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In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community

Introducing TamberElla


Hello, I’m Devin, but I’m mostly known as TamberElla. I joined DeviantArt back when I was about 13 years old. I’ve truly grown up with this community, and it has done so much for me. I was inspired very early by other artists on DeviantArt to start taking commissions and shoot for a career in the arts. This drove me to work hard to improve, and I’ve been constantly inspired by the countless incredible artists around me—both by their skill and by their kindness.

I’m currently a freelance illustrator and concept artist working mainly in the game industry. Photoshop is my canvas most of the time, although I also enjoy working with traditional materials. I love to learn, and I also love to teach. I love to paint animals, both real ones and imaginary creatures. I am inspired often by color and light; I feel through focusing my paintings on those subjects I can try to capture some of the magic in the world.

I’m a strong believer in artists helping artists. I think we are the force that will lift each other up and bring success for us all. The kind, passionate artists that surround me on DeviantArt are a testament to that. Watching you reach your dreams inspires me daily, and in turn it is because of you that I’ve been able to reach my own dreams. I am able to do what I love every day and I will forever be thankful for that, and for all of you.

Vulpix Mirroredby TamberElla
Catamancer Sabertoothby TamberElla
The Apprenticeby TamberElla
Controlled Burnby TamberElla
Drawn to Lightby TamberElla
Thank You and Goodbyeby TamberElla
Howl and Sophieby TamberElla
Mononoke Himeby TamberElla
Betrayalby TamberElla
Catamancer Jaguarby TamberElla
Skyeby TamberElla

May 2017

Deviousness Award Winner

After being a member of DeviantArt for 8 years, TamberElla has made a huge impact on both the traditional and digital art communities on DeviantArt. Looking at her 750+ deviations, it’s clear that both her style and skills evolved during her time on DeviantArt. While TamberElla has grown as an artist, she has alway striven to share her success—creating helpful tutorials and resources for those interested in creating animal-themed artwork. In addition, her comic Ink was a source of entertainment and interest for hundred of deviants, inspiring its own sub-community built around the story.  TamberElla has been a helpful and kindred member of the community for years, and we are proud to thank her for her work by presenting her with the Deviousness Award for May 2017!

Showing some love

Community Quotes

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“I find myself checking TamberElla’s gallery frequently for inspiration. Their work is vivid and beautiful and I often lose myself in all the wonderful detail. TamberElla also inspires others by showing their process and offering tutorials to help aspiring painters. Congratulations, TamberElla! Thank you for being such an amazing person!”

TamberElla is one of those deviants you can’t help but fall instantly in love with her artwork and style. It’s fluid, beautiful and original. I’ve always admired her work ever since I discovered her and her personality and spirit is equally as enthusiastic and infectious! Congratulations TamberElla and well deserved!”

TamberElla is the kind of artists we all look up to. She has great, thought evoking artwork, with an incredible use of color. The information she shares in her studies is extremely useful and insightful, and her tutorials are great to learn from. And last but not least; her growth over the years she’s been here is really inspiring to watch. Congrats with your Deviousness award.”

“I have been watching TamberElla’s art for such a long time that it’s really hard to pick the piece I like the best from them. One of my favourite pieces of theirs, has always been Sandy Tag. The colours used, the render, expressions and momentum is incredible. Since their art is pretty colourful most of the times, this piece has always caught my attention because it’s cheerful and yet the colours are so calming at the same time.

Needless to say, their use of colour is always very strong so even when drawing something more minimalist pieces like a quick render portrait, such portrait suddenly becomes full of life. Their talent doesn’t only apply to drawing realistic art, they have shown their amazing versatile skills with their more illustrative pieces as well and you can even learn from them with all those many tutorials they’ve made available!

They’re an all around top-notch artist and I couldn’t be happier for them for earning the Deviousness award. Congratulations Devin!!”

TamberElla’s portraits of animals are so soulful and full of life. I was initially mesmerized by the portrait of Little Luka – the beautiful lighting, dynamic brush strokes and expression in the face of the cat. The rest of TamberElla’s art is also full of life, texture and vibrant color – amazing work!”

Meowth Mirroredby TamberElla
Marowak Mirroredby TamberElla
Raichu Mirroredby TamberElla

“I have been watching TamberElla for close to two years now, starting from her painting of a drenched sad and possibly quite angry Tabby cat in a bathtub titled Betrayal which she was awarded a Daily Deviation for. Since then I have been amongst the many fortunate souls here on DA to be constantly inspired and enlightened by her many artworks uploaded frequently. It is always remarkable to find someone that is passionate, driven, and creative. That in itself is worthy of watch and praise, but TamberElla takes it further and gives back to the art community as a whole both on DA and outside. She offers tutorials both through her Patreon and her youtube channel, of which I myself have gleaned some knowledge from. In my opinion the Deviousness Award goes to those who go above and beyond there own agenda and touch the art community in a positive way driving the rest of us to push forward in our own endeavors and TamberElla is no exception to this.”

“Oh my… Im so so happy TamberElla finally get this award. TamberElla is one of my favorite artists on DeviantArt. Her animals are absolutely stunning and so so real! The way she paints the fur, poses, eyes and all the details, is breathtaking. In every piece you can see real emotion. She’s also awesome with people and backgrounds. Her ideas will blow your mind and if you wanna learn something new, she has some awesome tutorials in her gallery too. Congratulations TamberElla, you really deserve this award! Stay AWESOME!”

“I can honestly say that this reward is fitting for TamberElla. You can just see the love and life she puts in every art piece she creates. Her talent speaks so many words to everyone that gets the chance to find her and I’m personally thankful to see what kind of new creations she’ll make in the future.”


“Its an honor to have this opportunity to say something nice about TamberElla years of hard work and congratulate them on their success on this website. I remember it was the Ghibli Naptime artwork that got my attention of such an amazing artist, the way they blend in colors and illustrating fine details that makes their artwork stand out and draw the audience in, really shows what a talented artist TamberElla is. I’m a big fan of animals too, so TamberElla’s gallery is just pure candy to me, the way they capture the animal’s feel and look and facial expressions and pose, its all so fascinating to me. Anyway, congratulations on the Deviousness Award! Well deserved!”

“Describing TamberElla’s artwork and talent with words is actually pretty hard – Through her paintings, she shares with us a very unique way to see the world and the subjects that she depicts even more beautiful than reality itself. The way that she add details and use lighthing to focus the viewer attention in those beautiful spots that she wants to embrace is magnificent, and in some way, helps us see the world through an artist’s eye by paying attention to even the smallest ray of light. She has been a huge inspiration for many artist, including myself, in this community, and also has been making a huge effort in order to explain everything she knows to others through her amazing teaching programs. I really hope you enjoy this reward and continue to inspire us all with your majestic works!”

“Devin is one of the most talented and respected artists I’ve ever seen on DeviantArt, hands down. Not only is she incredibly talented in her progression of skill and technique, but the way she holds herself and continues to educate and encourage the artists around her is brilliant. The fact that she embraces her illnesses and uses it to her advantage in such a beautiful way with her art is phenomenal and inspiring. I particularly love her guide How to draw ANYTHING. Although simple in concept, it teaches people the progression of art and how to really improve if they’re willing to take the steps to get there. I have learned so much from her tutorials and streams in my own art, and I can’t wait to see where she will go in the future.”

TamberElla is a great and very complete artist (traditional and digital) Heart I like her technique and use of details and that creates a special fantasy you can see in every artwork she creates. As we know, each artwork represents a story and it’s very important as an artist to know how to express yourself using your talent and technique so that you can transmit to everyone what you felt when you started and while you’re creating the work. She always achieves that connection between her, the work and, the viewer. We’ve been able to see her drawing Live on the DeviantArt Facebook page and it was great to interact with it and learn new tricks. Congrats on your Deviousness Award, you really deserve it. Hope this award that means the support of the entire community will motivate you to keep up the good work, because sometimes we need to evade this world and venture into one full of magic, fantasy and wonderful dreams and you are the ELEMENT that can help us to do it by looking at your works. Never stop creating.”

Congratulations to TamberElla!

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