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Celebrating Deviousness- October 2018

Mon Oct 1, 2018, 12:00 AM
CALYPSO by MichelleHoefenerIn Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.

Introducing MichelleHoefener


My name is Michelle Hoefener and I'm an artist from the United States. Media I often work in is Photoshop, pencil, Copic marker and ink. I've been an artist for as long as I can remember, and always knew it would be my career path. A lot of my earliest art was done in pencil, coloured pencil, ink and marker, and often featured horses, unicorns, fairies, dragons, centaurs, elves and original characters for personal comic and book projects. Some of my earliest inspirations came from movies, fantasy novels and comics. I soon began to work in Photoshop, and became inspired by anime, manga and game art, sharing my work online, and joined DeviantArt. I have also grown over the years through studying at the Illinois Institute of Art: Chicago, working at companies including Riot Games and Midway Games and freelancing. I continue to make original characters and fanart, experimenting in both Photoshop, pencil and Copic marker. My favourite subjects to work with are concept art and illustration of original fantasy characters and fanart. I enjoy working with painting techniques, character designs, colour, lighting, line art, and always love experimenting with style. I always love to use creativity in everything from character designs, web design, interior design and have enjoyed designing websites for my artwork and interests.

Some of my first known works shared on DeviantArt are my original character, Iris, and my first mermaid in my mermaid series, Calypso. I have enjoyed sharing my art techniques and commissioned work with the DeviantArt community over the years, and seeing my art inspire others is always exciting! I love to see when other people become inspired and create their own original characters. Working with people through commissions has grown a lot over the years, and getting the opportunity to work with so many people on their original projects is always exciting! It has been awesome to be able to work full time on personal art projects and commissions. I have been very inspired by sharing my work with the DeviantArt community and looking back on how much my art has grown and evolved, and also the work of so many people. I am always inspired by other artists' work from the DeviantArt community, whether it is photography, illustration, concept art, cosplay, jewelry, etc. I am always looking forward to new ways to be inspired, grow and experiment, and to support and inspire the DeviantArt community! 

steampunk harley Quinnby MichelleHoefener
nurse harley quinnby MichelleHoefener
Iridezria Concept Artby MichelleHoefener
ARcade Miss Fortune -  League of Legendsby MichelleHoefener
Wonder Woman - ImagineFXby MichelleHoefener
Jacqueline Heartreaverby MichelleHoefener
commission petr and shektarby MichelleHoefener
lightning farronby MichelleHoefener
The jade dragonessby MichelleHoefener

October 2018

Deviousness Award Winner

To say that MichelleHoefener’s gallery is inspiring, would be an understatement. Contained within is an explosion of colour and dynamic characters! Whether you were drawn into her work through her Mermaid series or her incredible work with companies like Riot Games, you never leave disappointed. A long-time member of DeviantArt, MichelleHoefener never seems to let her fame stop her from being personable and helpful. She has shared her concept work, step-by-step processes, and even offers up line work for others to practice their colouring techniques. It is this type of community spirit that delights us, and we're equally delighted to award her Deviousness for October 2018.

Showing some love

Community Quotes


MichelleHoefener's gallery full of wonderfulness. When you first view her gallery - you see a lot of amazingly juicy, colourful and professional works! Each of her work is unique in that they are performed with a high degree of professionalism and love and you feel this love. If you ask me: What exactly I like most in her works? Then definitely there will be a colorfulness and poses. What can I say, just look at them! They are very dynamic! You can always learn something, watching her creativity and it's very important! Her works always beautiful colours, great proportions and dynamic feed. Congratulation on this well-deserved award, Michelle!

I've been following Michelle for years, there is something engaging about her compositions, there is always a great balance of power, beauty, and feminity. With great contours that are always incredible to look at, there is always something to look at with each new piece. There is no color she is afraid to use, it feels like she is always pushing herself to new limits, rather than following some type of colour palette or specific rules. She's always trying to push herself with a new pose, a new idea or something else to keep you wanting more.

Michelle's gallery has been a long-time source of inspiration and delight, not just to myself, but to all who chance upon her bounteous collection of fantastic work. What a banquet of visual delight resides therein! From the use of rich and vivid color (such masterful juxtaposition of light and dark!) to energetic character poses and thoughtful, vigorously dynamic composition, each piece seems masterfully designed to draw the viewer in, engaging thoughts and feeding emotions as the viewer's eyes linger hungrily upon all the delicious details of each and every piece. Even Michelle's rough sketches are a bounty of inspiration and encouragement to her fellow artists. If you'd like to nourish your own creativity and stoke your artistic hunger, I strongly suggest long, leisurely mental walks through Michelle's brilliant gallery at frequent intervals. If you take the time to thoroughly digest each and every glorious submission, I'm sure you'll discover to your delight that, just like me, you'll be inspired

This is a different sort of view for me, as I typically do not really follow game art, character art, and trading card art. Michelle is simply such a brilliant artist, with obviously a solid grounding in the use of color, perspective, deliberate distortion and putting an emotional content into her works that it is easy for me to be enchanted, and often startled by her talent in her presentations. Many of her works are so full of power, personality and heart that it is easy to forget these are not real people but are characters on a stage. And that I think is the essence of her art, she brings the amazing into focus, and you find yourself developing emotional attachments to the characters

the koi empressby MichelleHoefener
the white pearl of the seaby MichelleHoefener
the sea dragonessby MichelleHoefener

MichelleHoefener's work is great: the sense of movement, composition, light, etc. Everything is so vivid and colorful, it makes you want to be there. In her hands, fantasy art is not a boring gray and dark place but a joyful and lively kingdom, an invitation to enjoy fantasy through colors. I remember back in 2007 or 2008, when I watched her Calypso and Alizarin illustration for the first time, I was really impressed by the quality and character design, I had both illustrations as wallpapers for a long time, because it was so inspiring. Now a decade later it is wonderful to see how her work has evolved in wonderful ways, but still, keeps that sense of awe and wonder. My congratulations to Michelle Hoefener for this deserved Deviousness Award.

Nothing brightens my day quite like finding one of Michelle's colorful works in my messages. From DJ Sonia to D.Va, Michelle brings pop culture's coolest heroes and heroines to life with her dynamic compositions. It's truly a privilege to be able to peruse her gallery, and the DeviantArt community is so enriched by the quality of her work and energy. I am thrilled to see Michelle featured, and look forward to many of my future favorite characters appearing in her portfolio! Congratulations!

MichelleHoefener is an excellently talented artist who has managed to bring out the personalities and elegance of the girls from various video games and comics in her unique style of artwork. Her usage of bright colours is fantastic and her gallery is definitely among one of my favourites due to its diverse range of interesting feminine individuals. I had even mistaken some of her artworks as official game designs when I first discovered her page, to my surprise. The lines, the natural postures, the wonderful colours as well as the stunning details always make me look forward to whatever new art pieces she has in store for the future! Congratulations on your deviousness, MichelleHoefener

Congratulations to MichelleHoefener!

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In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community. Join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award.
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AddisonDickins Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2018
A bit belated, Congratulations on your achievement. Much success going forward. Reno Boogie for Catty 
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MrWitchblade Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2018

Now that's cool. 
Well deserved.
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congrats you earned it I am a dummy! 
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Congratulations for getting the October award Michelle! :party:
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CongraSUPERtulations, MichelleHoefener!!! :iconlainloveplz::iconyaayplz:
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Congratulations your works are beautiful!
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Congratulations! by LOVEMAYU   Michelle on this amazing award. :clap::clap::clap:  Congratulations by PaMonk   
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As a reminder, we’re continuing to work on the bigger community feedback concerns — including customization and improvements to Feedback — and we hope to share more soon.

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Happy New Year, and welcome to 2019, deviants! We hope everyone had a relaxing and fun holiday, and we can’t wait to dive into this year’s updates and fixes!

Before we get into this week’s change log, we’d like to inform you of some major upcoming Eclipse-related updates, which will be highlighted and discussed in separate journals outside of the regular change logs. Some of these major updates include:

Custom boxes / customizationFeedback & WatchLiteratureAdditional Profile personalization

These are fairly significant updates to DeviantArt Eclipse that we look forward to communicating and sharing with you all in the upcoming weeks, so keep your eyes open! Without further delay, here are this week’s changes and bug fixes:

Change Log

Embedding deviations and pasting thumb codes are back! Try pasting a deviation URL in a comment or a journal! (Popular request!)You can now include a deviant’s avatar using the “Insert Emote” button. (Popular request!)The top navigation bar now has a light theme!You can now search for a specific artist’s deviations and other content by searching for “ @username ”When adding a deviations to a comment or journal using gallery mode, the editor now shows the limit and number of deviations chosen.Fixed issue where Feedback would not be sorted correctly after you reach the end of each “page” of results.Deleting deviations, status updates, journals now properly reloads the page.Artist hover cards now appear when on usernames, not just avatars.When rolling over your own avatar, the hover card no longer says “Message” and “Watch”Adjusted size of the artist hover card to be more compactOn donation pools, the number 0 would overlay on the word “Goal” when you initially add the section.When hovering over default donation pool bar, it shows “NaN%”.The donation pool’s meter displayed as full when they were empty (0/0).

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What's Next for Eclipse: FeedbackLate last year, we released the beta version of DeviantArt Eclipse – a redesign that puts more emphasis on artists and their art. It’s one of our biggest, most ambitious updates to date, which is why we’ve chosen to open it to Beta Testers as early as we did. Not only do we need Beta Testers’ help locating and squashing those pesky bugs, we want to gain deviants’ feedback, thoughts, and opinions on the current Eclipse experience and what we should include in the future. We’re very proud and excited with the level of collaboration we’ve been able to achieve with the DeviantArt community, and we hope to continue this as we further develop Eclipse.The Beta version of Eclipse has brought many changes (see them here), with even more in store, including ways to customize and personalize Profiles! We Hear You!Since the Beta launch of Eclipse late last year, we’ve received a lot of feedback regarding just that: Feedback. You might have called it a few other names in the past: Feedback, Message Center, Notifications, etc. Let’s establish what Feedback is: it’s comments and replies made on your art, any mentions of you or your art, and correspondence with other deviants and groups. We processed and analyzed your thoughts and opinions on Feedback, and how cumbersome it had become to interact with friends on Eclipse. With that, we’re excited to show you some major updates in the works.Changes We’re Making Based on Your FeedbackNew NavigationYou can now easily access Feedback by clicking on the bell icon next to your avatar, with all the different areas visible for you to filter through. Just a simple click and you can filter to view only your comments or only your mentions.One-Click RemoveA popular request from several Beta Testers! With one, easy click of a mouse you can tidy up Feedback to your exact liking. Multi-Remove & Multi-SaveEnjoy a more seamless process of removing multiple notifications in an efficient manner, or saving some of your favorite Feedback moments.Let Us Know!We understand how important being involved and embedded in the DeviantArt community is, and we hope the updated Feedback helps you connect and communicate more easily. These upcoming updates will be announced in @danlev's weekly change logs as soon as they are live. Share with us in the comments what you look forward to using in Feedback, as well as anything else you’d like to see improved!Got something else on your mind? Let us know:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseClick your avatarSelect "Give Your Feedback" to access our official formSpecial shoutout to the DeviantArt staff involved with these major Feedback updates:@tomergr @heidi @roihim @yury-n @noaron @zilla774 @mariiasv @nishnushtlv @chenarbel @thesquidarrives Be kind and show them some love or ask them a question if you have any!...
Eclipse Change Log: February 20, 2019In this week's change log, we've updated literature pages — a popular request from the community — as well as a handful of bug fixes and improvements. Stay tuned for more, and keep the bug reports and feature requests coming!Improved Literature Deviation Page DesignAnother popular request from the community was to improve the design of literature deviation pages and put the actual writing front and center. Thanks to @battlefairies, @jcoolarts, @thebigeasy66, @queen-kitty, and the many others who shared their feedback on literature!Try it out: Memories, Light the Corners of our Minds by @srsmithChange LogAbility to submit a Journal to a Group has been added! Click the “New Journal” button on a Group’s Journal tab to submit directly to that Group.You can now edit older literature deviations in Eclipse. (Thanks for pointing out, @dc-26 and @littlekhajiit!)The Daily Deviation page now includes three days by default (instead of two), with a "show more" button at the bottom.While using browse or search, your previously selected sort mode will be preserved when you switch back and forth between Status Updates, Polls, and Commissions.After clicking a deviation from browse or search then clicking the back button, you'll now return to the correct position in the results rather than the beginning.When a deviant gives you Points, the notifications dropdown would display "[deviant] gave you..." without including the amount of Points given.Eclipse journals would be cut off on smaller screens on the old site.Clicking “View Log” on a Group admin notification would link to an error page.On Feedback, the timestamp on comments and replies now links to the comment’s permalink page so you can see the full context of a conversation. When italicizing, bolding, or underlining a heading, the headline would break onto multiple linesTimestamps on Feedback notifications are now clearer. (A notification from 3 months ago now displays as the actual date rather than “3m” which could also be confused as 3 minutes ago.)Daily Deviations page now includes a “Back to Top” button.The account reactivation page (restoring your account after deactivating it) has been moved to Settings rather than your profile page. This fixes an issue were deviants would need to switch back to the old site to reactivate if they deactivated while in Eclipse. This change is now live on the old site as well.Deviation descriptions that were made from the old site now properly preserve formatting on Eclipse.Fixed issue where mature content would be visible in Polls, Status Updates, Drafts and a few other places, even if your mature content filter was on.Fixed issues where font sizes would sometimes be smaller in some comments.Keep Sharing Your Feedback!Submit a bug or feature requestSubmit your overall feedback about DeviantArt Eclipse
What's Next for Eclipse: Profile PersonalizationAs we continue to navigate the development and beta testing processes of DeviantArt Eclipse, we want to keep you all in the loop of some exciting upcoming updates! Here are some of the ways you’ll be able to spruce up your Profile: Spotlight SectionA highly requested feature based on your direct feedback! Promote your favorite deviations, whether it’s an image or Literature you’re especially proud of. Put the focus on your Spotlight so that deviants get a more immediate impression of your art and style. All deviants can include up to 5 Spotlight sections on their Profiles!Profile BiosAny text from your Deviant IDs on the old site can now be edited in Eclipse! What are you waiting for? Click on the edit pencil to add some words, sprinkle in some emotes, and embed images as you enter the new phase of Eclipse! Please note: only text has been migrated. Deviations or emotes will need to be added. HTML is currently not supported. Final design has not been implemented yet, so UI may change.(Cameo appearance of Nyan Cat by @agraffkowa)Custom BoxesAs mentioned in @danlev's previous change log, we will be introducing Custom Boxes to Eclipse and sharing updates very soon! We can't wait to see the ways you showcase your individuality and unique traits. Share with us in the comments how you’ve added personal touches to your Profile in Eclipse! Got something else on your mind? Let us know:Switch to DeviantArt EclipseClick your avatarSelect "Give Your Feedback" to access our official formSpecial shoutout to the DeviantArt staff involved with these major Feedback updates: @tomergr @heidi @roihim @yury-n @noaron @zilla774 @mariiasv @nishnushtlv @chenarbel @thesquidarrives @artbitSend ‘em a thank you, a what’s up, or a cool emote!...


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