Diablo III Fan Art Contest Semi-Finalists

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DeviantART and Blizzard challenged you to prepare yourself by creating an original artwork featuring one or more of the six heroes of Sanctuary or of Malthael preparing for the upcoming battle. Our judges pored through each entry and selected the top twenty-five works, which will now be sent to Christian Lichtner, Art Director of Diablo III to choose the final three. Congratulations to the 25 Semi-Finalists below!

The remaining 22 Semi-Finalists will receive:
- Signed boxed copy of Diablo III: Reaper of Souls Collector's™ Edition
- 1,000 deviantART points

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i just dont understand one think, well i had a msg a few days ago than i was in the 25, and than i cant find the msg and im not here, hehe i just dont understand, was a joke???
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Stunning work, everybody!! Dang, how are they going to pick only 3?
25 Semi-Finalists
in my opinion , this is the best in them kuzinskiy.deviantart.com/art/N…
these two are good too but not best  igor-grechany-ostrov.deviantar…
this one is good in many ways but a little simple  shenfeic.deviantart.com/art/Cr…
hope the Art Director can chooses the best pieces  and hope they are in my list too :)
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I'm disappointed that Espenartman's "Crusader" didn't make the cut! :(
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:) Freemasons of Blizzard! Good Luck, To never see you again :wave:

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Totally awesome epic art!! Congrats to the finalist!
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Really nice artworks these are. :D
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Congrats everyone who entered! I checked you guys out and everyone's looked amazing! And congrats to the finalists! You guys did AMAZING!!!!!!Love Headbang! #1 :squee: Winner  
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check mine out, this was traditional artwork, done entirely with a real airbrush and real paint, and also look at the how to that I made as well
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Congrats to all semifinalists! I was really hoping to score bonus points for originality and craftsmanship with my giant crochet Malthael softie (fav.me/d79jlqj), but alas. There were so many incredible submissions.

 It's funny, I got so familiar with the image of Malthael from making him, and so familiar with the presence of Malthael from having a 4' tall version of him hanging out at my house, that fighting him in the game felt like fighting a friend. "Hey, I know that guy! He hangs out at my kitchen table!"
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I wasnt in the top 25 list but who cares? It was really fun to draw something in a contest!
I feel a bit sorry for people who went through so much pain to draw like me and see that they lost.
Cheer up! And be happy :)
They're nice, but there's one sad thing for me. There's no traditional art. Even one. It's weird to see when really small amount of people are doing arts not in the computer. Yes, they usually have better shadows, colours, easier to do something realistic with great deep of light but I dunno, I can't stare at them for all day like for some from traditional art hmm.
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Wow, that is absolutely  amazing.. Great job, very well done. Awesome details. I didn't even realise how it was made  right from the start. Nice to see there still are people patient and talented enough to do such things these days, when digital painting rules..
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I really felt great while creating this one. It's very fulfilling to create an artwork out of junk
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Why do I always get better/ more original ideas AFTER a contest ended... oh well..  I am perfectly aware that my entries weren't too original , but given the fact that I painted mine mostly by traditional ways, and not digital, I'm quite at..peace with it :))  Congrats to all semi finalists, I personally respect every artist that made it  in the top 25, for their work, they are all  good. Well most entries were good anyway. I must admit though, that I have seen at least 10 others that left me in complete awe, for the amazing ideas, colors chosen, art style used. And they're nowhere to be found in the top 25. But what do I know?.. It's all a matter of perception, personal preference, a matter of taste. So I guess we can't blame the judges..
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arist0te.deviantart.com/art/Di… cioè questo non rientra neanche tra i 25 semi finalisti?!? non ch'avete proprio capito un cazzo voi
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That pic is extremely beautiful. 
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His other entry made it into the semi-finalists :)
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Clone tool, clone tool, clone tool,  oh my....
Pretty surprised that one made the semi cut + the bottom of Maltheal is sketchy and unrefined.

..just my two cents. :)
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