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Img-04 X by symonxIn Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community, join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award!

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community

Introducing rainylake


Hello! My name is Kathy, also known as rainylake. I am a 26-year-old animal and nature photographer. Creatures and nature always piqued my interest as a child. If I wasn't out on my bike, I was exploring the nearby woods with my trusty pup partner and sister. I met many interesting animals along the way and wanted to capture the memories of seeing them. One day, I was gifted a point and shoot camera so I could document my adventures. It was only a matter of time before photographing them became a passion. 15 years later and here we are :) DA has been pivotal in my journey as a photographer. I have learned so much and grown as an artist because of the wonderful community and support that they have provided. I joined in 2006 and have been hooked ever since. It’s become a passion to write art features, discover artwork, run ArtisticAnimals, admin groups and try to give back as best as I can.  DA has truly been my second home through all these years, and I am truly honoured to be considered for Deviousness!

May 2019

Deviousness Award Winner

rainylake is a breath of fresh air and it seems that wherever you look within the community, she is there promoting fellow artists and showcasing incredible artwork. She's involved in several groups and seems to make it her mission to reach out to the community with a constructive critique, a helpful tip or a friendly smile. Her positivity is infectious and her presence is inspiring. A self-taught photographer, she's always striving to improve and learn more and, best of all, her welcoming nature invites all of us to join her on the adventure.  Her magnetic personality makes her the perfect choice to receive Deviousness for May 2019.

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I met Kathy many, many years ago, and I don't even remember how or where we met. What I do know is that we were getting along straight away- we shared our love for animals; birds in particular, which made our friendship a solid one very quickly. I remember looking up to her, she had a big community presence when I didn't yet, and her love for community is part of what inspired me to do what I do today. Kathy is an inspirational and kind soul. She's also a very supportive and generous person, and she's always willing to help out with anything she can. We have the kind of friendship that even if we don't speak for weeks, we can pick up right where we left off the last time. I care deeply about her, and I am filled with joy that she is receiving this amazing honour today. Congratulations, my dear rainylake. You're loved, and you deserve this so very much.

rainylake is such a great person! We’ve met at dAWishingWell, where she was a mod. She was a part of that crazy team that just loved helping people. Rainy still help people these days, by featuring their art, organizing contests, working in groups and helping to keep the DeviantArt community alive and fun.As an artist, Rainy is bringing joy to our days with her beautiful animal and nature photography. Through her art, she shares with us her love and passion! A passion that led her to a special feat: gaining the runaway llama! And how did she manage this? By giving away more than 68,000 llamas herself! How great is it? Congratulations for your Deviousness Award Rainy! This is well deserved! And thank you for your dedication to the DA community!

We've gotten to know Kathy as a lovely person, a terrific APN photographer with a great eye and love for art. She's very involved in the community, popping up in all kinds of places and spreading joy everywhere she goes! Whenever I see her grackle avatar, I know I'm up for a treat whether it's an amazing photo, a fun interview or a stunning feature. She is part of some of my favourite groups here on DA, and events she helps to coordinate will always challenge every kind of artist.

Ever since I met Kathy, I quickly fell-in-like with her, she's kind, amazingly helpful, and a wonderful human being!!! Her community spirit has always been the highlight of her presence here on DA. She is without a doubt, a strong community pillar; someone who inspires and who always has a kind, encouraging word to give! Her helpful way of being can be seen in all that she does, from features to encouraging comments, to actively running successful groups and so much more!!! And her lovely photos transmit her love for animals in a very sweet way!!! I love you, my dearest Kathy, and I'm super happy to see you celebrated like this today, CONGRASUPERTULATIONS rainyyyyyTheGalleryOfEve

rainylake is a doll. What a sweet person. Every interaction I've had is positive.

Kathy is a member of the photography community I'm so glad to have seen stick around on DA and continue to be such a positive, passionate and helpful member. It feels like I've known her for ages but I just recently had the pleasure of having her join CRPhotography where she had been posting a beautiful series of APN features. She has a keen eye, and a lot to give, which has shown over her years as part of the community. I'm actually surprised to go back on her page and see she's only been on the site 6 years, it feels like much more! Congratulations Kathy, I'm so glad to see you receive this award and I look forward to continuing to see you post on DA, whether it be your photography or your fun features and contests :heart:

Congrats on your Deviousness award Kathy! I started watching Kathy for her beautiful features showcasing artists recent artworks she found or APN features. Part of her gallery contains photographs of birds, something normal knowing that she is a bird lover. She is very talented and has great skills with her camera. You can find her in some beautiful groups that she admins like CRPhotography , NaturesHaven , dAWishingWell, AnimalsPlantsNature and ArtisticAnimals -- all of them deserve a watch! Kathy, I'm very happy to be part of your award article. I hope you'll enjoy it and that this award motivates you to create more content, which we will undoubtedly enjoy. You deserve it. Keep being awesome and active on DA.

I remember rainylake coming from nowhere. All of a sudden, there was this friendly energetic presence everywhere. If I liked a photo, chances were, I saw a rainylakecomment somewhere. It seems she's made it her mission to connect with all the artists here on DA in different ways, making them feel more welcome and making everything more fun. She regularly features artists, giving talented, unknown artists some well-deserved exposure, while also highlighting some of the best of the best. She hosts contests to engage the community and to give more artists opportunities to shine. It's truly wonderful to have her here.

rainylake is an exemplary member of our community, at the core of her love and dedication to DA is an admirable journey focused on connecting members and featuring their work and sharing their art thru her journals, in which I always discover new members.Kathy’s efforts symbolize what I consider most important in the way we can connect with each other in our community -- celebrating art and their creators.I love her wildlife photography, it reminds me that our planet is a work of art in many different ways.In a world saturated with social media she’s a shining star.

rainylake is one of those deviants who not only uploads stunning photography and artwork but has a personality of gold. She makes it a point to respond to as many people as she can and be very engaging with the community as well! I especially enjoy the new art she brings front and center with her highlights and feature journals! It's such a delight to see RainyLake receive the Deviousness award! Well deserved!

Congratulations to rainylake!

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It was about time :D Many congrats, Kathy! :la: 
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I'm a bit late, but a congratulations Kathy :heart: Much deserved!

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Much deserved!! :heart:
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Congrats Kathy! So well deserved :love:
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Congrats, Kathy! :party:
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Congratulations, Kathy, and great photographs!!
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woow congratulations I think your photos are so awesome rabbit heart emoji 
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Congratulations on the Deviousness Award! :clap:
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