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In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community.

Introducing Kendra-Paige


“My name is Kendra Paige, and I am a fashion and beauty photographer, as well as a photography educator. I have been a member of DeviantArt for over eleven years, joining as a young teenager while first experimenting with digital art. I first picked up a film camera in 2005, and discovered my love for photography in a high school darkroom. As fate would have it, I now have the honor of inspiring high school students as a photography instructor in sunny Florida.

The community on DeviantArt has played a vital role in my development as an artist, as well as a mentor. I wrestled with ambitious visions that I could not yet commit to reality, learning various techniques that allowed me to translate what I saw in my imagination into a photograph.

Every new method that I learned was like a revealed secret, revitalizing my work and inspiring me to share those hard-won facts with others.

Like every artist who struggles with their vision and confidence along a bumpy road, the community of DeviantArt has been a wealth of support, offering helpful critiques and motivational feedback that were so essential to my growth as a photographer.

I now strive to be the positive influence that the community has been to me over the years. Thank you for everything, DeviantArt!”

September 2015

Deviousness Award Winner

Kendra-Paige is a staple of our community at DeviantArt, and one look at her gallery will show you why. A member of the site for over eleven years, in that time she has developed and showcased a colourful and immediately-identifiable style of fashion photography that deviates wonderfully from the norm. On top of her powerful work she finds time to comment, critique, and mentor new artists while educating the community on the technical and business elements of photography.

It is with great excitement that we name Kendra-Paige the recipient of the Deviousness Award for September 2015.

Showing Some Love

Community Quotes

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Kendra is an amazing photographer, and on top of that she is also an incredible friend! She is so sweet, approachable, and fun, it’s easy to instantly fall in love with both her work and her personality. She’s someone you can easily strike up an interesting conversation about the industry, and share tips and stories with. Definitely a great person to know if you are a fashion photographer/model or interested in portrait photography as a whole! I enjoy every time I get the chance to chat with her, and of course every photograph she uploads onto DA. I instantly recognize when a photograph is hers, her style is wonderful, and I believe she is an incredible inspiration for aspiring fashion photographers within the DA community!”

Well, I’m not only fan of Kendra-Paige’s artwork, I also love talk with her, I remember when she was a Beta Tester and take care of her group Good-Intention. Kendra-Paige’s gallery is amazing, beautiful, adorable, when you are looking at her works, you can say only “Wooooah! I love it!” Kind and beautiful woman, good friend. Please keep being awesome, ma dear!”

I have been a fan of Kendra’s work for about a year now and if you love fashion, glamour and amazing photography then it is an absolute must that you watch her. Take a browse through her gallery and it’s like turning the pages of a fashion magazine – professional, elegant and colorful fashion photography (and more!). Not only is she an amazing photographer, but she is an awesome person as well. Congratulations!”

Kendra-Paige is a talented artist and great person. I have been lucky enough to get to know her through her group Good-Intention, and working with her there has been awesome. It’s also amazing to see how far Kendra has come with her photography! But Kendra doesn’t just sit on the experience and knowledge she gained over the years - the effort she makes to share her knowledge and help others improve is very inspiring. Congratulations on the award, Kendra!”

Kendra-Paige is a kind and active member of DeviantArt as well as being incredibly talented. Her words are always personable and full of enthusiasm, and that kind of happiness is contagious! Her fashion photography is extremely high-quality and you can see the love she puts into her craft quite clearly. Her gallery is full of bright colors and creative ideas, and her constant improvement is evident throughout the years, absolutely an amazing asset to the DeviantArt fashion community!”

Kendra-Paige has a lot of personality - not just in her work but on a one-to-one level too. We don’t have nearly enough pro photographers on DA who still find time to not only teach and give feedback to new photographers but also to just hang out on the chats and forums and have a good time. Congrats and thanks for being such a great influence on the photog community for the last decade!”

I first met Kendra outside of DeviantArt, and was immediately struck by how kind she is. After connecting on DeviantArt, my respect for her has just continued to grow. Kendra has always been an incredibly helpful and dependable person; her willingness and dedication to helping out any community of which she is a part is commendable.”

A sweet person, a professional photographer and a dear friend. Kendra was one of the persons who suggested me for Seniority. Eventually I had the honor of becoming a Senior on the same day as her! Her artistic skills are incredible, as shown in her colorful, gorgeous portraits, her delicately beautiful artworks. Always happy and kind, she helps the new photographers with her Fashion tutorials and useful tips. Congratulations, my dear Kendra! You totally deserve the Deviousness Award! May you always offer your light to our Community!”

Kendra is an inspiring force within the photography community and on DeviantArt in general. She is always willing to teach, share and promote others as much as she can whilst all the time maintaining an inspirational gallery.”

Kendra Is a motivated Photographer who knows what she is doing with her photographic equipments, Every time I look at her work I awe at the compositional strengths in her works, they speak out and tell a story which are vivid and colourful. her subjects are portrayed tall and powerful which I greatly admire. Congratulations Kendra!”

Kendra-Paige is an extremely kind, dedicated deviant that also happens to be an amazing photographer. She is always friendly and approachable, and fully participates in the community. Whether it’s sharing helpful tips in her journals, featuring others, and inspiring other photographers, you’ll find Kendra-Paige doing it with a positive, kind attitude. Her gallery is also full of inspiring, beautiful photos. Congratulations Kendra-Paige! Thank you for being an inspiration to this community and also a kind friend!”

Kendra-Paige’s gallery is full of inspiration for aspiring fashion and portrait photographers. She combines vibrant colours with expert use of light to create images that are both glamorous and playful. She also dedicates huge amounts of time and effort to supporting the community through her helpful journals packed with advice about the photography industry.”

I met Kendra about 3 years ago through DeviantArt, and she has been one of my favorite people to work with and a wonderful friend since then. Every photograph she takes inspires me and is a true piece of art. Kendra puts so much thought, consideration, planning, and passion into the arrangement of her photo shoots and her photographs, that while you are working with her, you can really feel that something beautiful is being put together. She is professional, passionate, driven, and inspired, and I consider her to be one of the best of the best.”

Congratulations to Kendra-Paige!

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In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.
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This community is THE MOST POWERFUL social media community globally. The first at that...

Congradulations Kendra-Paige
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