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:new: The organizers of Drawing Day have asked me to extend the gallery to be open from Friday June 3- Tuesday June 7th! This gives EVERYONE time to participate!! Get Drawing!

Drawing Day - June 4, 2011

Drawing Day is a world-wide event encouraging everyone to drop everything and draw on one day. It's easy to participate, simply draw, then submit drawings to the Community Projects >Drawing Day category here

Read more about the event at the official website here and be sure to follow drawingday here at deviantART! :+devwatch:

Let's all stop and draw and show them how amazing the deviantART community is! :community: :excited: :teamwork:

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Just now i tried to submitting to Drawing Day Gallery and got this: "Sorry, you may not submit deviations to this category."
Is it closed already?? :confused:
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While I will drw something today(hopefully it looks well) I won't be able to post it for awhile. My printer is very evil.
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I drew this as a response to this awesome day :D [link] :)
jackabe's avatar
Let the drawing begin! :D :la:
CReevesABudd's avatar
I was inspired and did this as a warm up :D pencils--> [ [link] ]
CReevesABudd's avatar
[link] <- this is the right link [reloaded] :D
joelvfaria's avatar
i didn't know such day =) noted
zaz14ispottermad's avatar
I actually completely suck at drawing anything, stick figures are the best I can do, but you know what this sounds so cool that I am going to download a few tutorials and give it a proper go
DoubleDown009's avatar
if i can turn off the suck i'll try
Docali's avatar
Sounds great :la:
Shared with #Walkthrough-Rookie's members [link] :D
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Sounds awesome! I'll definitely try to participate! :D
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(remember it's only going to work for one 24 hour period on June 4th!)

You might want to remove that part now that its changed.
Moonbeam13's avatar
or people could read the update and just stop there :)
AJGlass's avatar
You're assuming they will. :lol:
Moonbeam13's avatar
Or you are assuming they won't :)
AJGlass's avatar
My assumption is more likely - mainly because most of the folks here have the attention spans of fruit flies.

Neko-CosmicKitty's avatar
ooo... this sounds like a lot of fun! I'm definitely gonna take part in this :D
GillianAlexiel's avatar
i'm super psyched for this since i had to work last year :3 :heart:
mzzyarts's avatar
i will MAKE this happen for myself LOL
Zusmala24's avatar
Drawing what ??? :O
annajordanart's avatar
This looks like fun! :la:
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I remember last year I joined drawing day and won one of those PMs going around the GMs but I could make only one drawing. This year I may be more free, so I might make more, YAY!:D
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