Celebrating Deviousness - March 2020
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Bg by symonxIn Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community, join us in celebrating the latest recipient of the Deviousness Award!

In Recognition of Exemplary Membership and an Outstanding Spirit of helpfulness and mentoring within the DeviantArt community

Introducing arvalis


Hey I'm RJ Palmer, but perhaps I'm better known as arvalis on here. I am a concept artist and illustrator with a focus on creature design. DeviantArt has been absolutely foundational to who I am as an artist. I started on this site when I was 15 and have been able to chart my entire artistic growth on the platform. Getting to see all the crazy talent on here really opened my eyes to what was possible for artists to achieve.

These weren't long dead painters, these were my peers creating such inspirational work. I found many friendships and rivalries that helped me grow and achieve my dreams via DeviantArt. I largely owe my career to the audience and attention I have received from this site. I am eternally grateful and extremely humbled to be receiving such a high honor, thank you.

March 2020

Deviousness Award Winner

arvalis may be widely known as the realistic Pokemon guy, but we at DeviantArt knew him long before that. Joining the community as a young artist over a decade ago and evolving into the dynamically talented concept and character artist we now see, his dedication to the community hasn't wavered. He continues to support and nurture the DeviantArt community through his tutorials, art books and constructive commentary. His community success story and kindred spirit make him a most worthy recipient of Deviousness for March 2020.

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RJ Palmer is an incredibly talented concept artist and scientific illustrator. His knowledge of animal anatomy really beams through every creature art piece that he creates. He is certainly one of the best creature artists in the industry and his concept work on the Detective Pikachu film was an incredible merge of realism and fantasy, like much of the work he posts. RJ's presence on DA for the past decade has doubtlessly influenced many artists over the years, myself included, his DA Seniority is well earned and I greatly look forward to seeing what new work he'll produce.

I started watching him after I’ve discovered its realistic artworks, firsts of them I discovered were about Pokemons, then browsing in his gallery I find works about prehistoric life, he is a very talented illustrator. So glad to hear he is receiving this award, he really deserves it.

I've gotten to work with RJ on a few projects in my time as DA Staff, and he's an incredibly talented artist that really cares about the DeviantArt community. He's a subject matter expert in paleo art, and is trying to raise the bar for dinosaur and creature art across the whole art world. It was so cool to launch the "Artist-in-Residency" program with him. He set the bar very high.

arvalis is one of those deviants who spends his waking hours drawing what he loves! His personality knows no limits as far as kindness! His helpfulness to the community around him hasn't gone unnoticed and is always appreciated! His attitude is always positive, and he spreads that positivity to everyone he comes in contact with. His artwork is stunning which is no surprise given how much love and dedication he puts into his craft! I am so excited to see arvalis receive the deviousness award for March! Congrats!

I love his encouragement towards other artist as much as I love his illustrations of those massive creatures. The Deviousness Award is the least DA can do to show that RJ is a valuable part of the DeviantArt community that no one wants to miss here.

arvalis is a name everybody probably knows, and if they don't- all you have to say is, "The realistic Pokemon guy" and you're met with an, 'OHHH, YEA!" arvalis brings something sizable and undeniably valuable to the art world. He takes the whimsy and enchantment of prehistoric and fantasy titans and crafts them into something wholly conceivable. The patience and dedication he injects into his pieces exudes a level of passion that you don't see everyday. His work embodies the fascination we all once felt as children, wishing for these things to live before us, and ramps it up to wild levels of realism- bringing us closer than ever imagined. In 2005 we once had a conversation, the two of us being fledgling online artists, having yet to truly begin our journeys, and he said something to me that I think about quite often, "You can be a big fish in a little pond, or you can try to make it in the ocean." I feel this statement displayed his fierce drive and dedication and it has propelled him to unimaginable heights- Arvalis is, without a doubt, a massive presence, swimming in this theoretical ocean. He serves as an inspiration to so many of us, and will continue to make an impact for many years to come.

arvalis has some of the best works I've ever seen in regards to the way he paints and renders his art. His intricate anatomical knowledge and shading techniques cause the creatures he illustrates to actually feel real and believable. The attention to detail in his works is nothing short of amazing and often leaves me staring at a piece for a long time. Not to mention his ability to interpret cartoon characters into realistic takes is one of the best I've seen. Thank you for being such an inspiration!

arvalis' works provide the viewer both cinematic 3D texturing and a traditional painterly touch. This carefully balanced detailing lets me enjoy both worlds. The environments in which he places his characters are immersive and powerful, there are many times I feel a piece has its subject and background competing for attention, but his pieces have the two supporting one another.

Congratulations to arvalis!

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AndoradaHobbyist General Artist
Congratulations! :clap:
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MythroHobbyist Digital Artist
Ayyy!!! I'm really happy for you, man! You deserve it!
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pulbernHobbyist General Artist
Congrats arvalis :glomp:
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SkirtzzzProfessional Digital Artist

'BOUT TIME!!! ;) Huge congrats arvalis

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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist

Thank you!

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Congratulations! :clap: :clap:
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Congrats!! :la:
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Flower dance 
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LordBranflakesHobbyist Digital Artist

Congrats arvalis, you damn well earned it. I basically never upload anything anymore, but you're still easily my biggest artistic inspiration. Thanks for being such a swell dude.

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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist

Oh man thank you. You should upload some new stuff, I'd love to see.

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NatizildaProfessional Digital Artist

Congratulations arvalis !!! You really deserve it <3

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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist

Only question now, how do I get the Deviousness Award to display on my profile page?

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I fixed it for you!
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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist

Hey thanks so much!

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Moonbeam13Hobbyist Photographer
My pleasure!
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Moonbeam13Hobbyist Photographer
If you click edit page there should be an ability to add the module. If it doesn't work let me know and I'll figure out how to fix it for you!
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Heya! Congratulations on the award!

The Deviousness Award widget can be installed like any other section on your profile. If you're in Eclipse you can hover under or above a section on the right side of your profile page and click to "+ Add Section" then select "Deviousness Award" from the list of options. 

How to Customize Your DeviantArt Eclipse Profile by team

Congrats again! :huggle:
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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist

Oh man I don't even know what to say. This is so extremely flattering I am without words. Thank you so much to everyone that had such nice things to say about me and my work. Thank you DA for this. <3

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MattInRealLifeHobbyist Photographer

Congratulations on your Deviousness Award arvalis! Thank you for being such a big part of this amazing community.

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arvalisProfessional Digital Artist

Thanks so much, dude!

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RTNightmareHobbyist General Artist
Congratulations arvalis! :D
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Congratulations RJ!  :party:
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Congrats arvalis

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