now I get the chance to comment on it.

First of all: congratulations to all winners! Although I do think that other artists deserved. The first place winner made a very nice and wonderful picture, one that I would never be able to draw equally . But! I think that other arts would have deserved better... The first place made the same sumi-e style from the game and I saw a lot of wonderful pictures with creative styles then this one. It's only my opnion, so that doesn't mean that I don't know the efforts that the artist put in the picture and all that. I totally respect it.

The second place is similar to the first one, so I won't repeat again.

The third place is extremely well done! When I saw this sculpture, I was almost certain that it would win the first place because of the details, the pose of Amaterasu, her reflector and the fire. I have no words to describe how impressive it is. What I found it amazing is that the artist made her in a very different and not-so-seen pose, because most sculptures are only a standing wolf or sitting or laying down, but this particular pose is very smoothly and natural. Again, amazing. This one truly deserved to be winner.
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Screw the submission! I would have wanted that Game!!

Okami is DA BEST!
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The sculpture is truly amazing, and the artwork is really cool. Great work!
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Congratulations, sexyblue!!!
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tankss for you coment

kissss ( =
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... Yeah, out of the three, the sculpture is the most well-done, and complicated. No disrespect to the other two, but... The first one is a wreck (Better then I could do, of course) but there were better entries...
More original entries...
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I see I have joined an outstanding family of artist. Very refreshing!
All 3 earned their prizes!
I Love the artwork done here.
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It's meh, could've done something other than a artwork that's already drawn.

But I give you my props
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i just can say : wow!
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I think the winner won because the fact that she/he stayed true to the art style of Okami-the fact is that it is a modern game with a traditional watercolour theme. Fair enough the work is not necessarily "original" but it's definitely well done!

The sculpture is fantastic and interesting but I definitely see why the other two came first and second. Human Okami looks really pretty and I wish there was a puppy like that in real life!!!
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Hmmm.... I think the sculpture is much better too... Hmmmm... it remains a mystery lol XD
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..Honestly, I don't understand why that one peice did come first. Personally I think the sculpture was the best. It seems much more original to me.
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There abilities boggle the mind!
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Nice!!I like OKAMI~
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wiIw. veRy niCe.
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I for one am dissapointed. The sculpture is by far the best entry of the three on this page. I find the worst is the winner, actually. There's no originality to that piece.
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Yeah well i wished id known about this sooner and i would've entered!
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